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Ashley Judd is speaking out in a new ad campaign for Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund on Sarah Palin’s “anti-conservation agenda” and attack on wolves and bears. “Now back in Alaska, Palin is again casting aside science and championing the slaughter of wildlife,” Judd says. “Palin even proposed a $150 bounty for the severed foreleg of each killed wolf. And now she is encouraging even more aerial killing. it is time to stop Sarah Palin and stop this senseless savagery.”

In conjunction with the video, the organization has also launched the site — which follows the Governor’s crusade against wildlife. On another related note, the Huffington Post featured an article today which showed a majority of Republicans wish the party was more like Sarah Palin. Holy sh*t — what the hell is wrong with you people?! Check out the Judd video below:

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  • deena

    What kind of a sadistic biotch is Palin!? I wish a wolf would eat her. I can be sadistic back.

  • deena

    And thank you Ashley. Fellow Tennessean here, and wolf lover.
    Everyone watch ‘Wolves at our Door’ by the Dutchers, a husband, wife team that filmed the Sawtooth Pack I think it was. I was laughing, crying, and in awe at the beauty and structure of a wolf pack. When you randomly kill wolves you have no idea which individual you are murdering. And they ARE absolutely individuals.

  • JL

    interesting that “Defenders” is all about hunting. Just not this bogus Aerial “predator control.”

    Find more Here:

    Plus a letter from the Defenders themselves…Defending their video. And hunting.

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  • gary

    hey ashley….SHUT UP AND ACT!!!! what makes actors with no formal education who work and live in a make believe world think we are interested in their opinion. i will never watch or certiantly pay to see her act any longer. keep running your mouth and you will see you fan base drop. if you dont like our country then GET OUT. take you husband and move to his country of origin.

  • Joe

    I am sorry, Ashley Judd and the editor of the post is either an idiot or just likes to hear themselves talk. The wolves here in Alaska have become so overpopulated that they now endanger our migratory herds of caribou and moose, not to mention about a dozen other species. They have become so many in numbers because of Sarah Palins effort to protect them and other species of our state that they prosper without any enemies. So now they have become a nuisance endanger other species and native Americans that live in the bush of Alaska. This is a measure that was voted on by our Democratic and Republican legislature, not something Sarah Palin thought up, not to mention it was in place long before Sarah Palin took office, it was a measure in place since our last Democratic Governor. Hey Ashley speaking out is ok, just learn to be educated on the subject first as for the editor of this content, its probably too late if you crusade around like you do without the facts.

  • bpw

    Not a thing wrong with shooting wolves in Alaska or any other state winter is fine as long as it’s done within the fish and game regs. Real fact is we should be abel to shoot more wolves. There isn’t an animal in the wilds that destroy more game, cattle…. They’re horrible animals, not cute little pets.

  • Kiki

    You’re just another hollywood actor who thinks that what you say is important and everyone should listen. We don’t care about your opinion. If you don’t like the way they do things in Alaska, don’t go there. From what I read, all the “elites” in the “lower 48″ think Alaska is a backwoods state. Leave Sarah Palin alone. We love and support her. As the Bible says,..”if God is with you, who can be against you.” You, Ashley, need to return to your Christian roots like your mother and sister.

  • formerfan

    Ashley Judd is just another whacked out Hollywood nut that has her our agenda. Her real attack is all political. It has nothing to do with the Alaskan wolves. Where was her concern for the wolves before Sarah Palin came along? All she is saying is ” look and listen to me, because I’m a Hollywood movie actress and I am smarter than all of you “. Gov. Sarah Palin has far more respect for wildlife that Miss Judd does. Ashley needs to walk the walk before she tries to talk the talk. Hollywood socialites need to learn that we do not bow down to them. Sign a Former Fan.

  • Leigh

    Palin and her supporters are an absolute nightmare. I would also wish for a wolf to eat her, but I worry that it would make the wolf sick. Thank you Judd for speaking out. It’s important that we all speak. Palin should spend quality time with her numerous children, not tormenting numerous creatures, human and nonhuman.

