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When it come to Hayden Panettiere I’m torn right down the middle.

This chick does AMAZING work with whales, but then turns around and designs a calf-skin bag. She promotes Animal Planet like it’s her job, but also does the same for Neutrogena (which tests on animals). She attends green events, but has STILL yet to trade in her HUGE gas-guzzling SUV for something more eco-friendly. Right! So you can see why I’m conflicted. 

In “good” Panettiere news, the Hollywood starlet recently caused commotion on the set of Heroe’s when a member of the crew attempted to disperse a flock of birds in a tree who had disrupted a scene by  blasting them with a leaf blower. Hayden saw this, got pissed, and shouted, “What are you doing? How would you like someone to blow that thing inside your house?” She made such a ruckus that the crew had no choice but to move the scene to a different location.

So one point for Hayden, I guess. But twenty dollars says next week she designs a hat made out of bird feathers and chopped down trees. Stick to your guns, chica! We want you on Team Awesome! 



  • Natasha

    She is so wishy washy.

  • steph


    How would SHE like being separated from he mother at birth to only be skinned alive to make ugly handbags?!?!?

    Is she even VEG? How would SHE like to live like those animals for a day?!?

    She is just TOOOO wishy washy for me. He bad points (making leather bags, driving SVUs) have more negative impact then her yelling at someone for scaring birds and holding a sign to watch whale wars.

    She is doing JUST enough “good” stuff to make people think she is some kinda of super advocate.

    The calf skin bags tore it for me honestly. Just like when Maggie wore fur…there is just NO excuse for that if you claim to be green and an animal advocate.

    When she practices what she preaches MORE then 50%….maybe i’ll care.

  • JL

    Steph – now now, that calf made some excellent doggie food along the way. Oh, and it probably wasn’t skinned alive, either.

    Quit dramatizing – the facts are cold enough. No lies necessary.

  • parrish

    To answer your question, Hayden is VEG. Which makes the bag thing even more painful.

  • Carla

    She claims to be vegetarian (non-flesh foods) NOT veg (vegan), huge difference.

  • Hayden Hater

    I seen that moron Hayden on many interviews and believe me, she definately has a bird-brain. Dumbest beyotch I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to! Hayden…your new tattoo sucks!

  • Banthe Furtrade

    Strange. She obviously loves whales but has a huge disconnect when it comes to leather. Also, there is no apostrophe in Heroes, just so you know.

  • Erin

    I am sure steph was just worked up when she said skinned alive. and granted no, the calf was not skinned alive (it’s not for fur ;) but sadly many animals are every day every second for fur. I think it was not intentional and she wasn’t telling a “lie” but was just making a point of they hypocrisy of Hayden (good name for a movie ha!)


  • Laura

    That’s why I don’t like her and never will! Plus, I don’t even watch “Heroes”!