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Americans annually harvest around 30 million pine trees for the Christmas holiday — so it makes sense that the coniferous population would be less than thrilled with such a tradition. According to the new short film Treevenge, which had a showing at the 2009 Sundance Festival, Christmas trees have had enough — and its time for humanity to pay. I for one will be buying a fake tree next year. Check out a clip from the movie below.

Warning: This clip is not for kiddies — especially those that look forward to trimming the tree each year. There’s an incredible amount of hilarious blood and gore. Enjoy!

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  • RemyC

    Will play nicely with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on a double bill.

  • e

    this simply is the coolest thing i’ve seen in 2009. i love it. thank you Ecorazzi! i will go buy a copy today! (Ps though they say it’s less harm on the environment buying a real tree each year than a fake one (making fake ones screw up enviro real bad) I bought a used fake one (20 feet tall to go into my retro 50′s high ceilienged front window) and it was only 50 bucks.
    ;) E

  • LEX

    Too funny! One thing I read recently was that TREES were excellent ways to pull CO2 from our air and store them in the wood and as we decrease tree farming we decrease the rate of that process. I’d like to know more… maybe sustainably growing trees is better if it takes more pollution out of our air than not doing it at all.

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