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yoboUh-oh! Is Beyonce pulling a Paris?

Rumor has it that our buds over at PETA are launching an investigation into reports that Beyonce abandoned her pet Shih Tzu with staff at her New York record company a year ago.

A Columbia source tells that label employees have been looking after Beyonce’s dog, stating, “They are taking turns to take Munchie for walks and take it home on the evenings and weekends. Everyone realizes that Beyonce has been incredibly busy recently, recording and promoting her Sasha Fierce album. But the whole team will be glad when she eventually takes charge of the dog for herself again.”

PETA hasn’t released much information, but a spokesperson confirmed, “We have an inquiry in with Columbia.”

While Beyonce doesn’t have a great reputation with animal-issues (see also: obsessed with fur) we’re hoping that Sasha Fierce turns out to be a responsible pet owner! More news as we learn it…

[Update: PETA has confirmed that “the Munchie tale is far from the truth and that the dog hasn’t even been to the record company’s offices in months.” See the full update HERE]


  • Stephanie

    I’m sorry but i just don’t get how people can be fur obsessed while owning a pet. Would you skin you dog to make matching fur mittens?

    I guess at least this animal hating fur hag didn’t do that….proly cause she was “too busy”

    This is obviously another credit to her “animals are here to make me look good/accesories” thinking….

    Stupid #$@#$!@$

  • kelly g.

    Cue the sexist slurs…

  • Vegan

    Ever since she was shown the video of a fur farm at a dinner with fans she has no excuse to continue treating animals as if they are something that can be carelessly tossed aside. I’ll never understand how something as superficial as fashion will become an excuse for people to fund the torture and painful death of animals that have been proven to feel pain.

  • e

    I agree with Vegan above.

    Speaking of vegan Beyonce could really use the diet to lose her fat ass and oversize thighs…


  • e

    oh and “kelly g” it’ll probably be mostly women commenting on this thread so you can forget the sexist slurs comment.

  • kelly g.

    oh and “kelly g” it’ll probably be mostly women commenting on this thread so you can forget the sexist slurs comment.

    And women can’t be sexist?

    Two words: Ann Coulter.

    Two more: Phyllis Schlafly.

    Just to clarify, I find Beyonce to be a horrible, selfish person in regards to her views on animals. But I’ll no more call her a “hag,” a “b!tch,” or a “c~nt,” than I will a “n****r.”

    Fighting to end one form of “ism” by engaging in another “ism” is most definitely not cool.

  • Jack

    Actually, Beyonce is quite fit. If you’ve seen legs up close, you’ll find she has lots of good muscle tone-that “thickness” is not sloppy fat, my dear.

    And trust me, myself and most men would gladly choose her over rail thin lifeless twiggy legs.

    I agree with Kelly g.

    Some of these comments aren’t about attacking what she’s doing. They’re from pathetic, insecure women who use this board as an excuse to feel good every afternoon.

    Erin, you have some of the most pathetic, junior high comments on here. Get a life!

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  • e

    Hey you Jack ASS I’ll deal with you in a second..

    As for Kelly G- I stand corrected.

    I see your point and agree Ann C does say many of the sexist slurs. So yes, women can say them too. I have no real issue with someone calling me a bitch (you can call a guy a bitch too) Honestly I can call a guy a hag and a whore too. But I do see your point and how silly of me to think only men could say such things.

    Ok now to Jack ASS. You speak for “most men” when you say “most” want a woman Beyonce’s size? I think that’s ludicrous. All you need to do is open a magazine to see what models look like or a GQ or a playboy. Sorry buddy – I think she’s BIG and hey that’s her choice but for you to say all men (or most men) want that is silly. Just speak for yourself. You like big chicks. Good for you.

    As far as being a total jack ass loser and ridiculing MY comments as being the “most pathetic junior high school comments” on this board? I think that you my friend are the one being immature. I’m going to guess you have a fat ass girlfriend and took offense. Sorry- if you have a fat girlfriend or don’t like I called Beyonce BIG that’s your business but no need to attack ME personally for my comments on a celebrity. You crossed the line. And I WILL find your IP address.


  • Jack

    Wow Erin,

    You’re not only insecure and immature, you’re a little off balanced as well…

    Anyway, the media speaks for me

    In Ask Men’s 2007 most desirable women, beyonce came in first place. She’s been on other “sexiest” lists as well.

    How many sexy lists have you seen your name on?

