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Warning to all New Yorkers: if you wear fur, The Discerning Brute is gonna catch you. And when he does…well it ain’t gonna be pretty!

Vegan style so-and-so Joshua Katcher recently took to the streets of New York posing as a television host to give a few fur-wearers a hard time. Katcher definitely heard some “interesting” excuses for toting the cruel stuff, including some insane justifications like:

“…beavers are not extinct, which is one of the reasons that the designers make those furs.” 

“I’d like to think that they were just run over in the street…” 

I just assume it grows its hair back and it’s all OK at the end of the situation…” 

We’re from Michigan, so we need our furs.” – 

Yikes! Take a look at the video below and let us know what YOU think about all this fur-wearing craziness!


  • Prue Debona

    It’s amazing the excuses or just plain ignorance/defiance these people come up with to justify their fur coats or accessories. Even when you call them out with facts and uncensored video footage on their hypocrisy and lack of responsibility, they *still* pull ridiculous arguments out of their asses. Unbelievable.

  • Natasha

    People are so retarded. They should be skinned and see how they like it.
    I would have smacked them with the microphone ! lol :)

  • Krystine

    I had to stop when he showed the video of the bunny getting slaughtered. I’ve seen that stuff before and I don’t care to watch it again.

  • steph

    I agree with Pure. Even when they have the GUTS to walk by a fur protest (they usually run across the street or turn around once they see what we are protesting) they look at the images and videos spout their stupid excuse OR go the route of school yard insults.

    Most popular “It was a GIFT!” Oh i’m sorry…that TOTALLY makes in less disgusting you are wearing it.

    Most popular school yard insult “You are just jelous”

    People’s maturity astounds me.

    I hope he keeps doing this. He should come by one of our protests and get their excuses then :P

  • fbr

    Would’ve been interesting if the guy had actually tried to understand why people wear fur and how much they know about the fur trade. Now it’s just snide comments with no content. I knew the guy doesn’t like fur, but I did not learn why he doesn’t like it, nor did I learn what the people who wear fur think about the issue.

  • Sonia

    People are disgusting!

  • L

    fbr: I think the point was to show the lack of knowledge and justification these people have for their use of fur. If you lack the knowledge of your own beliefs and actions, then you hardly have good reason to justify them. What you saw, is as much as you’ll get from them in terms of their lack of rationale.

  • herwin

    the only good furcoat is a pussy furcoat made from people like FBR..

  • Leanne Mai-ly

    Josh is HILARIOUS! I especially love him arguing with his “producer.” Well done!

  • Erin

    is this from the discerning brute’s site who also posts on here!?

    LUVD it.

    i couldn’t believe how insensitive the short fugly girl was with the australian accent (who looked like a pudgy 14 year old boy in that rabbit hat) THe sad part is besides short pudge (and that snarly dark haired lady toward the end ) the rest of them really were aware it was wrong what they did.

    Just had this discussion tonight about how we, as humans, all know right from wrong yet sometimes we do what’s wrong anyway (hurt someone, overeat, wear dead animals) but we know it’s wrong. i think it would be great to ask them to donate their coats right then and there to charity.

    sad but eye opening


  • Kassy

    I loved this video. i laughed so hard. this guy is great.


  • Get Technical

    Discerning Brute:

    I’ve read your blog since last February (which I believe was the time you started) and you are so awesome!

    I especially looooved your Corn Meal Crusted Seitan recipe. I make it all the time now.

    Now I finally can hear the voice behind the fascinating writer and cute face!


    “the only good furcoat is a pussy furcoat made from people like FBR..”

    frickin rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

  • Eric

    Excellent job! I love this video. I hope it opened the eyes of some of those morons, but I think that’s just hoping for too much when you hear excuses like “we’re wearing fur but we’re anti-fur”.

    What I really don’t understand are the people who wear fur but feel bad about it.

  • JL

    Erin – I think they feel bad about it when they’re questioned by TDB, but feel GREAT about it when they’re complimented by fellow sicko fashionistas.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Ah very true JL… It’s a shame to see people know something is wrong but just continue to do it anyway. Especially when it’s hurting (or in this point kills) something else.


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