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We’ve long profiled Summer Rayne Oakes as a pioneer in the world of sustainable fashion — and today we’re excited to hear of the launch of her new book: Style, Naturally. As expected, the book provides swaths of info on ethical fashion and natural beauty — combined with gorgeous photos and a layout worthy of the coffee table. From the NY Post:

Summer describes the tome as an “irreverent, witty” guide for green virgins. And yet, for all her self-serious references to being a “sustainability strategist,” Summer is wry and savvy, admitting a desire to “obliterate” competing books because hers “looks so much better.” She also acknowledges, “Not everyone’s going to spend $20 to save a polar bear.”

Treehugger gives us some additional deets on what to expect inside:

Style, Naturally is aimed at women “who love style, but may not have “environment” or “green” in their lexicon” says Summer Rayne. The approach is one of openly stylish seduction with 350 pages and 500+ images full of rich colours and beautiful images, showing how much fun we can all have with contemporary ethical fashion and beauty products.

It also goes in depth featuring interviews with industry insiders including many TreeHugger favorites such as Galahad Clark of ethical shoe brand Terra Plana, Blake Mycoskie of Toms Shoes, Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin and in the beauty section Horst Rechelbacher the founder of Aveda.

Congrats to Summer on what looks to be a wonderful piece of work! We can’t wait to pick up our copy — signed, of course. To get you own, hit Amazon here hit Barnes and Noble here.

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  • kathryn

    I can’t wait to see it. Summer has been involved in so many different green projects and her book is sure to be interesting.
    I don’t understand the inclusion of Toms Shoes though. I’ve seen them in Nordstroms and heard a lot about them but don’t see how they are green or an example of ethical style. What I have seen are canvas (not organic, not recycled), leather (not veg tanned) and rubber with mineral dyes. Made in China after outsourcing from the original manufacturer in Argentina. I hear some are hemp, I think, but one style does not a brand make. The giveaway model is not green or ethical, it is charity. Isn’t this another case of greenwashing and cashing in on a trend?

  • Adriana

    Hey, Michael, Amazon sells fur and cockfighting magazines! Please link to Barnes and Noble or Borders instead. Amazon is so bad that their lawyer actually defended cockfighting as not being a serious offense! Here’s link to more info:

  • steph

    and i hope there is no fur in there. cause you know….fur is green *puke*

  • michael

    f**k me — completely forgot. I’m relatively new to that information. Link corrected and updated!

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  • Adriana

    Thanks, Michael!

  • Erin

    Michael your comment was priceless. Love it. I am officially gonna hafta give up amazon after they got me for 75 dollars for free 2 day shipping. darn it. :(

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  • Marie

    Kathryn- are you dissing the book or the product? Cause dissing the product would be quite rude. Blake didn’t make those shoes to be eco-friendly, he made them to help kids in poverty have shoes on their feet and with that, a smile on their face.

  • John

    MTV’s Chet Cannon checks out Summer Rayne’s pad, and reads Style Naturally on the toilet!