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domino_deadFollowing in the sad, sad footsteps of Plenty Magazine, publishing group Condé Nast has made the decision to fold Domino. While not much of a surprise (Once the housing market started to fall, so did advertising numbers), we are bummed that a publication with a strong focus on eco-friendly living is no longer gracing the shelves. From the release,

“In making the announcement, company president/CEO Chuck Townsend said the decision was purely based on the softened economy, which has already claimed a handful of other shelter books. This year through February, Domino’s ad pages tumbled 51 percent to 22 percent, per the Mediaweek Monitor. Launched in 2005, the title achieved a rate base of 800,000. But observers have said that in addition to the hard-hit housing market, the title had some difficulty explaining its positioning in the marketplace.”

Even more of a downer, the beautiful Domino website is also going bye-bye — which surprises me to no end since it’s a beautiful, functional design that should easily be more cost-effective to run than its print counterpart. Hey Condé Nast — contact me if you have any inkling of wanting to save the website. A brand does not have to die just because its print edition is no longer viable!

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  • Erin

    Thank you to one George W Bush for destroying everything- economy environment… you name it.

    People, remember when George evil Sr. tries to get Jeb Bush into the white house (he’s already said he’d like to) you better get out there to vote against him.


  • jamie lynn

    hey, what?! i just got a subscription like 2 months ago! what the hell?! blueprint did the same damn thing! :( :( :(

  • Jeannette

    Every time I decide I like a magazine they go under! Budget Living, Organic Style, now Domino. And I JUST paid for a subscription for Domino a few weeks ago. :(

  • Erin

    E seems to be a pretty good one?

    FYI I’d just read it online and save the trees! ;)

    :) XO E

  • Lynsay

    I was so disappointed to hear that Domino folded! I also like Natural Home magazine. They have great design, home and eco-friendly lifestyle information.

  • RemyC

    $40 million Conde Nast sunk into Domino, and still they couldn’t make it work.

    It leads me to wonder if Conde Nast still remembers how to make mass market titles.

    Newsstands sales are dying… Everybody is running away from print. Some titles put out 10.000 copies on newsstands, and barely sell 500… They simply do it for the exposure. Unsold copies get trashed, and since newsstands like B&N or Borders only recycle if the town they’re in recycles, most unsold magazines end up trashed in land fills or incinerators.

    Lap tops and cell phone suck at the magazine experience, which is why the race is on now to develop thin, portable OLED tablets that can bring large images into your hands. Till then we’ll witness more and more titles go belly up, as once magazine junkies now get their fix from the web.

    Interesting that this doesn’t seem to be affecting high end fashion boutique publications which sell for $20 or more a copy! They print limited editions that sell at a premium to affluent readers.

    The trick is to create amazing interactive websites, and a quarterly, semi-annual table top print edition, people will pay for a premium for, keep, cherish and collect.

    Both libraries and bookstores are relics of a dying culture. The future is like Manga stores in Japan, comfortable high end reading rooms designed for an educated and information hungry audience.

  • marimeli

    I absolutely loved domino magazine and its useful website. It was fun and unstuffy. I couldn’t wait every week to do my day off ritual. On Thursdays,I go to the drugstore of choice and buy 1 interior design magazine and read it cover to cover. I just sit while I let the world collapse around me comfortably drinking a glass of fresh lemonade or ice cold cola… Domino made it all the more fun because I could actually afford some of the items in the pictures. I will really miss it!!!!

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  • Tom J

    I just started subscribing to it, both at home, and buying it for the library I manage. Was a great magazine – makes me sadi tot hink I regifted all the older issues – I HATE to see it fold! I wonder can I buy single back issues anywhere?

  • L.E.

    I waited by the mailbox for this magazine and poured over it for weeks until the next arrived. I’m so disappointed! ANything else out there that compares??

  • Holly

    I bought a subscription through a school fundraiser for this magazine… after this article published of it folding! And they still cashed my check! I wonder if I will get a refund since I won’t be getting the magazine.

  • Mary

    Conde Nast offered me Glamour in exchange for my unpaid subscription. I’m 46 and said “no thanks.” Instead I chose Architectural Digest, the only home magazine they now publish. Yuk — not only am I not a multi-millionaire, but the interior design is stuffy and contrived. It is September and I’m still grieving Domino…