michelle_obama_fur_freeA few weeks ago, Ecorazzi showcased a blog entry by HSUS president Wayne Pacelle, asking Michelle Obama to refrain from wearing fur during the inauguration (and hopefully always). So how did she do?

Answer: FANTASTIC!!!

We were pleased as punch to see both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden totally fur-free.  On the other side of the ticket, Laura Bush also rocked the fur-free style, but of course Lynne Cheney just HAD TO display a grotesque fur collar on her coat. I mean are you really surprised?

The shocker of the day was that Aretha Franklin — who was photographed last year in what appeared to be an entire forest of animals — had not a lick of the cruel stuff anywhere to be seen.

Our pals over at SuperVegan.com named fur-wearing Spike Lee and wife Tonya Lewis as the worst dressed of the day. Do you agree?  Who’s fashion sense were you impressed/disgusted with at yesterday’s inauguration? Chime in and cast your vote for the best and worst dressed!

photo credit: charlotteobserver.com

  • VeggieTart

    Oh, but I saw lots and lots of Obama supporters wearing dead animals on their backs. Ewww. I had lunch at Java Green downtown, and while I was there (the place was hopping!), the PETA fur-free folks set up shop outside on the sidewalk, serving what was supposed to be hot chocolate but was pretty cold.

  • Mike D.

    I think Steven Spielberg’s wife was the worst I saw. Such a big name celebrity in a full fur. What a shame :(

    I also was waiting for Aretha to come out covered in dead animals. I wondered if someone in the Obama campaign had a talk with her. Let’s hope it continues.

  • CN

    Beyonce was fur-free also but Jay-Z seemed to be wearing a dead cat on his head…

  • Stephanie

    I was pleased that the Obama family and Bindens were fur free but i do agree a LOT of people out there were dressed in fur.

    I don’t want to sound racist, cause believe me i am not, but it seems a lot of African Americans are the ones wearing fur. Why do you think that is?

    I was shocked Aretha wasn’t wearing fur! I lost so much respect for her after learning about her obsession with fur.

  • jradz

    Being rabidly anti-pomp, I didn’t see a minute of this, but photos reveal an appalling amount of fur in the crowd. Wish I was president-elect so I could call them out on it.

  • Mouse

    I too saw many furs, and also noticed that many were worn by African Americans. I don’t have insight into why, but I’d hear to see some more anti-cruelty voices speaking out from within the black community. For the most part, I noted older (post 40) folks with fur – maybe it is mostly an older generation-thing.

  • marilyn

    I saw fur and shearling on news reporters, too.
    I do not think these folks have seen
    the horrible videos we must have seen..!
    I believe they can be educated.

  • Black Almost Vegan Who Doesn’t Wear Fur

    Blacks have traditionally been known to not be as active with vegetarianism/animal rights.

    This is partially, in my humble opinion, because people in this type of culture have more education and economic stability and they have more time and resources to devote to ethical thinking.

    Unfortunately, blacks still fall behind whites in this category and are less likely to have higher education and stable middle or upper class incomes.

    Most people who are worried about how to pay for groceries every week don’t care if it’s organic, free range, or free of animal derived mono and di glycerides.

    They’re also not concerned over the fate of an animal used in a coat, shoes, etc.-more concerned about being able to buy the clothing.

    AS far as the celebrities go, money and wealth in that sense does not equal education. Although they may have millions in the bank, they still have not taken time to develop themselves intellectually (such as in undergraduate courses at a university) to the point where they are individuals who might question these, as well as other typical practices in society.

    It’s also tradition. Many blacks grew up in families where heavy meat dishes and using animals for clothing was okay, so since it’s accepted in the culture, they have no problem with it.

    Tradition can be stupidly followed by blacks, from the food they put on the table to the clothing they wear to continuing to put stupid chemicals on their hair to straighten it, despite some studies showing it can be cancerous.

    Sorry for such the long and drawn out ramblings, but I don’t want people to be afraid to ask these questions thinking they’ll sound racist. It’s not and I have gotten more then enough flack from other blacks who don’t understand my ways to motivate me to encourage everyone (black and white) to ask why blacks aren’t more active with this movement.

