by Michael dEstries
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The Maggie Q PETA Ad that debuted back in September of 2007 has been re-branded for the Asia-Pacific region. Obviously, not much has changed beyond the new characters, but I can’t get enough of Maggie Q covered in red peppers promoting the vegetarian scene. And it’s Friday. “Going vegetarian is one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made,” says Maggie. “I feel better, I have more energy on and off the set, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something to help stop animal suffering.”

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  • Adriana

    Isn’t that Korean?

  • L

    That’s definitely Korean, not Chinese; I should know :).

    I’m glad to see more veg ads get exposure in Asia though. People shouldn’t have to be automatically assumed to be either Buddhist or just plain bizarre for being veg.

  • michael

    I’m an idiot. Updated!