  • Diana

    Alaska’s wildlife management policies were debated and bashed for the last fifty years.. Public attitudes toward wolf control in particular creates conflicts between people of different ideologies and I expect this will not change. Some people and organizations have no desire to understand and accept the values of others on this issue.

    Wolves and bears are predators on caribou, moose, deer and other wildlife. Predators kill more than 80 percent of the moose and caribou — humans kill less than 10 percent. Wolves have an impact on moose and caribou populations, and this impact, in combination with factors such as severe winter weather or bear predation, can depress moose and caribou populations to very low levels. Wildlife management is needed to manage moose, caribou and wolf populations to ensure the continued abundance of all three.

    Wildlife regulations are approved through a public participation process — but by all means, be sure to blame it all on Sarah Palin!

  • Katheryn loeffel

    are you kidding me…..what the hell does Ashley Judd’s opinion mean to me….kill all the wolves..who cares in this economy

  • Connie

    Instead of Hollywood types shooting off their mouths, get the facts straight before making butts of yourself. Ashley, you need to be better informes sweetie pie before you go off half cocked. Save the wolves, the whales but kill thousands of babies…what’s the difference. Get a real life. This country has a lot bigger fish to fry than this.

  • Erin

    Oh I’m so sorry the wolves eat your beloved cattle that you shove down your fat little throats. Cattle are ruining the planet. I don’t know how the group of you found this thread or this site that you sabotaged on your little thread here but if the wolves are eating the deer that’s how it’s supposed to be. And as for your cattle? Try going veggie and getting more healthy. And to Gary who told the actress to get out of the US for speaking her opinion?! That is about the MOST unamerican thing I’ve ever heard anyone say Gary. You should be ashamed of yourself you unpatriotic TWIT.


  • Get Technical

    Regardless of how you feel about hunting and animals…I’ve been on boards where even die hard hunters say this is sick and barbaric.

    They’d much rather see people hunting on the ground vs. cowardly targeting critters from the sky.

    And moose and caribou are major sources of food and culture? Can’t Alaskans eat pasta? hahaha

  • rebecca

    Ashley, Please keep telling people about this killing of the wolves. It is true, Sarah Palin does or did offer a reward for the front paw of any wolves killed in any manor. Palin is a sick individual like so many others hiding behind what they call christianity.The God I know does not approve.

  • Mellisa

    I believe Ashley showed her ignorance by even doing this. Is she trying to say that wolves are more important than anything else such as human life, or other animals? what makes them so much more important? and who gets to decide that? And Erin if you were truly into getting healthy,(I am an herbalist) you would know that you have to have protein in your diet. (Read Eat Right 4 your blood type, writen by a Dr) Contrary to popular belief meat is still the best way. You just don’t want the chemicals that are put into so many animals. Where as in Alaska they have a much healtier life style. Not to mention you cut someone down for trying to make an honost living by being a farmer. So before you cut someone down you really should think before you type!! Also Ashley please go back to Hollywood and tell the stars it really is unattractive to many of us that they(Hollywood) think we the american people(more to the point Republicans are to stupid so you have to come out in droves to try to sway people to vote your way. Hollywood needs to stay out of politics. Unless they are running and then we will see them under the pressure and how well they stand up to it. I am tired of Hollywood thinking they have the power to sway how I feel. We want a change in America not more of the same and it seems we still have it. Stars speaking out on something they don’t know anything about. Everyone is intitled to their opinion but lets not bash someone else in just to make a point. And really Ashley isn’t that all Hollywood wants because they are afraid Palin will run in 2012 and we all know if you try to destroy her before you think she won’t run?

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Glad to see there are others who agree ;) I doubt we’ll be hearing from the Plain camp lol I mean Palin camp (sorry a typo and a DAMN good one) because they just came to ER to sabotage the board for one thread. One thing I cannot stand is people who all go post on a board they never normally read just because of one person or act they’re defending (and in this case Palin and the act of shooting animals from planes are pretty pathetic acts… Such a shame. GT is correct- even the most avid hunters there are (and yes I’ve met several) don’t condone cowardly aerial hunting. pretty weak.

