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As Ecorazzi previously reported, vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix announced in October that he was leaving the acting biz to pursue a music career. Now reports have surfaced that fellow vegan actor Casey Affleck will be directing a documentary feature on Phoenix’s attempt to become a rapper.

Joaquin’s album is apparently set to be produced by Diddy and he made his first public performance Friday at Las Vegas club Lavo. Check out the video below and tell us what you think! Is Phoenix gonna be the next big rap star?

  • jeff

    er…. i gotta be honest, im not sure which is a bigger insult to hip hop– Joaquin rapping or p. diddy producing it. I know that’s harsh, but c’mon, this really sucks.

  • Schnurrbart

    Another tragic case of a celebrity doing the “Emperor’s new clothes”.

  • michael

    I can’t help but wonder if this is all a giant ruse…

  • notyourdaddy

    I always knew Johnny Cash couldn’t rap!

  • TK

    Me thinks we might be looking at the next Andy Kaufman (or perhaps Heath Ledger).

  • patdiddy

    Bevis and Butthead have a better chance at being succesful rappers than Joaquin…he does a better Johnny Cash!!

  • chris

    Yeah.. umm. ok.. no. I’m not even sure what to say. Just because you have money and are in one spotlight doesn’t mean you have the talent to move over to the next spotlight.

  • herwin

    tragic !

  • PhilBawdy

    You’ve got to be kidding me, what is in the water in Hollywood and why would you give up a lucrative acting career to fail at rapping? He honestly must be joking or doing this for charity, not for money. I don’t know why actors feel the need to try the difficult cross over from the gift they have to a hobby they enjoy. Goes to show you how many BS people are in Hollywood who will tell you, “You’re really good! you should put out an album.” They feed off actors to squeeze as much money out of them as possible, Tom Hanks could fart into a kazoo, someone would say its angels singing and someone else would produce and release it. But, Morons in this country would buy it, the fat of the land would buy anything.

  • JeRK

    oh…my…god! That’s just horrible. I have to pretend that i never saw this video, or I will never be able to watch Gladiator ever again…

  • Dante Goodrock

    being a moronic vegan is his first strike, trying to be a rapper is his second, growing that hideous beard is his third…..HE’S OUT

  • Addacee Tooit

    Look, rap in general is basically boring and monotonous and survives only because of hype and horomones. Add a ‘C’ to it and you’ve got the idea. But, hey, to each his own.

    As to Joaquin Phoenix becoming a rapper, well, more power to him. Let’s examine his technique:

    1. Hard to decipher lyrics.
    2. Punctuation of said lyrics with inane, repetitive body movements.
    3. Ridiculous look (to try to conform with the accepted uniform of nonconformity adopted by performers of the genre).
    4. No talent.

    Seems to me that Joaquiin Phoenix deserves the right to enter the Pantheon of rap. Why you report on him is the real question. Slow news day?

  • Brad

    you sure that wasn’t Tom Hanks farting into a kazoo……….

  • Daniel

    It’s obviously a high-profile filming anew feature film- probably about some washed up homeless actor/musician guy who finds success or an inspiring story through falling in love or something. the publicity builds up expectations and hype, making everyone super excited about it. hoorah, i know i am.

  • herwin

    “the gift they have to a hobby they enjoy”
    hi Phil, thats very well said!
    and you know, what is enjoyable as a hobby, soon becomes boring when doing it as your main thing/job. I wonder how long it takes when Joaquin will miss acting and go back to his gift.

  • e

    if p diddy has anything to do with it i won’t touch it. p diddy ranks at the lowest of the lows of actors/producers/musicians in my book (actually ranks at the bottom of people as a whole) he’s a bottom feeder, fur wearer and just all over nasty uneducated and honestly he looks mentally retarded with that mouth of his always hanging open


  • herwin

    “bottom feeder”, my word of the day. :-P

  • RemyC

    Joaquin is such an amazing actor, yet another casualty of the star making machinery. He cracked under pressure, probably linked to the guilt he might still feel at his brother’s death, who was the star in the family. There’s rumors this documentary is a joke, but TMZ has been reporting Joaquin acting erratic at many public events over the last few months. This might be a good case for an intervention. Joaquin, remember The Gladiator? Why is everyone on that brilliant film turning into a sad parody of themselves? Get a grip!

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  • marge


    Joaquin hasn’t flipped – he knows what he’s doing. Look at the attention he gets. His films have all been great but his SEX scenes are a disaster. I don’t care how many women he dates there still is something missing. Walk The Line – no nudity- min sex but the connection was there.
    Quill – a PRIEST – yet the one scene that stood out was a priest and a dream. SHOCKING but everyone will remember it. SEX SEX SEX – he can sell it if he REALLY REALLY FEELS IT. His scenewith Mendez was a disaster – she wasn’t HOT ENOUGH to bring it off, and he wasn’t into it. It looked REHEARSED -.

    Get with it Joaquin and go back to acting. you are up there with the Brando, and Gable.