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jtm-041635We all know about Maggie Gyllenhaal’s fur catastrophe, but lets try to put that behind us — for now — and look at this as objectively as possible. Deal? Great! 

So Mags recently teamed up with Fisher-Price to help promote their Precious Planet Collection– a new wildlife themed set of baby gear and newborn toys. Sounds pretty good right? Keep reading…

The event was held at the Central Park Zoo, and to show they care, Fisher-Price donated $250,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society — an organization that “saves wildlife and wild lands” through “careful science, international conservation, education, and the management of the world’s largest system of urban wildlife parks.”  In other words — they manage zoos. 

A Fisher-Price rep said: “We see our zoo partners doing a terrific job of connecting children to nature and animals – developing what they hope will be a lifelong passion for conserving animals and their habitats.”

Now zoos are a very touchy thing for people concerned with animal welfare. Thanks to wonderful books like Thanking The Monkey, we’ve learned that “conservation” is often a very loose term for animal prison and that profit is generally more important than welfare. 

Moreover, in 2005 Fisher-Price embarked on a branding program with several national zoos, many of which made In Defense of Animal’s Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list. Fisher-Price currently partners with: Brookfield Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, San Francisco Zoo, San Diego’s Wild Animal Park Zoo, the San Diego Zoo, Toledo Zoo, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, the Bronx Zoo, Phoenix Zoo and the Buffalo Zoo.  

So what do YOU think about all this Gyllenhaal zoo business? Was this really a generous donation to a good cause or merely a publicity stunt with the funds going to an organization that might not be as noble as they seem? I need your help, Ecorazzi readers! Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • VeggieTart

    I’m sure a lot of people are ignorant of the issues surrounding zoos and some “conservation” organizations. Not many people know that World Wildlife Fund is pro-vivisection and pro-hunting.

  • herwin

    “urban wildlife parks” what a joke. i prefer “Your Local Animal Guantanamo Bay”.
    and captive bred animals rarely are fit for relocation, most are just getting sold to other zoos.

  • steph

    i agree with both above comments. i think maggie is proly trying to get friendly with the zoos so she can skin some of the animals in the name of fashion.


    Zoo’s are not conserving anyhting and though i can see what people say about children getting to see animals they normally never would, i don’t think they are AT ALL necessary or right. Esp cause in the new NY budget plans, ZOOS ARE CUT OUT! They are no longer getting support. I think that is a very scary thing for the animals! Less employees, corners get cut.

    As the above stated….the welfare of the animals is not first….profit is.

    My sis’ baby is going to grow up with a love and respect for animals and never go to a zoo, circus or anything like that. As many other vegan raised children do. She will know where the animals really belong and be happy knowing they are in their HOMES.

  • parrish

    ALL- Yeppers! I’m with you guys on this. I knew that the World Wildlife Fund was a bit shady, but had no idea they were pro-hunting and ESPECIALLY wasn’t aware they were pro-vivisection. Maggy lost even more points in my book for this one!

  • ella

    I disagree (please don’t take my head off). I know zoos aren’t perfect but after traveling to Africa to see animals in their natural habitat I realized they were in worse shape then at the zoo. There were so many people paying to get close that they prevented them from natural behaviors like hunting. I was so upset that I spent some time talking to a scientist that is working for an accredited zoo and very impressed with her work with animals in captivity and transferring that knowledge to out in the field. They are also exchanging sperm to create more diversity in animals that are very genetically similar (like the cheetah). I still don’t feel totally comfortable but can’t come up with a better option. There is just not enough land for animals to live and migrate. We need to start saving habitat then the animals would be fine and not have to be confined to small preserves or zoos.

  • Erin

    Parrish is the world wildlife fund involved in this too? (This is the Wildlife Conservation Society which is a JOKE!)

    Granted I learned alot about WWF from my birthmother who left there after 20 plus years) and do not agree on their hunting stance. But they do supposedly do some good stuff too.
    But this WSC?

    They are bad bad bad. Posing as a group who cares about animals. BS!!!

    Maggie GAGenhyll looks fuglier every time I see her selfish fur wearing animal killing face.

    I wish she’d go away. FOREVER

    zoos are prisons. If they gave a damn about the animals they’d put a few dying breeds in gorgeous wildlife like sanctuaries where people weren’t looking at them all day.


  • herwin

    contrary what many people think, “at least zoo animals dont have enemies and good medical treatment and live longer”, even that is unfounded presumptious bs.

    wwf maybe is not against hunting but to say they are PRO hunting is unfair. they do a lot of good conservation work.

  • Carmen

    I agree with EcoRazzi….I don’t support zoos in any way. I can understand wanting to connect children with animals, I totally get this. But teaching them that it’s ok to confine animals to unatural settings and smalls pens is cruel. I’ve been to some where they feed wolves and bears Purina dog food. I’ve seen small animals pace back and forth in boredom. You see the dispair when you look at the animals in their face. So no, I’m not buying her attempt to be seen as an animal lover.

  • Rachel

    I completely agree with Carmen. I used to love Maggie and would see all of her movies. I am going to boycott both Maggie and Fisher Price. I’m sure neither entity will miss money from one little person but at least I know I’m not helping support zoos. They’re awful.

  • lee

    Wow, what a trove of ignorance. Accredited zoos in general, and the Wildlife Conservation Society in particular, have done so much more to save wildlife IN NATURE than all of the so-called “animal rights” groups combined, that it’s not even funny. Huge tracts of land are now protected in Tibet, Brazil, Argentina, Gabon, Bolivia and Belize due to the scientific, political and financial resources of WCS. Visitors to the Bronx Zoo’s gorilla exhibit have contributed of $6 million that has goen

  • Darryl

    The comments above, truly upset me. I absolutely love animals and Yes if at all possible I want them to be in their wild places. Lets talk about why zoo’s exist. Originally they were private collections of animals from all around the world. Then they became public collections so that people could get a close look at animals, and plants by the way, that those people may never see. Zoo’s though have changed drastically since their inception. Most animal exhibits are no longer concrete, bars, and extremely small. Every single new exhibit built is getting better and better at replicating the natural environment of their animal hosts. Can they be as large as the natural environment? Of course not but then again they are not getting poached inside the zoos. Animals are in zoo’s these days to help connect children(the future leaders of civilization)so they they will love animals and possibly have a clue as to how to help ensure their survival in the wild. Many children don’t really understand where their food comes from, let alone that they are an animal and rely on this world for all of their needs. Humans have been the cause of all the problems that are forcing animals to extinction(which is un-natural) so is it not true that we should be the ones to fix those problems. Zoo’s do their best and the science keeps getting better and better. Zoo’s help save tracts of land for wildlife. help increase genetic diversity and help out animals in every possible way that they can. Instead of arguing over zoo’s and wildlife organizations, get up out of your chair and make a difference so that animals all over the world don’t disappear for the pet trade, the bush meat market to feed starving peoples, for fancy jewelry and junk, logging, or simply the lack of anybody knowing that they are disappearing. Stop hindering those that are at least trying to do good and start stopping those who plunder this planet.