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kellie_picklerFor those of you out there who happened to watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve this year, you might have noticed a one Miss Kellie Pickler (who’s VEG, btw) decked out in a lavish “fur” coat.

But fear not fellow eco-heads, Kellie’s publicist has just confirmed that the coat was indeed faux and from Cincinnati-based Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs.

But here’s the question: is faux-fur REALLY a good idea? Sure, you and I know it’s fake, but what about the millions watching who might justify buying real fur after seeing their favorite star decked out in what appears to be the cruel stuff? Drama, right?

Well here’s a suggestion: grab yourself one of the HSUS’s Fur-Free pins (or find me on the street – I always have a few extra in my pocket that I’m eager to share) and wear it proudly on all your faux-fur coats. This way you’ll not only be promoting your badass cruelty-free lifestyle, but also helping a really great organization get some free publicity.

So in spirit of Beyonce’s hit song Single Ladies, always remember that when it comes to faux-fur: if you wear it then you shoulda put a pin on it.

  • jeffrey

    lol. AWESOME closing line there! bravo.

  • Stephanie

    If i may suggest linking a store to another FANTASTIC organization that needs support more then the HSUS. Not that I’m against them but In Defense of Animals is a grassroots and vegan AR group that has help our own small group very much. They have 2 cool styles :)

    Shop link:

    Pin Link:

    Support the smaller guys!@!@!@

    I agree 110%. I do not think fake fur is a good idea BUT if you are GONNA wear it….make SURE that everyone knows where you stand on real fur.

    I once spoke up to someone in the subway in a full floor length “mink” coat. And she got all uppity and yelled at me “IT’S FAKE!@!@” and that is what they all say right? I asked if i can touch it, and she said yes and sure enough, it was a fake fur. But it looked real, and esp being full length…they are RARELY fake. I did apologize but politely suggested she sport a button.

    I think it sends the message that the look of fur is “in” and if i oppose the use of fur why on earth would i want to even take the chance that people think i am ok with it.

    Anyway….wear those pins!! lol

  • parrish

    Stephanie- Thanks for the tip! In Defense of Animals IS a great organization! Here at the Razz we’re always excited to see people work hard for positive change and certaintly give them our support.

    And yes…if you wear it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

  • sl

    I think Kellie wanted to look great and stay warm in those freezing temps. I agree that she probably should have mentioned that the fur is fake for those who aren’t sure. Pick Pickler for world’s sexiest vegetarian 2009!

  • e

    and here i thought you were talking about her fake something else ;)

    great….er ..piece though ;)


  • Aelys

    I thought Kellie was a pescetarian – has she finally gone completely vegetarian?

  • L

    For the love of god! I seriously think you need to reconsider your critique process. Instead of just applauding people for making good choices, you negate it with a BUT…! It’s never enough! I try to live my life as green as I can. Sure, you are gonna find some flaws. But I’m learning and growing. She wore FAKE fur! Give her an A! Does she have to label EVERY fake leather, fur, wool, etc. article she owns?!? Applaud everyone (celebrity or not) for at least trying to live a better eco-friendly life. Ease up people!