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Ellen DeGeneres is quickly becoming the poster child for all things vegan. Seriously, she is rocking the lifestyle so hard and constantly representing for all the vegans in the house. Gotta love that!

Recently Ellen celebrated her birthday by passing out delicious, yummy doughnuts from Dees Vegan Bakery and Donuts. Check out their site, ya’ll. This stuff looks killer!

On top of that she also gave everybody $200 in gift certificates to True, Zappos does carry leather, but they also have an entirely eco section of their website dedicated to environmentally-rad footwear with TONS of vegan options.

This is definitely not the first time Ellen has support VEG-friendly companies. Last year she gave away Matt & Nat  gift certificates during the holidays. How badly do I wish I had been in that audience? I’d kill (not really cause that wouldn’t be vegan) for some Matt & Nat awesomeness.

Anyway, a great big Happy Birthday to our precious Ellen D. We love this new vegan side of you!!!


  • steph

    That is awesome….

    but i REALLY get sad when i see her promoting cover girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    But yay on all the rest! i hope see realize what is going on with P&G and starts to speak out against it…

  • VeggieTart

    I don’t like it either, steph, but she seems to do more to help the animals than the harm posing for Cover Girl does.

  • Becs

    i love, love, love, love, love ellen. she can be my vegan posterchild anyday!! and i think she’s s good enough and smart enough person that she’ll give up covergirl:) Don’t worry ladies, the day will come. and dang it, how was i not there for some mat and nat:(

  • marrisa

    wait… why don’t we like her for posing for cover girl? I feel like I’m missing something HUGE.

  • steph

    I know, i just can’t wait for the day to come *sniffle* I’m not trying to discount the great things she does for animals….

    Cover Girl is not only and animal tested product line but it is owned by P&G (aka Proctor and Gamble) who are kinda notorious for animal testing despite many many companies adopting a cruelty free (at least vivisection anyway) policy. They have been approached time and again about changing their ways and haven’t and i think actually LIED about it at one point….or at least tried to mislead people about their testing policy.

    More info:

  • marrisa

    oh wow, thanks for the in site.

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  • Kelly

    Check this out before you go to this bakery!! Don’t know if it’s true or not but…!!!

  • Kelly