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Everything is not 5×5 in Eliza Dushku’s world after PETA overheard her chat on the Jimmy Kimmel Show about a little hunting trip she took recently. The former slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer told Jimmy that she went Elk hunting in Oklahoma — and despite the audiences’ reaction — defended her actions saying, “A lot of people eat meat…and I eat what I kill.”

PETA released an official statement saying, “Slaying bloodthirsty vampires on Buffy is brave, but slaying innocent animals where they live and raise their families is cowardly and cruel. Eliza is sorely out of step with the rest of the country; 95 per cent of Americans oppose hunting.”

PETA then went out of bounds by comparing the actress to Dahmer, the infamous killer who ate his victims. Look, I’m not a fan of hunting either, but comparing the woman to Jeffrey Dahmer is ridiculous. Too far.


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  • herwin

    95% ? maybe on Peta Planet but not in the Real World.

  • Adriana

    Why does Peta have to go over the top?

  • Jorgen

    If people saw animals as living beings instead of as property then it would be impossible NOT to compare her to a blood thirsty serial killer. Most people oppose hunting (probably not 95%) and I don’t think it is over the top for PETA (and animal rights organization) to speak of her in such a way. It’d be like an environmental group speaking “over the top” about someone who cut down mass amounts of trees just to make a few pieces of paper.

  • Angela

    Someone always has to be the extreme so that the rest of us are just normal folk.

  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    PETA seems to go too far a lot. As for hunting, I personally don’t like it, but if my survival depended on eating animals, that is how I would kill them- swiftly and in the wild, and giving appreciation for it’s life, rather than enslaving and torturing it first! Needless to say, Americans SHOULD oppose factory farming, and maybe if the meat eaters killed their own food, they wouldn’t want to eat it as much!

  • Shane

    As a long-term vegan, I oppose the barbaric activity of stalking and killing animals. However, as a lover of mathematics, I hide my head in my hands when I see stats such as these being thrown around will-nilly.

    Better numbers to use are:
    – “a majority (62%) of Americans agreed that a lot of hunters violate hunting laws or practise unsafe behaviour while hunting”
    – while only 34% of Maryland residents diapprove of hunting for meat, 90% disapprove of trophy hunting.

    Get a solid, sustainable base from which to argue, and you can move the world.

  • Mike D.

    Boy does reading PETA’s statement bring back memories. I interned for PETA while in college in the Summer of 1991, and I was working their media department. Part of my job was to fax out press packs comparing the pig slaughter industry in Iowa to what Jeffery Dahmer had just done. I was really uncomfortable about it, but played the good soldier. Dan Matthews was in charge of the dept at the time and I even ran into Ingrid Newkirk in the hall and she totally defended the press releases. I agree with the moderator here, PETA does some great stuff, but boy do they know how to upset people.

    Mike D.

  • Erin

    They bring attention to causes. They’re good at it. they’re the most known animals group there is (or at least the ones with the most press) BRAVO Peta… Even if it is a bit much ;)
    Raw Foods Retreat director

  • Matt

    I read this article once by a guy who was upset that PETA dared compare the killing of cows for food to the murder and cannabalism of a man on a bus in Canada. The guy was upset because he said it is wrong to compare the killing and eating of animals to the murder and eating of people. In the same article, the guy defended his meat eating habits by saying that people are animals and since lions and tigers eat animals, so can people. For some reason, it seems to be socially acceptable to compare people to other animals when one wants to defend the behavior of human beings, but it is unnacceptable to compare humans to other animals when one wants to condemn the behavior of people.

    Another example, despite the fact that the word holocaust was originally used to describe the slaughter of animals, and the fact that many Holocaust survivors said that the Nazis treated the Jews like animals by rounding them up and slaughtering them, apparently many people think that PETA was “over the top” for daring to say that animals on factory farms are being treated like Jews during the Holocaust. I find that odd.

    I don’t think it is odd that an animal rights group would compare Eliza Dushku’s hunting to Dahmer’s murders. There are some obvious differences between the two, but no comparison is ever going to be 100% accurate. You can compare apples and oranges because they are both fruit. Does it really matter that much that one is red and one is orange? There are still some similarities between the two and a comparison can be justified.

  • Helena

    PETA seems to be all about “all pr is good pr”. Maybe they think it’s worth alienating som people if they can break through the noise with controversial statements. I’m not sure about that strategy, but hey, they get a lot of work done.

  • VeggieTart

    As much as I loathe hunting, someone who eats meat s/he has hunted is better than someone who eats factory farmed meat. If you want to eat animals’ flesh, you should have to kill the animal yourself. If you can’t do it, you shouldn’t eat the stuff.

  • jamie lynn

    95%?!? did they only ask california?? every state i’ve lived in, i can’t turn my head without seeing pro-hunting bumper stickers on everyone’s pickups. and trust me, there’s a lot of THOSE states…

  • sara

    i wish 95% of ppl were against hunting!! i live in a v rural place & all the guys @ my school hunt, it’s so sad! people need to realize that these are living beings, not toys or whatever. not only dat, but meat is so bad 4 u! i am with peta 100%, hunting is horrific, bloody, glorified MURDER.

  • Erin

    I was thinking of saying what Veggie tart said but didn’t have the balls. I have always maintained that if, for some reason i cannot think of, I would have to eat meat (don’t see that happening ;) but I’d hunt my own instead of eating factory farmed. VT is correct. Shooting an animal in nature letting it live it’s life up until it’s last moment free and happy is better than when you eat a steak and the animal lived its whole life in HELL.

    Sad but true.

    I wish Peta would point that out and wish I’d had the nerve to say it – but glad you did VT. Thank you


  • Erin

    Oh and to veggie tart, steph and others – I don’t know where these morons came from who sabotaged the Palin thread saying it was great what she did but I think we missed out. someone else needs to respond. I get too fired up (though I think I was right in saying Gary’s comment saying Judd should get out of the US and shut up and not speak her mind was the most UN patriotic thing I’ve heard so far EVER.