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PETA, you have truly outdone yourself this time. This could quite possibly be the greatest pro-vegetarian ad ever.

Unfortunately, it will not be airing during the Superbowl (though we suspect they knew it wouldn’t pass ahead of time…) and was rejected by NBC because “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.”

So we can watch people getting murdered on network television but not models in lingerie getting it on with asaparagus, pumpkins, and cauliflower? Whatever. Check it out below:

‘Veggie Love': PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

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  • John Tate

    Banned? LOL. You’re dreaming, it wasn’t banned. When South Korea imposes restrictions on the import of beef, that is a ban. This however is an advertisement being rejected by the owners of a network (and PETA dollars being turned down) because they don’t find it suitable.

    Also, you rarely see people actually get murdered on TV. You usually see actors playing situations where they murder and get murdered (except the news on occasion). Yeah they totally shouldn’t have broadcast what happened to Kennedy dudes.

    Banned my arse! Use the correct terms you sensationalist cocks.

  • michael

    For the record, we said it was “rejected”, while PETA said it was “banned”. And I disagree that you rarely see people murdered on television. Violence is everywhere on network TV, which is why a sexy vegetable commercial being rejected because of “indecency” is hilarious.

  • Run-DMS

    Maybe PETA should just stop being so coy and produce or finance full-on porn. A good double-penetration or handjob scene would generate plenty of publicity for their cause.

  • steph

    Even if Peta or ANY OTHER AR group made a pro-veg commercial that didn’t involve sexiness of ANY kind, it would be rejected no matter the content.

    They get too much money from animal torturing companies to risk upsetting them. If it wasn’t so “easy” to classify as overly sexual, they would make up some stupid reason not to air an Animal Rights message.

    Peta proly does this just too get rejected in the first place and then make a big stink about it. It’s a publicity tactic.

    I’m not saying i AGREE with not allowing it to be aired, i just simply think that NO MATTER WHAT CONTENT or how made it….and Animal Sensitive message (esp pro-veg) will never be aired during the super bowl.

  • JL

    Hah, Run, very true.

    Steph – I don’t think the Superbowl audience is the target market for Vegetarianism anyhow. Middle-aged and cranky about the government, most of their viewers probably think Veganism is some sort of cult, or ultra-liberal scheme to take food out of their fridge.

    Now, it’s not fair of me to just point out the short-comings without drawing your attention to some solution… But I really don’t know where AR should start. Animal Welfare ideals have a much better chance of survival in the main stream. And PETA wants nothing to do with that game of softball…

  • Fon Ton

    There’s nothing sexy about false plastic products (ie the “women” in this ad) licking vegetables. Put some real human beings in there and maybe I’ll be convinced to eat more vegetables in lieu of meat. This ad makes me not only want to eat meat, but also to kill random product-creatures.

  • wayland leonard

    i’m a vegan… but really PETA, really? you are not selling beer! what is the deal???

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  • erin

    Me thinks Run DMS John Tate and Fon TOn are all the same idiots posting their gibberish on the board today. Ok maybe not Run DMS as he has a blog but definitely the other two losers.


  • erin

    oops and i meant methinks… one word. kind of like one poster writing as ten different losers.

  • katt

    i disagree with JL. i think there are a lot of vegetarian football fans. i’m one of them.

  • Ash

    PETA sells out so hardcore to the overly sexualized American culture that’s it’s really hard to take them seriously, and i’ve been a raw vegan for years. who the hell is honestly going to listen to a spokeswoman like Pam Anderson, or any of these slutastic robots, about something as large and personal as a diet? way to make veganism seem entirely brainless.

    so far as NBC rejecting this ad, they really don’t have grounds for that imo. PETA can kiss my ass, but the commercial isn’t any less appropriate than the Victoria Secret fashion show commercials.

  • herwin

    aren’t they just great ?? huggies for PETA !!

  • Erin

    Ah I guess Sybil went to sleep or left ER for the day and couldn’t comment on his/her multi personalities I mentioned ;)

    Oh and for the record.

    I HATE football (you know the whole idea of the pig skin foot ball, and men with lower IQ’s than the pigs kicking it around… not my idea of fun)


  • herwin

    ” who the hell is honestly going to listen to a spokeswoman like Pam Anderson”

    and why shouldnt people listen to her ? she is famous, inteligent and very sincere and dedicated about animal issues. most common non veggie people relate to that. she is vegetarian. she is not trashing other veggies, like “some people” (DUH). thanks to her there is tons of positive media attention in the press about animal issues she is promoting.
    and its not a crime to be sexy and show it.

  • a person from hong kong

    really, PETA and its sexy statement makes people don’t want to take them very seriously.

    And I find nothing sexy about the ad.

    If being sexy is the only reason a person want to become vegetarian/vegan, then it will be the wrong reason.

    Sexy or not, it’s the compassion that counts.

  • JL

    Katt – Just because you enjoy a particular televised event, does not make you the ‘target audience’ to which marketers gear their commercials. You watch and see all the beer and fast food commercials! They’ll be on for a week prior to make sure your buddies have a stack of wings and nachos in front of them. As is traditional. That’s the target.

    Here’s A Question to Anyone:
    Was PETA going to pay the exorbitant price for a Super Bowl commercial spot, or were they looking to be a PSA?

    I understand NBC not wanting their name on it, in that case.

  • herwin

    “Sexy or not, it’s the compassion that counts.”
    yeah, exactly, so stop bashing Peta just because you disagree with the sexy image of Peta.

  • birdgherl

    Over the years, PETA has certainly made its case as a media-manipulting powerhouse but each year they produce what look to be very pricey commercials that they know will be rejected/banned. Surely this money can be put to better use? What’s wrong with a straighforward, honest look at how a veg diet can make you and your kids love longer? I am sure there are great minds at PETA (and I am a supporter, btw) that can design a compelling campaign to this end.

  • herwin
  • JL

    birdgherl – It’s really hard to make veg*n look good without making meat look bad… Hence the sexy. Trying to tone down on the “Don’t eat meat!” and go for the “Eat vegetables!” approach (<-insert sexy voice).

    Why? I’d say, #1: A lot, I mean a LOT of middle-america owns a homestead (which look nothing like the culprits in most of PETA’s media and Earthlings), and would be more insulted than enlightened, and #2: The red states would ignore it as more ‘fear-mongering’ from a fascist liberal group.

    Animal “Rights” are really really really hard to convey to these refusing parties. Many of which will be watching this game.

    Animal Welfare, on the other hand..

  • coffee

    ironically PETA is getting more publicity from the fact that their ad was banned than they would have if it was approved

  • daisy

    My husband and I had never heard of Peta but just heard on NPR about the rejected ad and clicked on to see what all the fuss was about…so it worked, didn’t it??

  • VeggieTart

    Coffee–I think that’s the point. PETA makes these outrageous ads (not much more outrageous than some of the crap that passes for advertising these days) with the knowledge or suspicion the network won’t accept it, and then they ride the ‘we were banned’ publicity wave. PETA sells sex and nothing more. That ad is almost scary and verging on NSFW territory.

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  • RemyC

    PeTA should have saved Boris the hog at the Rockefeller Stone Barn farm… Imagine, they turned their mascot into sausage! But because it gets a nice chunk of change from the Rockefeller Philantropy Advisors, which also funds nuclear educational programs with the Exelon corporation by the way, PeTA stays away from the hands that feeds it. Shame on you PeTA!

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