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When you’re a celebrity, luxury is the name of the game! But a lot of time luxury has a price tag beyond it’s monetary value.  Such is the case with that little piece of bling we call diamonds.

Jamie Foxx has decided to ditch his traditional diamond earrings to protest the use of conflict diamonds in jewelry.

Foxx reveals, “I now wear cubic zirconia. I used to wear real diamonds, but there’s too much issue about blood diamonds.”

According to the UN ,conflict diamonds (or blood diamonds) are “diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.”

True, you can find “clean” diamonds out there, but can one REALLY be sure?  Do you still have your eye set on the sparkly real stuff? Chime in and share your thoughts on the diamond industry!

  • ami

    I only wear CZs too! That’s awesome! I feel no need to wear a diamond because my CZ ring sparkles wonderfully and it’s cruelty free. Rock.

  • Krystine

    My diamonds are all antique. They were passed on to me from my great grandmother, and one day I’ll pass them on to my children.

    As far as I’m concerned, second hand is about as eco-friendly as diamonds get.

  • jamie lynn

    awesome! i own no diamonds, and i’ve honestly never understood why people would pay so much money for something when they can get a cheaper (with less moral conflict and environmental ravaging) alternative that sparkles just the same. i mean, for what you pay for a diamond you could feed your family! doesn’t make sense. i wish more people–women especially–would eschew the idea that they NEED to have a diamond engagement or wedding ring; that would solve much of the problem right there.

  • Karri-Lynn

    Why not buy Canadian Diamonds?

  • Stephanie

    My ex had bought me a CZ ring. It wasn’t gaudy, but a CZ version of a nice solitaire ring. Much less expensive and people couldn’t tell the difference! High quality CZ looks just like real to the nekkid eye, so why bother with spending all that money and potentially contributing to immoral practices?

    Good for him!

  • melissa Noble

    my dad was a gemologist and fine jewler..even did business wiht the H. Winston people who have exquisite pieces..He never liked faux stones but stated that Zircs were an exception and actually better looking than fine diamonds..
    Ans so it goes.. It is all about the intention, if you get my drift.

  • Caitlin

    I agree with Krystine, if you’re going to wear diamonds, go antique shopping. The possibility of them once being claimed from conflicted land is possible, but it’s not an act that is going to repeat itself by buying it from a an elder.
    Of course, CZs and other synthetics are great too, but think of how those synthetics are being processed… A lot of chemicals are being used to make an otherwise plastic-y polymer strong enough to be a convincing fake.

  • Ms LV

    It Matters Not Where you BUY your diamond bling … The high prices you pay, our grandparents were dooped into paying 1940- todate, have only perpetuated a bloodshed of natives slaving for thier natural resources to feed the egos and line the pockets of money hungry, fat cats. J.Fox just helpped me tear-up with his one man act. the ignorance of freedom loving hoodlums/ or would be’s has only fired up pop-culture into furthering these gross injustices. The associations in charge of the extrication and marketability of diamonds, COMPLETELY control the supply. It’s a global hoax laid on the backs of the poor and poorest peoples of the world. We control the demand..Let us do what we can to say no to “THE MAN”.

  • Bridget

    Anyone who wears real diamonds is nuts. My husband could easily afford to buy me diamonds, but I wouldn’t hear of it. The cz’s are beautiful. If you lose one, so what? And this way I can have as many as I want. They don’t last forever though, but they are so inexpensive you can just replace them after a couple of years.

  • http://N/A Molly McCabe, AKBD

    In 1988/1989 A Dry White Seaon was released in movie theatres across the nation. I recommend everyone see if you have any doubts what so ever about the value of wearing diamonds.

  • Zack

    I guess he did not hear about the new DiamondVeneer Cubic Zirconia…