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segwick_veganActor Rob Sedgwick (brother of Kyra) has a new business venture — an all vegan ice cream parlor in NYC. But here’s the catch: Rob isn’t VEG himself…or anywhere even close!

Described by the New York Observer as a “steak ‘n’ eggs, cholesterol-till-you-die-man”, Sedgwick is pretty open about merely taking advantage of a booming market.

“It’s a great product,” he said. “There’s nothing out there like it and we’re already doing really well.”

Well that’s not 100 percent true, Rob! Lula’s Sweet Apothecary is an amazing vegan ice cream parlor also in NYC that’s not only awesome, but vegan owned and operated.

Still, herbivore or not, this does put more options out there for VEG-minded people and helps spread the word. And honestly, I know a few popular vegetarian restaurants here in the city that are owned by total meat-eaters. So, at the end of the day does it REALLY matter?

Chime in and tell us if you’ll support meat-loving Rob Sedgwick’s new vegan ice cream parlor!

Photo Josh Hamilton, for NYO

  • Jorgen

    That’s capitalism for you. I say, whether he’s a veg or not, it’s still good to have the option. Though I would go to a veg-owned shop 100 times before I would go there once.

  • SMM

    I think he’s taking advantage but even more reason to investigate the places you choose to support. I would go to Lula’s any day over the Sedg. More options or not, I think its more important to practice the lifestyle-not make money off of it.

  • steph

    its good to have the option out there but i really prefer to support veg businesses when possible. So i think it will be going to Lula’s.

    I would LOVE to have a list of meat eater owned veg places!!! lol …. my lucky it’s proly some where i love :(

  • Alyson

    Oooh! Please dish! What veg restaurants in NYC are owned by omnis???

  • VeggieTart

    I’d go to a veg-owned and operated first. But if a vegan ice cream parlor opened up in DC, I’d go for it. Hey, maybe seeing all the vegans chowing down might convince the guy to ditch some of the animal crap he eats.

  • herwin


  • parrish

    OK, OK…I’ll tell!

    Angelica Kitchen- While it’s definitely earned it’s place in New York Vegetarian history, the owner (and general manager) are meat-eaters. I’m talking beef here, people!

    Counter- The owner eats dairy, eggs and FISH! I call that non-VEG! They also starting serving eggs and dairy days after being nominated VegNews’ favorite vegan restaurant.

    Zen Palate Chain- I think most of the Zen Burger/ Zen Palate’s are closed down, but I know the management/ownership team was not VEG at all a few years ago!

  • Eric

    I’d definitely support the veg*n owned places first, but I wouldn’t have any problem going to his ice cream parlor as well.

    Its not like he’s using the profits to open a slaughterhouse or club more baby seals (or maybe that’s his sinister plan?). At least he’s exposing more people to the delicious vegan foods available.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    If I still lived in NYC I’d go there. I don’t boycott brands or people, I boycott products – animal products.

  • jaxin

    I would definitely patronize a veg-owned operation over one owned by omnivores any day. I want to put money into the pockets of people who spend their money the way I do whenever possible.

    That being said, if it’s the only option I would go there if for no other reason than to help create a market for vegan products.

  • Marisol Fernandez

    Angelica Kitchen is owned by meat eaters? Are you sure?

    I do know that Kate’s Joint in NYC is owned by a meat eater….

    As for going to that vegan ice cream parlor…I probably wouldn’t knowing that the owner didn’t really have the commitment to veganism that I have and that he wouldn’t think that using a bit of honey here and there or mixing in a little dairy wouldn’t really hurt anybody.

    Just like Jews have kosher certification and have rabbis check on an establishment, we vegans need to have some similar mechanism in place…..I have an orthodox Jewish friend who won’t eat at vegan restaurants that don’t have kosher certification because she said, “you just can’t be sure” without it. I agree.

  • parrish

    Marisol- AK is definitely owned by a meat-eater. 100 percent sure. I know that she tries to eat “sustainable” and “local” meat, but she definitely eats meat.

  • Erin

    Pure Foods and Wine- owner Sarma posts on her own blog how much she enjoyed the lamb she ate. and meatballs.

    And they’re raw vegan.

    Also vegan does not mean it’s healthy. I know vegans who don’t eat meat but eat crappy foods (like ice cream) but the vegans I aspire to be like are the ones (the few I know) who eat no sweets and actually just eat real fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds. NOTHING more ;) In their minds that’s the only real vegan.

    Director of Raw Vegan Center, Fla

  • Erin

    ps to clarify Pure Foods and Wines is in NYC. I have eaten the food it’s pretty good. Sarma the owner. Her former partner owns Cafe 118 here in Fla. I do not know if they’re vegan. the restaurant is.

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  • Inga Ambrosia

    Nope, I would not eat there because he is using your money to buy more meat.

    You can’t trust people like that. Would you still eat there if he was a hunter? He might take some shortcuts when times get tough, something a vegan couldn’t bring themselves to do.

    No Thanx!


  • Halfie

    I just went to Stogo for the first time last night, and had a long chat with Steve, who is a co-owner along with Rob & I think some third guy as well (according to some photos I found online). Steve eats fish but he told me that he has avoided meat, dairy and eggs for the past 20+ years. Everybody has their own reasons for choosing the diets they do, and someone who eats fish definitely isn’t vegan, but it certainly takes a man of integrity to avoid certain food items for that many years. He’s also super committed to not using any refined sugars in any of their ice cream, in addition to using all natural ingredients throughout the products, including for the coloring (for instance, spinach to make the pistachio ice cream green). He was very passionate and earnest and I do believe that they’re putting out a quality product. Plus, it’s really effing tasty. Especially the pomegranate chocoloate chip… He also mentioned that they’ll be rolling out a hemp-milk based ice cream soon!