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taylor-momsen-jenny-gossip-girl“I don’t eat any red meat. I was a vegetarian for about a year, and then I incorporated fish back into my diet. And I eat a little bit of chicken occasionally, for protein, but I eat a lot of vegetables. I’m pretty much vegetarian, aside from when I do eat fish or chicken. And a lot of fruit—I eat pretty healthily. My mom raised me to eat pretty well. I never really got into junk food. But once in a while I do splurge, though.”

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen discussing her almost veggie ways. Think she has what it takes to go all the way? Chime in and offer Taylor a little Ecorazzi encouragement!

  • Emily

    If she’d cut out chicken she could just be a pescatarian and that’s the next step :-)

  • Alyxandra

    I think that’s a great idea. I was a vegetarian for three months and I actually ended up getting really sick from not having any vitamins or proteins that you get from meat. So I thinkthat I’m going to try this one. It’s pretty smart :]

  • jaxin

    I don’t understand any of that. I’ve been vegan for three years and am perfectly healthy. There is nothing you get from meat that you can’t get from other sources.

    Especially protein. I’ve been tracking all of my food (for weight loss) and the other day I had 72 grams of protein in one day and I wasn’t even trying.

    If anyone has concerns about the health aspects of veganism/vegetarianism check out the book(s) “Becoming Vegetarian” and/or “Becoming Vegan”. They are both at my local Borders and available on

    • etherealcherry

      I know!! I ve been vegan for four years know, five in may and I’ve never been sick or anything. I even feel way healthier than I ever didi before!! And it’s sooo easy, I never even think about what I should be eating know for meeting my protein needs.

  • herwin

    if you get sick after just 3 months being vegetarian, you def had no knowledge of preparing healthy veggie food. anybody slightly serious about a healthy veggie diet should prepare and read about the subject. take swimming class before you go to the sea, eh.
    shouting that you get sick after 3 months says more about the person than about a vegetarian life style. ;-)

    oh, about the Gossip Girl, sorry to say, but NOPE i dont think she has it to go all the way.
    dont mind though if she proves me wrong. ;-)

  • Brianna Dee

    She’s a good actress and she’s very pretty. I don’t understand why everyone seems to dislike her or hate her! She doesn’t look like she does drugs, She doesn’t look like a whore or a prostitute. She looks like a teenager who has enough money to afford high-end clothes and dresses like the people she hangs out with. If she wasn’t a celebrity NOBODY would be complaining. I’d like to see some PROOF that she does drugs, Because I’ve yet to see anyone show any. Most of the people that say stuff about her are probably just jealous as it is and everyone else just believes them.

    Suck it up, Stop complaining about her. Oh and, For everyone that says she wears too much makeup. Have you MET any 15 year old girls these days?! All I see this girl wearing is probably foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Maybe bronzer/blush. And almost EVERY GIRL WEARS THAT STUFF ON A NORMAL BASIS.