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Confession: I have three very serious celebrity crushes. And the lucky ladies are (in no particular order):Natalie Portman, Jenna Fischer and Carrie Underwood

Man oh man do I love me some Carrie Underwood! A super-talented country singer who’s not only uber gorgeous, but a long-time vegetarian! I mean do you get any better than that? SERIOUSLY??

In a new interview with CBS, Underwood discusses her family, musical influences and being VEG. She says: 

“I’m a vegetarian and there are some parts of the United States where you do not announce that to the audience. And while the crowd might be kind of playing with me, sometimes if I do let that slip, I do get booed. So it’s something I’m working on-keeping me vegetarianism to myself.”

Come on, don’t keep that to yourself! We need badass celebs like you serving as role-models for all those hopeful young veggies out there! Think about it Carrie. And also…will you marry me?

Check out the whole interview in the video below.


  • steph

    yeah that is really sad that 1- people boo her for that 2-she takes it and is gonna let affect her talking about it.

    i agree that we NEED more unapologetic vegetarians and celebs that are REALLY vegetarian….not “sometimes” “mostly” or “not when pregnant”

    Yell back at them, you don’t have to be rude…but bite back a little. i have been to shows where the fans boo or do something like that during a show and the artist quipped back and people cheer anyway!

    Come on girl….be better then that.

  • Jody

    Carrie just isn’t a confrontational person.
    She keeps her personal life to herself for the most part. For the most part, she just stays away from issues that she knows are going to cause controversy.

  • http://google mapoi

    That is why I like her of being her. She is not blah-blah! She’s a woman that she think first before saying things. Good for her. That is why her life is good.