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bjork_-_2004_olympics_-_lg6433740Whether it’s holding a concert to protest aluminum smelter or recording environmental music videos, over the years we’ve been very impressed with Björk’s outspoken voice toward making Iceland a more environmentally-sound place. But homegirl is doing more than just speaking out!

Björk has officially launched a venture capital fund aimed at rebuilding her country by investing in socially and environmentally sustainable companies that tap Iceland’s highly educated population and extensive water and green energy resources. Sounds good to us!

Audur Capital, the company managing the project, said: “Instead of talking about the problems we have, she is on a mission to build a sustainable Iceland that’s not going to leave the country in worse shape for future generations.”

Here at the Razz we’re jazzed to hear about Björk’s latest project and look forward to seeing what kind of change she will inspire. Keep on rocking the good stuff, girl!


  • Run-DMS

    Here’s hoping her home country comes out of its economic crisis OK.

  • Vegan Eating Out

    What an undertaking for her to bring forward! I hope she succeeds and proves to be a model for others with the power to influence their countries to use it to make a positive change.

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  • RemyC

    She’s developed quite a reputation as a complete basket case, which is going to make it difficult to re-invent herself as a stoic financier. But weirder things have happened, and if Gaia wants to survive, she may very well put her trust in the weirdest humans of them all… Divine justice I might say.