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Good news for all the cows out there! Singer Carnie Wilson has cut red meat out of her diet in an attempt to eat healthier and maintain her weight.

Wilson is no stranger to weight issues, having undergone bypass surgery in 1999. About her experience, Wilson says: “It’s my life struggle. I feel like the word ‘diet’ is not a great word because we know that diets don’t work. I say (to three-year-old daughter Lola), ‘Let’s just eat healthy. This is good for you. Let’s just eat more of the healthy stuff.'”

Someone should let Carnie know that she’s not only doing something wonderful for her body, but also for the planet. According to the calculations of the celebrated Dr. Pimentel of Cornell, you could go two years without a shower and still not save as much water as you would by not eating one pound of beef. For real, ya’ll!

While Wilson’s diet is red meat-free, she still has an addiction to cheese. She adds, “I don’t eat red meat anymore. Now, I am just a cheese freak because of the pregnancy. I can’t stop with the cheese. And bagels.”

Somebody get Carnie Wilson some of Dr. Cow’s raw vegan cheese quick!!! I polished off a wheel of the cashew variety last night and it is by far the best, best, best vegan cheese I’ve ever had.

From all of us here at Ecorazzi, we wish Carnie a happy, healthy pregnancy.

  • sg

    that cheese is AMAZING.

  • parrish

    SG- I know, right? It’s changed my little vegan world!

  • Donald

    Now she will cause more suffering (in terms of flesh amount, 1 cow = several chickens).

  • Nell

    I really wish she would just go away. First she was commenting about being overweight and getting surgery.
    Then it was the media won’t leave me alone.
    I wish she had been more knowledgeable about being raw/vegan/vegetarian and she would have lot the weight naturally with exercise. It would take longer, but its better than the surgery that isn’t good for your body anyway.

  • Natasha

    She’s annoying. She whines about her weight all the time. She doesn’t even know what fruits and veggies are.