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Michael Vick Gets A 73.5% On Developing Empathy For Animals Test

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Earlier this week we told you that PETA refused to work with Michael Vick until he took a series of psychological tests and an MRI brain scan in an effort to find evidence of clinical psychopathy or anti-social personality disorder. Well here’s why!

Shortly after Michael Vick was convicted on dog-fighting charges, PETA asked the sports star to sit down and take a handwritten test, aptly titled: Developing Empathy for Animals.  Of course I would love to report that Vick passed with flying colors, but um…um…um…

Vick scored a mere 73.5 (barely a C) on the test. Here is a selection of some of Vick’s (unedited) responses: 

“Chickens have an uncanny ability to think and are very agile. They are very athletic to me.”

“My aunt Tina own a Rotti name Tico. Once my aunt and her boyfriend Wayne was having an intense fight … [Tico] jump through a glass window & pinned my aunt boyfriend Wayne to the ground just growling … Now that’s loyalty.”

Listen, I don’t want to poke fun at the guy because quite honestly I really do believe that he will never, ever do anything like this again. His last answer on the test sounds genuine. Vick writes: 

“This course has given me a different perspective + perception on animals and how to treat them. First starting off with the golden rule. Do onto others, as you want them to do on to u. To me it applies to humans + animals or any creature on this earth that breathes fresh air. In my life from now on I have to make decisions for me, my family, friend, neighbors, that will benefit everyone. My relationships with animals will forever be different. I have the upmost respect for all living creatures and I wish I could have took this course 5 years ago.” 

What do you think? Do you buy Vick’s rehabilitation or do you think he’ll continue to treat animals poorly? Chime in and share your thoughts. 

To view all of Vick’s answers, visit blog.peta.org!

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