    And why do I care if you find my IP address? What a weirdo…

    I like all sorts of women…except for the crazies like yourself.

  • Philipe


    Don’t get so bent out of shape. Most people over there in America are fat. Huge in fact. Over in Europe we think of most of the Americans, and sadly many African Americans as all “huge” or “large”

    50 years ago she would have been considered big but now most women are big. You’re not skinny. Either are other vegetarians. You’re normal. It’s just the other 90% of the people (Beyonce and anyone a size ten and a back side bigger than my mother’s) are now the new norm. But trust me it’s not normal. Go to South East Asia. They eat right and in the region I know eat very little meat. Beyonce chooses to eat junk and gets bigger . Her weight does fluctuate and granted in the pic above she’s pretty “thin” compared to usual. Don’t get upset over someone’s words because chances are they are large too.

    Be the bigger person E! (pun intended)


  • Jack

    Philipe dude,

    Unless you are a person in the medical background of internal medicine (like myself) you really aren’t in a position to say what is a healthy and “normal” body size.

    “Big” and “large” does not equal “too much excess fat.”

    Quite the contrary in many cases, especially if you’re looking at women with flatter waists and only having fuller thighs.

    As I stated before, in most of those cases, these woman have greater muscle mass and a wider bone frame from the hips downward versus their top half.

    And there are women who are over a size 10 who fit into category, they are usually found in the 12 or 14 area for bottom garments and smaller for their tops. I didn’t say size 22. I said 12,14, and sometimes 16. There’s a difference.

    Women in Asia are known to have smaller bone frames. And if these women get “fat” it is a whole different picture as it looks chubby, versus thick, so you can tell that the weight is too much for their frame. But take another woman with the same weight and different frame and it would look completely normal.

    When a “big butt” sticks up and out, versus just wide and droopy, that’s do to muscle in the region, my uneducated Eurpean friend.

    You wouldn’t want to lose this if you had it, even if it made your pants size smaller, because this has been linked to better cholesterol and trigycleride levels, lower risk of high blood pressure and diabets, and all other diseases associated with being “fat.”

    Beyonce did have to gain 30 pounds-for her role in “Cadilac.” However she was doign this “for her job.”

    For your information, I am not “big.”

    I wasn’t attacking Erin’s body type. I’ve never seen her and don’t care to. However, the fact that she jumped the gun like a nut when her comment had nothing to do with the “greeness” of the post shows she’s got some issues.

  • Jack

    And Erin,

    I am very sorry that you have to endure the comments from your overweight family members regularly about you being too thin.

    They too, misunderstand the whole issue of body frame and don’t realize that you’re not abnormal-it’s just the appropriate weight (tissue, bone, and fat) for your frame. There are plent of lean, and even stick figure looking people who are completely healthy and get crap daily from people who know nothing about their medical profile.

    And it’s true that many of these are 300 pound people doing the talking.

    However, to just jump the gun and assume that those who are “bigger” are unhealthy fatwise is making the same ignorant assumptions your fat relatives are about you.

    Yes, I was out of line to start getting nasty the way I did, but it just bugs me when a woman starts talking catty like this.

    I still think you get on here and act like a junior high school teenager at times (others do it too, probably even myself), but I think you are too intelligent to reduce yourself to this and I hope that in the future, you just stick to calling people fur whores versus fat whores.

    Unless of course it’s blatantly obvious and appropriate for the story (like when Paula Deen donated ham:)

    Take care.

  • e

    Dear Jack,

    I was going to find your IP address to see if you’re really “Jack” or someone else who posts on here (but now feel I was wrong on that note -and yes I can admit that)

    As for the weight issue let me say this; Just as it set you off to hear someone call Beyonce fat as opposed to fur whore it upset me to unexpectedly read your post where A) you put me down called me junior high school for insulting Beyonce!? C’mon.. this is a board where they write posts insulting celebs who wear fur etc.. Might not be right but I just chimed in with the masses! And B) you mentioned this thin legs – aka twiggy legs “lifeless” appearance.

    Understandably being insulted twice in one post (one of those being personal) I may have reacted in an “unbalanced” fashion ;)

    You know the funny thing? Like most women my weight fluctuates. Probably no more than 20 lbs one way or the other my whole life. In my teens and early 20’s I was at the higher 20 end and had more the “thick” curvy (but small waist dammit!) figure I am 5’9 was no more than a size 8 but called “heavy” by family co workers etc (at least my real friends didn’t call me heavy ;)

    20 lbs thinner and leaner (I run now and do not eat meat) and I’m called Twiggy and have been told more than once by heavier folks to “eat a cheesburger!!”

