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Hong Kong Jackie Chan SegwayIf you thought Segways were just for Star Trek-watching, Linux-obsessed super nerds — you’ve got another thing coming!!!

Action star Jackie Chan spent a little quality time in Sentosa, Singapore last week to help launch Segway’s Go Green initiative — a program encouraging tourists to go green by using the two-wheel motor personal transporter. 

Sentosa currently has 30 two-wheel mobile devices and the management plans to increase the number of devices to 50 by the end of this year.

In a gesture of improving the environmental condition of the island, Jackie planted and tree at the event and also shared this personal eco-tidbit: 

“Do you know how much water we waste when each of us visits the washroom twice a day? When I go to the washroom, I will ask who is going after me; we’ll flush the toilet bowl when the last person is done. I am doing this for the environment.”

Well…every little bit helps, I guess. 


  • herwin

    just by a bike, you moron !
    and dont say silly things like “Lets Flush Together”,DUH but instead promote more serious alternatives like using rainwater or non-potable water for things like flushing toilet and car washing, etc.
    do it or i’ll kick yur ass !

  • Pete Lee

    why not just flush once a day?

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  • a person from hong kong

    Flush together?

    Why not talk about how many shark fins soup you consume each year?

  • RemyC

    Segway should also get into the business of assisting battery chemistry research. Right now they only buy batteries off the shelf, perpetuating the suppression of next generation battery chemistries by large battery patent holding giants like Duracell.