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I know the vegan lifestyle carries with it a range of health benefits — but can it also give you superpowers?

The other day, Superman star Brandon Routh announced that he will be joining the cast of the film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. His role? A rocker with “vegan psychic powers”.

Which got me thinking — how the hell did they come up with that connection? A couple Google searches later and I found this article titled “The Connection Between Psychic Abilities and Being Vegan“. Um, ok, wow. Here’s a brief highlight:

I starting reading and learning more about how food animals are treated and I could no longer be a part of their suffering. When I realized that I could live quite easily and happily without harming animals I made the firm decision to continue to be vegan. Not only did this increase my compassion, it increased my connection to the spirits. I was able to hear them more easily, and I started having more precognitive dreams. I started being able to “read” people and know what was going to happen to them. I guess you could say I became vastly more psychic. And they started giving me tasks and assignments to carry out. I felt like a first level hero.

My question to vegans: Do you feel more in tune with the world as a result of your diet? And don’t just assume you do — let us know if you really do feel it. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts — especially after reading the above article in its entirety.

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  • herwin

    yeah, i feel more in tune with the world (really) , but not on that kind of level. ;-)
    i know (friedns of friend) that there are “new age” people that became vegan for that reason, to be able to be more in tune and be able to talk better with spirits.
    Other become vegan because meat causes much negative energy.
    a musician friend decided to become vegan so he would have more innerpeace and be able to make better music.
    all above vegans are japanese, they have the most awsome and personal and unique reasons why they did became vegan, far behond the usual :

    1. i am vegan because of animal cruelty reason
    (thats my reason)


    2. i am veggie because of health reason.

    anyway, its awsome cool to have a Vegan psychic in the Batman movies.

  • GirlieGirlArmydotcom

    Since going vegan, I’m SO much more in tune with my psychic abilities. NO SHYTE. I have dreams about things that happen the next day, I can sense toxic people from a mile away, I know when people are pregnant, etc. It’s strange and it’s true.

  • Wendi Dee

    I was always able to connect with nature and animals from a young age, but I was vegetarian all the time (except for the times my mother forced me to eat meat, thinking I’d die without it).

    However, when I became a raw vegan everything became heightened. My body healed (I went down nearly 100 pounds), my mind became sharper, my emotions calmed, and my spirit soared!

    I’ve always known I’m one and connected with everything, but now I live with that knowledge almost always present. It’s a beautiful way to live!

    Go Raw Vegan! You’ll be happy you did!

    Lots of love to all of you,

    Wendi Dee

  • John Kowalsky

    After going vegan, especially after going raw vegan, I’ve definitely become more aware and in tune with the world. Reading people is almost effortless now, and synchronicities happen much more often.

  • Pema

    I absolutely am more in tune with mother earth and with the people, plants, animals around me. I have dreams that manifest in real time often and know what’s going to happen in people’s lives and what they’re going through just by looking at them… It’s a good by product of taking care of your body and of the environment :)

  • Ryan

    I do feel more “in tune” with nature since becoming vegan 7 years ago and even more so since becoming raw vegan 1 year ago. I wouldn’t describe it as a supernatural power or feeling, it just feels good and normal. Before, on a conventional American diet, my mental clarity and sense of connection with others was foggy and I understand now that it was a very un-natural feeling.

  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    I always wanted to be psychic lol! But I do feel more at peace and have a clear conscience, since becoming vegan. I definitely think it is the most spiritual way to eat.

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  • Kevin

    I feel better. I can’t tell if it’s from the physical effects of the diet or from knowing that I do the right thing. Probably both. I never cared about spiritual or karma kind of stuff, but I am not participating in slavery and murder any more, and that feels great.

  • Bill

    wo,…deja vu…

    But, seriously. Yes. I do feel more spiritually in tune. I think that vegans and vegetarians are more inclined towards a spiritual approach towards life in general if not just a more compassionate and merciful outlook on life.

    I knew you were gonna say that!

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  • viedma

    The vegan rocker in the comic Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? He eats steak. It’s part of the joke that the guy has no clue what veganism actually is. But it’s still trufax that veganism gives you superpowers. ~_^

  • Mani Mostofi

    Well I’ve been vegan 15 years and in the beginning I felt like I was more time to appreciate nature and animals; I was maybe even more “in tune.” But I don’t think that that constitutes psychic powers. I wish it did. I need them powers! So if any super-vegans out there can tell me what I’m doing wrong I’d love the heads up!

  • Chloe

    I went vegan about 18 years ago and weird things have happened ever since. I always know who is calling me, I dream about the future and it comes true, I can tell what is wrong with people before they tell me, I can tell you what’s wrong with animals, and animals flock to me- wild animals will walk up to me and let me pet them- even opossums!? I can go on and on. I have to keep quiet a lot because I scare people. I have been trying to focus my ability as of late, and this is how I found this website.