    On another note, I read about using your cat and dog fur to spin and make hats, purses, and the like. If you have a pet that’s really furry and sheds a lot, this is a cruelty-free and unique type of fur to wear:)

    I would like to try this in the future:)


  • Colleen

    It is sad to see African Americans trying to emulate middle-class white 50s housewife values.

    That is what the fur thing is. The poorer whites watched movies in the 30s and 40s where film stars wore furs to promote the industry, and by the 1950s those poor whites who had a little cash bought a cheap, ugly fur

    One would think that African Americans would not want to imitate this mode. It is very strange.

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for that. I sorta disagree with the lower income thing cause people that are tight on cash wouldn’t buy fur IMO. But i get what you are saying about the “movement” thing.

  • Black Almost Vegan Who Doesn’t Wear Fur

    That is true Stephanie. And probably the poorest of poor wouldn’t buy fur.

    However, even poor people can come into more “disposable income” from time to time (tax refunds, earned income, overtime, etc.) and like any other group, they spend their money are something that is either of value to them or what they think is valuable in society.

    Whether that be a new gadget, shoes, hair accessories or style, or even a fur, when the poor get money they, like anyone else like to spend it.

    And you can go to discount stores and outlets that sell them for around 3-400. Sadly, someone who is poor can and will save up for that if they think it’s a status symbol.

    And then there’s second hand shops.

  • Black Almost Vegan Who Doesn’t Wear Fur

    Sorry, I meant “earned income credit,” in terms of a tax credit based on income level and number of children.

  • Deena

    I am SO THANKFUL to Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama, Aretha and Beyonce for not wearing fur!

    I haven’t seen Beyonce in fur this year at all! I hope she finally truly has stopped.

    Jay Z really disappointed me, along with everyone else wearing fur. I was noticing that too.

    Anyone still wearing fur is just plain ignorant and selfish. The proof is out there and if you condone it by wearing it, you look really stupid

  • http://humanemewsings.blogspot.com Humane Mewsings

    Yeah I noticed a TON of people wearing entire fur coats on the Mall in DC…. But I’m glad most of the high profile participants refrained from wearing fur.

  • http://www.vegspinz.blogspot.com DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    In older times, it was necessary to use animals for survival, and people would use ALL parts of the animal for either food, clothing, or other uses. On top of that, they RAISED animals- unlike the way we torture them. In this day and age, and in this country (USA), we have come to the point where consuming meat is highly unnecessary, not to mention unhealthy, cruel, and a detriment to the environment. But the custom remains because many of us are afraid to look at the truth. As Obama put it in his speech,it’s time to choose hope over fear- let’s hope this catches on!

  • Veronika

    I despise the insensitive (to humans), smug, patronizing attitudes of so-called “compassionate and enlightened” anti-fur types towards African Americans. You have NO right to tell anyone what to wear as you are not buying their clothes. Your opinions are simply that–your opinions, and NOT the holy writ of fashion adornment. Not only are you abysmally ignorant in accusing African American women of “imitating 1950’s housewives” in wearing fur coats, but your arrogance and sense of entitlement and self-righteousness towards your “cause” to the point that EVERYONE must adhere to these loony beliefs is highly offensive. I’m sure that African Americans have much more important issues to confront than nutty fringe “issues” like animal “rights” and anti-fur. They are too intelligent to waste time with such foolishness which seems to take root among immature suburbanites, navel-contemplators, has-been celebs, and others with too much time on their hands. These “issues” may be important to you, but MOST people on the planet would rightfully ignore you.

  • http://www.veganjapan.net herwin

    veronica, it is DEEPLY troubling that you insult all these african americans like BB King, vegetarian since he learned the cruelty of meat, Richard Prior, who campaigned against the use of elephants in circuses (that must sound like an even more foolishness to your ears), Opra Winfrey being Vegan for three weeks, and many more.
    Michelle Obama not wearing a fur coat during that most special day also is a clear sign against wearing fur.