On last night’s The Office, Scranton-branch Manager Michael Scott offered to donate money to a charity that Dwight Schrute doesn’t like as compensation for a failed safety exercise. Dwight softly muttered “PETA” as his charity of choice. I guess Dwight’s displeasure with bears – or basically anything with fur – is probably enough of a reason for him to have a beef with the animal rights organization. Expect a protest down at Schrute Farms shortly. Watch the full episode here.

Michelle Obama’s preferred fashion designer, Jason Wu, has certainly risen to fame quickly for his gowns for the First Lady. So what can we expect from him in the future? Fur. Ugh. “I’m doing a significant fur collection, and the message will be all about luxury,” he revealed to The Daily. “Fashion is also sort of escapism, and women need beautiful dresses to lose themselves in.” I won’t disagree on making beautiful dresses — but why ruin such a high-profile rise to stardom with a line of fur clothing? Even more interesting to see is whether or not Michelle Obama will shun Wu for this dumb move. [Read more…]

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi – who got married last August – threw a star-studded joint birthday party at their Beverly Hills house on Saturday. Even though the two aren’t the same age (Ellen is 51 and Portia is 36), their bdays are only a few days apart. Of course, as expected, guests were treated to a lavish all-vegan meal — as well as tunes spun by DJ Samantha Ronson. In attendance were Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Stiller.

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  • Farrah

    I don’t believe Jason Wu! That is seriously the dumbest career move ever. Maybe he’s just doing it for the money. Or maybe he’s just trying to be bipartisan and now feature Sarah Palin in a few of his dresses. Either way, dumb dumb dumb.

  • Flu-Bird

    PETA are a bunch of idiots their ideas of wildlife comes from them sitting arounf watching the DISNEY CHANNEL all day while sniffing freaky white powder up their noses cuasing the brains to shrink to walnut size or even smaller

  • Birdzilla

    Real nature would scare the granola out of these silly flatlanders raised on their steady diet of disney channel make belive i mean realy animals dont hang out together like they did in BAMBI and OPEN SEASON and if the animals said anything to PETA it would be to tell them to GET LOST