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This could be one of the most expensive “green” t-shirts I’ve ever seen. And it has SpongeBob Squarepants on it.

But seriously, this has to be a press release typo, right?

Nickelodeon, Viacom Consumer Products, and Humanity, a cause-driven clothing line, are partnering to create a series of five environmentally themed t-shirts inspired by the network’s top animated phenomenon SpongeBob SquarePants. The shirts will be made from 100% organic cotton and support Nickelodeon’s The Big Green Help’s water conservation campaign. The shirts are also encrusted with crystals and feature schools of fish, jelly fish, turtles and other marine life. Sponge Bob holds the prime spot on the front of the shirt, standing next to a garbage can which reads “Save the Big Blue,” and the inside of the shirt tells the story of Nickelodeon’s Big Green Help campaign.

Then there’s this: “Retailing at $98, the tees will hit shelves later this year.”

Yup, I’m thinking typo — but who proof reads these things? And if it’s not a typo, who’s pricing these things? We’re thinking paying the heating bill will be slightly more important for junior’s well-being. Then again, perhaps I’m way out of touch with the Spongebob reality distortion field. For all I know, this is a bargain. [Update — Wow, it is. Check out this $75,000 Spongebob Diamond pendant. Holy $@#$!]

Want more? Hit the press release here.

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  • herwin

    sorry Peta,no donation this month, going to buy me one of them Cool Eco Friendly Spongebob “Tees”, even if the profits dont go to any envi org but just to mr Spongebob’s boss.


    can anyone please pass me a big bucket..

  • herwin

    the name of the sponsor “Humanity” (kinda designer company since 2008) is bigger than the actual “Save the big blue” message.
    Typical selfpromotion.
    A cheap “cashing in” from the effort of all those people, activist, volunteers, scientist, who truly painstakingly raised awarenes without stupid 100 dollar “tees”

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  • Nicole

    I like the look of this shirt with the turtle and whale but $98 USD is way too much for me…..I would much rather send in a cheque to an eco group for that price