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300001_detail_1Sick of those chalky, medicinal-tasting little hearts? Tired of generic Hallmark greeting cards? How about upping the ante this Valentine’s Day and getting yourself the gift of…Hugh Jackman

That’s right! Hugh Jackman is offering a chance for one lucky winner (and a friend) to share a meal on the set of his new movie to help raise money for the New York Restoration Project.

The NYRP is a great organization that partners with individuals, community-based groups, and public agencies to reclaim, restore, and develop under-resourced parks, community gardens, and other open spaces in New York City. 

The auction is open until February 12, and bids started at $5,000.  So if you’re just dying to hang out with Australian movie star, visit and get your bid on! 


  • Stephanie

    too bad i don’t have enough time to save up my unemployment checks to make even a minimum bid!

    Darn this recession!@!@!

  • Midnight Angel

    Sure wish I could afford the minimum bid but I will just relie watching Hugh in Oklahoma on the London Stage. What with redundancy that takes the money away and unless he is into wonderful ladies of 72 with a great personality -I will just dream – but I loved Australia and I wish you well Hugh and looking forward to Logan/Wolverine

  • anna

    hugh you’r such a sweetheart…and i would love to help with this project…however 5000 is a bit too much for an average tax payer to take out of the pocket don’t you think? so next time you come up with such a great idea, think of something we can all take part in and help:)