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This Sunday, Sting and his wife Trudi Styler will attend the premiere of the film Crude — which portrays the epic 15-year legal battle between indigenous tribes and oil giant Chevron over massive oil contamination in Ecuador’s Amazon. Joining them will be several Ecuadorians, as well as leaders from Amazon Watch, an American environmental organization that works with the affected Amazon communities. From the release,

Selected as one of the 16 finalists at Sundance out of 879 submissions in the documentary category, Crude is described by the Sundance Committee as the “inside story of the ‘Amazon Chernobyl’ case in the rainforest of Ecuador”. The Committee says Crude “makes a concerted effort to show the case from all sides: from the scientists and lawyers employed by Chevron, to Ecuadoran judges, to celebrity activists and humanitarian organizers, to the role of the media, to the dramatic intervention of Rafael Correa himself, the first Ecuadoran president to sympathize with the indigenous perspective.”

For their part, Trudi and Sting are shown in the film helping to provide clean water to residents through their Rainforest Foundation and UNICEF. We’re not sure if she’s present in the film, but actress Daryl Hannah has also worked to draw attention the plight of Ecuador Indians. Back in June of 2007, she visited the spill sites and met with Ecuador President Rafael Correa to discuss the case.

For more information on the film, visit Sundance’s official Crude page here.

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