    Soo please understand my over-reaction to someone I don’t know criticizing me about my Junior high posts on…….(Drum roll) a Gossip board on the internet (no offense to ER but definitely gossip based ;) And I appreciate your realization that yes, we all probably have made some junior high like responses on here.

    Somehow I understand your comment where you’d have rather me called her a fur whore than fat. Everyone has the thing that sets them off and though I’ve joined in on more than one post at saying yes s/he is a fur wearing bigot jerk etc etc.. I usually don’t call them hags and whores.. The funny thing is that is usually acceptable on here and the norm no less. But God forbid I cross the line and say fat!

    And another thing you might find funny? While I cannot stand Beyonce’s ignorance or animal hurting ways (taping a baby gator’s mouth shut and getting upset when he peed out of fear, wearing fur, not listening to animal groups who took the time to go to diner and educate her and her ignorant mother on the subject) I think she’s gorgeous and makes good music. Fat? She’s thick. whatever. Do people in this thread really think she’s a hag? Probably not! But those are the words we use when we’re upset about something we care about. Hell, all the other phrases had already been used so I picked fat… And then your post just set me off more ;)

    Also I think I’ve written many posts on here that wouldn’t be considered “Junior high” and the stories I’ve given to EcoRazzi (which they kindly always credit me for) have not been “Junior High” For instance the story on our new President adopting a dog (which he is) which basically broke on this website… Not at all juvenile in my opinion . Yes I do tend to write from the heart (and not always the head ;) So sadly this board can set me off when they show some celeb killing hunting abusing etc and I might not use my brain when writing my post.. But like you said we all do that on here from time to time.

    Hope you’ll take the time to read this. Now I’ve got to go enjoy the beautiful weather outside before it goes from 70 to 40 in about two hours!


  • e

    PS two things.

    Just looked on google and if you do a search for obama adopting dog ER’s story comes up number 2 written on Oct 1st . LA times is number 1 but not written until Oct 10th.. So nice for ER to get some cred ;)

    Also to Phillipe – I think for any of us to determine who is healthy or not healthy at any weight is probably not wise. yes granted we each have a particular look we like. I think Marilyn Monroe is gorgeous but think Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Jen Aniston and all the other thin women (also on that list that Jack mentioned – and on the top of the list too I might add – are also beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But one thing I’ve got to agree with P on is that yes, Americans are fatter than ever and I’m not talking Beyonce. I’m talking look like bowling balls.

    One well known scientific study suggests that 86% of Americans will be overweight by the year 2030. I don’t know if I agree.. I think it will be much sooner :(


  • Philipe

    Jack off,

    Did I use the word healthy in my post? Nooo I didn’t. So why would an allegedly man like yourself say that?

    Now yes I used the word normal. You have a problem with that you say? You tell me only people with a medical background (like you pretentiously point out that you have) can tell us of these things? Well guess what Jack off. This isn’t a doctor’s office. it’s a blog. So don’t you tell me (and others) on here what we can and cannot say. Got it?

    You talk of skinny Twiggy chicken’s legs/on models? Why is it you can judge and I can’t? Because of your medical background in internal medicine? If you haven’t taken a moment to notice Jack many people on here have total disregard for your kind You know, the doctors who say we must eat meat and continue to shove drugs down the oversized American consumers’ fat throats. If I were you mate I wouldn’t be boasting that you’re in a doctor related field. They’re one of the least healthy professions over there.

    I’m sure you’re not fat. You have to be 300 lbs to be called fat now over there. But I bet my last penny you’re not thin. Probably got some weight you could stand to lose some weight and don’t have a fit slender build.

    And look back in photos even 30 years ago. People were much thinner then than they are today in your Sick Western medicine RUINED society. Thanks to people like you.

    So don’t tell me what I can and cannot say on this board.

    I have yet to mention my background in nutrition but can guarantee you I’ve had as much schooling as you’ve had. And at least mine wasn’t brainwashing by the AMA and the FDA.

    I thought Erin was a guy (it’s a man’s name over here) until I looked at her pics on the link to that Obama thing she wrote. Obama; a president who finally is fit over there. Erin looks pretty damned fit in her modeling portfolio too. Size 4 , 8 whatever she is.

