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Since ABC’s The View could not show PETA’s rejected sexy Super Bowl ad on television either, co-host Whoopi Goldberg took it upon herself to demonstrate the finer points of the ad for the audience. What you’re about to see may make you laugh, but it will definitely not make you horny.

My favorite quote came from Elizabeth Hasselbeck, “After watching PETA’s video, I never want to see asparagus again.”

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  • Chris

    pfft, prudes, from my experience, it’s true. I can’t believe they don’t get the message (at least from my interpretation) it’s about being sexy from being a vego not having sex with vegetables, don’t people get jokes anymore?!

  • Whoever…

    This only demonstrates the hypocrisy of the American society…

    I mean you have a movie (The Wrestler) which was nominated for the Oscars in Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (the wonderful and talented actress Marisa Tomei) for cryin’ out loud, where she plays a stripper showing the ‘goods’, and you can’t see a harmless ad with vegetables?
    Didn’t anyone in the USA understood PETA’s message!!??

    Oh, and by the way, isn’t Playboy American?

    What are you, stupid?

    And this “The view” show is, as far as I can see, a pathetic show and the ‘ladies’ who host it are not the smartest tools in the shed… Geeezzz Allthe respect and admiration I had for Whoopi Goldberg is gone!!!

    How hypocrites you are!!!

    Where’s your alleged freedom of speech?

    I guess it doesn’t shock you that animals are brutally killed everyday so you can stuff more meat than you should into your organism!!

    Our planet is completely doomed… The more people I know and the more I know people the more convinced I get that there’s no hope for for our world!!!

    What really shocks me is that a group of very influential and powerful people created a global financial crisis so they can profit billions from it and at the same time control us all!! Now that’s important stuff!!!

  • Natasha

    Maybe if Whoopi ate veggies she wouldn’t be in ‘Slimfast’ ads claiming she ‘lost weight’! Of course Elizabeth would say that since she’s the stupidest one on the show!

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