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nbc_2009It’s been over two weeks since we’ve had any Daryl Hannah news — and my shaking hands were definitely signaling a withdrawal. Thankfully, the clock has been reset with word that the eco-friendly actress is set to appear at the 2009 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo. Joining her to promote the biodiesel groove will also be Grammy Award-winning artist Melissa Etheridge. More than 400 booths showcasing the latest in biodiesel products and services.

Want another reason to attend? You can take a spin ’round San Francisco in Solazyme’s Jeep Liberty diesel SUV powered by 100% Soladiesel™ biodiesel derived directly from algae. To find out more, check out the official site here.

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  • herwin

    biodiesel ecofriendly ? growing biodiesel crops takes a lot of space (luckely there is still enough useless Rainforest where we can grow it, eh…) and already is competing with foodcrops, with higher foodprices as a result, esp. in the underdeveloped countries.(cuz farmers change from foodcrops to fuelcrops)
    all cars running on fuelcrops would be an eco disaster.

  • herwin

    also fats from animals from slaughterhouses are used for biodiesel and “green” electricity powerplants.

  • RemyC

    I hope planting hemp as a feed stock is number one priority on this conference’s list. Because making bio-diesel from GMO corn and soy, is jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!