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We know Neil Young is absolutely head-over-heels in love with his project to convert a classic ‘59 Lincoln Continental into an all-electric vehicle — but did anyone ever think he’d take that enthusiasm and turn it into a new album dedicated to the topic? Certainly not his fans — who are a little more than irked that his promised Archives Volume 1 album has now been pushed back to Spring. Young is more interested in getting out his new collection of songs about eco cars out called Fork In The Road. Inspired by his work with green autos, it contains such songs as “Cough Up the Bucks,” “Hit the Road,” “Get Around,” and “Fuel Line”.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for any other artist out there thinking of glorifying their Prius in song.), the reception to the music has been less than welcoming. “The other car songs featured on tour are decidedly bad, but this ‘Fork in the Road’ song is so distressingly awful that it almost seems like a joke,” said one reviewer on the Thrashers Wheat website. “So hideous that one almost has to laugh at the situation.”

The new viral video for one of Young’s new songs “Fork in the Road” is below. Have a listen and tell us what you think!

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  • Earth Mum

    Neil Young is God…and anything he does is good…especially this….he cares about the planet and it comes through in his song

    Long May You Run

  • Erin

    Honestly if the chorus just came a little quicker in the song it could be a real hit. And he cares about the environment enough to write it (as Earth Mum says ;)

    As I listen more I have to say it’s better than 99% of the shit I hear on the radio. These critics don’t know anything.

    I love the obvious live webcam look too. I mean you can tell it’s just a cheap lil cam (maybe even built into a mac? ) LOVES it.

    And hell ya. I’d love to glorify my Prius in song. good idea. I might just have to write one about her.. ;)

    Long Live Neil YOUNG!

    :) E

  • jim west

    Only Neil could pull this off. In your face,eating an apple while singing what he wants you to hear. As always Neil plays whats on his mind. Keep on rocking Neil Young

  • Earl

    As far as I’m concerned, he can push back the Archives until 2020 as long as he keeps making music like this. This is classic……what a great Neil video…and song….this guy is from another planet… it!

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  • Rocking mom

    Neil Young can produce any music, I will listen. Build it and they will come!!!!