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You gotta love this guy! Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney recently appeared on The Colbert Report and had some interesting things to say about the  Dalai Lama, cannibalism and of course…vegetarianism. 

At one point Colbert asked McCartney what his beef with beef was. McCartney responded: 

“I’ve got this thing about like animals have got a right to live on this earth and we shouldn’t kill them and eat them. The Dalai Lama is with me on this.”

Wait a tick! Didn’t Sir Paul get angry with the Dalai Lama earlier this year when he learned that the Buddhist leader was partaking in meals of meat for “health reasons?” Maybe the Dalai Lama’s changed his omnivorous ways? Anyone got an update?

Check out the video below and listen to Paul in his own words!

  • herwin

    dalai lama isnt veggie thats for sure. me thinks dalai lama is happy to have an excuse to eat meat.

  • steph

    i think that after the dalai lama got the letter he went back to his veggie ways…or so he said. and said he had only ate meat temporary to treat a health thing.

    i shall look into finding that bit

  • erin

    I thought so too steph.

    A) was sad to see the love of my life Paul drinking out of a plastic bottle (yes I know he’s old for me but I’ve loved him since I was 3)

    B) Colbert has a damn good singing voice and he’s getting cuter every day :)

    Thoughts for today. Interview rocked!