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jason_wu2We’ve. Been. Heard!!!!

Just two weeks after Ecorazzi announced that Jason Wu — the designer who made Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown — was planning to launch a HUGE fur collection, the Wu camp has decided to change directions. 

According to

“Wu was scheduled to launch a fur collection with Sara Furs for fall but, according to him, it’s been put on the back burner until further notice. ‘As a result of increased interest and demand from our global retailers, we’ve decided to put our fur license on hold and concentrate on our growing ready-to-wear business,’ Wu said. ”

Read also: because we got a crap storm of terrible publicity, we’ve decided to reign in the cruelty a bit.

You guys, this is HUGE! A big thanks is in order to all of our readers, fellow bloggers and the dedicated animal organizations out there who asked their patrons to get involved and tell Wu how they feel! Donna Karan…check! Jason Wu…check!  Beware furry designers, we’re coming for YOU next!!!

  • Pierre

    Dropping animal fur is definitely the right move for him to make.

    Besides the dropping public acceptability in the U.S., who would he have sold fur to anyway in this economy?

  • steph

    Awesome….i hope he sticks to it!

  • morgan

    this is so great! combating the fur industry one designer at a time


  • VeggieTart

    Excellent! Let’s hope the fur idea goes from back burner to trash pile.

  • herwin

    next one !! :-P

  • Misty Snatchwrath

    Wow, that was fast! And AWESOME!