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Jessica Alba, you broke my heart!

The word on the street is that Alba recently made a fatal green mistake when she flew a fly private with just two passengers on board to the inauguration of Barack Obama.

The bad news broke when at a Declare Yourself event last weekend, fellow party-goers “overheard the beauty gushing about how she and hubby Cash Warren ‘had a G5 [private jet] all to themselves.” WTF?

This is actually quite a surprise, considering she just got all eco-tastic with In Style magazine a few months back.  What’s up, Jess? From green to mean?

Some might argue that celebrities NEED their own private jets, but we’d totally disagree. Just look at superstar Sarah Jessica Parker who chose to take an Amtrak train to the inauguration! Now THAT’S what I call living green!


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  • Eric

    Private Jets are becoming energy efficient just like hybrid car technology today.

  • Erin

    another hypocrite bites the dust

  • herwin

    i see her more as a person who needs to be educated more. she started with babysteps being green, using eco paint and organic cotton in her new house, now she has to learn not to fly private jets anymore…

  • Helena

    Her eco-friendly home is all about providing a non-toxic surrounding for her family and the baby, I don’t think she did it for environmental reasons at all (that was a bonus). But she did drive a Prius for some time.

  • http://ecorazzi the sensible one

    jessica alba
    is not just “another” celebrity!! besides her great appearences she has a personality like none other!!!!! she has a determination and a goal in life!!!! and whoever slanders her is just for one reason! the word is: JEALOUSY

  • katie

    all i have to say is “WOW”. although i find that most celebs do the whole green thing to fit in so they aren’t shunned from the rest of the world. its sad tho, jessica has no personality and is quite simply put, a shallow shell of an individual. i wish her the best of luck.

  • Nell

    I didn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker was there. Taking the train is the easiest way to get to DC if you live in New York or Boston. And cheaper, too. I hope Sarah had a good time.

  • windy2

    Do you know why jet emission cause twice the warming at 30,000 feet than at ground level?