    Anyway Palin lost the beauty pageant she was in to a beautiful black woman and now the presidential race. Can’t wait to see her lose in 2012. Sorry but it’s how I feel.


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  • http://CNN Judy

    Killing such beautiful animals is unthinkable. Sarah Palin, would have fit in, with the characters on Hee Haw.
    People who want to hunt should make it fair. No guns. No bows and arrows.
    They should use their teeth and claws just like the animals!
    Sarah also should walk, and carry her makeup bag herself!

  • Bettie

    Wow…why is Ashley Judd’s opinion worth less than anyone else’s?? It isn’t. Doesn’t matter what she does for a living she has a right to speak her mind and her heart. And that is what she is doing. Telling her to shut up or leave the country just shows your ignorance. That is what makes our country great….we can all say what we think without fear of being jailed.
    So, keep up with your idiot rants and show everyone just how uneducated and uncaring you are.

  • Halekai

    I live in the mountains. We have a saying up here: Having the Sierra Club watch over the forests is like having Michael Jackson watch over your kids. Sounds like Ashley Judd and is about as informed as the Sierra Club when it comes to nature and conservation.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Wow Halekai

    That expression you all say in the mountains about Sierra Club sounds pretty nonsensical to me. Funny I have many friends in the mountains and they don’t say that expression so I’m not sure who “We” is.

    Wow Mellisa you’re the first herbalist I ever met who defended killing cattle (and the factory farm fucks who do it to them) and told me if I were truly trying to be healthy I would eat meat. I worked with Dean Ornish (Oprah’s doctor) and he does not believe in eating meat. THere are many others who have similar medical beliefs. Granted, your doc and the book you mention might be different but thank you, I’m just fine thanks. I don’t tell people (like yourself) how to eat so I don’t need someone else doing the same.

    And if you didn’t know most (much) cattle in this country is factory farmed. I have no problem getting on the case of the inhumane people who raise and kill them.

    Raw foods center director

  • Bunny Bateman

    Ashley Judd is sooooo stupid. When I was in Alaska with my son’s family a little over a year ago…the wolves were following walkers who were out walking their dogs. The wolves were grabbing the dogs from behind the owner and in some cases killing the dog. Then an owner put their little dog in the fenced in backyard for a few minutes and when they went to bring the small dog in…they got the head only. The wolves got to the dog in their own backyard.
    Check it out on the Anchorage newspaper and Eagle River. People were concerned about their children waiting for the school bus.
    Judd…I do not think there is a cure for STUPID. Sarah Palin did not birth the wolves, she is only trying to protect the people and yes, she is a moose hunter. Her family uses it as food.
    Praise the Lord for good people like Sarah and her family.

  • JL

    Erin – Check out this great site here:

    There are no factory farms in Alaska. ‘Tis a wonderful thing.

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  • Erin Raw Foods

    Thank you JL. Did you know about that site beforehand? Or graciously look it up for me so you could correct me? Either way I appreciate it. Truly.

    I wondered if there might not be, but didn’t know a site to check. I’m sure those cattle are treated like gold and have better lives than you and me up there in Alaska before they slaughter their asses and eat them


  • gail

    I use to think AJ ,was alright.But shes proved she is as crazy, as the rest of hollywood.

  • erin

    Oh yes Hollywood is so crazy to want to conserve nature and animals and defend them from being shot from planes. That’s soo darn crazy isn’t it? (snickers at ignorance)

  • herwin

    this game is as hilarious as many comments, but incredibly more funny ! :-P

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    Ashley, I am a fan of some of your movies. However, I disagree with you on this wolf thing. Wolves are predators and they are overpopulated in Alaska which is causing problems. They need to be hunted to control the population.They won’t be hunted until they become extinct. Naturally, I don’t personally know you or Palin. However, I think you are both good people, and I think Palin’s intentions are good. She is not just picking on the wolves out of spite, she is trying to control the situation for her State.

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