    And who cares about your 2007 survey. It’s 2009 my friend. Look at the surveys for this year. Jolie, as someone mentioned, and a lot of other skinny models from what I can find.

    Welcome to 2009.

    Funny you call me your uneducated “Eurpean” friend. – classic.

    Trust me, I’m more educated than you are, the bigger man in more ways than one and not a hypocrite either.

    Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.


  • Jack

    Crazy Philipe,

    Not sure how to respond to your dissertation, but I’ll try to finish my comments before the music starts telling me my speech time is up.

    You’re right, this is a blog. So I have the right to get on here and state my opinion of things. Just because it’s coming from the perspective of the “brainwashed AMA cult” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be put on here.

    I have quite a lean physique-33″ waist, thank you. My Northwestern trained doctor told me not to change a thing.

    My bloodwork is impeccable. I swim a mile in 36 minutes-not Michael Phelps, but still damn good.

    Who said I told anyone to force meat down their throat? That wasn’t even in the origianal comment…

    And why would a man get on here and say these things? Why not? I like Beyonce’s figure-legs, butt, bosom, the whole package. Other women should know that rail thin is not automatically what men desire and not even always good for them.

    Are you implying that makes me less of a man due to my feminist sounding statement?

    I invite you to come challenge my manhood and show your little EuroBalls and we’ll see who sizes up. Because then, big really is better!

  • chuck

    i prefer booties that i can get my arms around. beyonce’s circumference is bigger than an orangutang’s armspan.

    jack: you must love to shag gorillas

  • e


    I’m not sure if that was a put-down or you were being serious when you said you thought I was a guy. But I am a woman and was born that way thank-you-very-much. Maybe you were confused by my name but last time I checked in the UK Erin usually is feminine. And so am I. Speaking of the sexes you and Jack can go size up each other’s packages til the cows come home. I’m outta here as far as this thread goes. I’m so glad it didn’t all junior high school on me.. more like Kindergarten! :) Was nice to see Beyonce stick to her word though as she appears to be wearing leather (well at least it’s not fur) at the very chilly Inauguration ceremony in DC.

    You’ll have to let me know who won the biggest man award lol..

    Ahh boys will be boys.


  • Ashley

    Ummmm Philipe,

    I’m not sure what part of Europe you hail from, e said the UK, and if it is in fact the UK, there’s a bit of a pot/kettle situation going on in terms of fatness. I’m an American ex-pat living in the UK, and every other story on the news here is about the obesity epidemic in THIS country, not just the States.

  • Jack

    Have your opinions, Chuck. As stated before, I like all kinds of women.

    And to Philipe, I did got to Erin’s site and saw that she looked very cute and slim, which further supports my first statement.

    Chuch, I seriously doubt you get to shag anything. Who uses that term anymore? Someone who hasn’t shagged in awhile.

  • e

    I guess I ASSumed because he called you mate (never heard anyone do that unless they’re British. But I could be wrong. (I said UK instead of England because I figured he could be in Ireland (Do they say Mate in Ireland? Haven’t been there for some time- should ask my Irish relatives ;)

    But hell Chuck said Shag and that’s British too no? (though I don’t really hear that in England- only in the movies like Spy who shagged me.. hmm…

    Maybe you can all go to a pub and have a drink and compare stories (and other things haha)

    Oh whoops I said I was done with this thread! I “shall” not check it again!


  • e

    ps whoops i thought jack wrote the post about being an ex pat in the uk.. now i see ashley did.. my bad….


  • Philipe

    I’m not telling any of you Eco Freaks where I live! Are you Crazy? (Oh wait, you are) Even the vegan hottie girls on here are a bit nutso. And to Doctor Jack (ya whatever) I am not sharing my whereabouts with him or any of you girls. Hot or Not!

    Go deal with your new prezident and leave me out of it.

    I have relatives who went to Northwestern and sadly I think they teach you a pile of shit in that med school.

    Time to go catch some zzzz’s.


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  • Greg

    Hey Erin,

    You can find my IP address. Anyway, you sound spunky and I gotta admit I think thin women are extremely beautiful. I understand that some people are just naturally thin or they have a high metabolism.


  • Erin @

    Hi Greg ;)

    LOL Your post made me laugh. Thanks ;) OK let me know where to find it ;)

    Happy Friday the 13th and Happy VD (Valentine’s day!)