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As Ecorazzi previously reported, Sarah Palin is back in Alaska advocating for the aerial killing of wolves and Ashley Judd is NOT happy about it. 

Judd released a PSA for the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, speaking out against such killings and condemning Palin for supporting the brutal “sport.” 

Well the ladies of The View had a lot to say about all of this (let’s be honest — the ladies of The View have a lot to say about everything). Of course Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who was a supporter of Palin during the election, had some critical words for Judd. About the video Elisabeth said: 

“The problem that I have here is like a lot of these vocal celebrities, in a way, get very loud about these animal killings. Like is she loud as..she said, ‘How many wolves have been killed? 900 this year.’ Is she as loud about the 260,000 kids killed in abortions?”

REALLY, Elisabeth…REALLY? You’re gonna go there? Check out the video below and let us know what YOU think about Hasselbeck’s comments.

The View: Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Wolf Killings
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  • jamie lynn

    what is really irritating to me is that it seems that whenever one of these die-hard palinite republicans wants to effectively shut down an argument, they start throwing out the term “socialist” and then act like they are being victimized. palin, coulter, hasselbeck–let’s just move them all to alaska and let the state secede like palin’s husband wants.

  • Inga Ambrosia

    She is a/an ____ (too many too name). I understand she has this desperate need to show everyone she is in the “club”, it’s an obsession of hers. One topic has nothing to do with the other. It makes her look silly.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Typical big government Republican. Changes the subject altogether and as Jamie Lynn points out – makes herself the victim throwing out words like socialist and bring up abortion.

    What if someone said to her we have a population problem with people? Then would she be ok with abortion (She was with the wolves) THAT would have been funny in my humble warped opinion ;)


  • Sonia

    I don’t understand why Hasselbeck is still on the show. I don’t personally watch. But every time I hear something about the show it has always been some stupid comment she has made. She’s ignorant and obnoxious.

  • Raymond

    Well folks, and specifically address to Ms. Ashley Judd. Prior to Sarah Palin has become politically popular, why these wolve issues are not discussed. why only now? Ah, perhaps, this is politically motivated just to smear and tear down Palin. I say, if you are so concern about these wolves who are predators to young children of Alaska, why, you libs, try to spend time and live with these wolves, and test out yourselves if these wolves will respect your human rights. This is just a simple recommendation.

  • Angelo

    I strongly agreed with Raymond. what a brilliant recommendation for Ms. Ashley Judd and for the rest of the liberal elites lovers of wild animals. Well, for every government in the world, there is what we called control management. As liberal elites, I am expecting you are aware of this because, you belong to intellectual, unless, you are just trying to become one. If the population of this wildlife cannot be controlled, sooner, they will become a clear and present danger to the society. If wolves in population in Alaska becomes uncontrollable, can you guys in California and in New York be able to adopt huge numbers of these wolves?? you, libs, just like to talk too much without thinking further of the consequences.

  • VeggieTart

    The only reason the wolves attacking the caribou is a problem is hunters (like Governor Palin) like to kill and eat the caribou and don’t want the wolves doing what comes naturally.

    But to be fair to Ms. Hasselbeck, every time some anti-choice chick like hers wants to bring up how many abortions take place in whatever period of time, I want to remind them that while maybe 1.5 million abortions take place every year, that many animals are killed every hour in slaughterhouses so folks like her can have a burger after picketing the local Planned Parenthood.

  • JIm

    Good job Liz. The only voice of reason on the show. No matter how much liberals fear the question, it is valid. Where are the liberals where HUMAN rights are concerned? They fight tooth and nail to keep murderers, terrorists, and child molestors from facing consequences and fight just has hard to see to it that the brains are sucked out of innocent babys. Citing a “right” that doesn’t exist. Kudos Liz!

  • Kassy

    UGH! seriously? how are you even going to BRING UP abortion?

  • Beau Broughton

    VeggieTart, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m sending her a message saying that if she wants to take it one step further then I will too, because 9 billion land animal are slaughtered every year in the U.S. for food and if she’s so pro-life, then she should extend that attitude to ALL animals. Abortions may stop a beating heart, but so do hamburgers.

  • mick

    what’s wrong with hassleback’s veiwpoints? judd should promote the causes that have the most impact on the survivability of the planet e.g. climate, national security, water etc. i’m sorry. hunting, which i deplore, is not one of them.

  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    I own two wolf-hybrids (mine are the best pets in the world), and what bothers me most is how much they are suffering by the methods they are using. If the wolf population really is a problem, there must be a better more humane way to euthanize them. From what I saw in the video, it looks like many wolves are left to die from the gunshot wounds that don’t kill them instantly, due to the lack of accurate shots. And, I believe children’s rights are not the same as the rights of an unborn fetus, which is not yet a child…? Entirely different debate though!

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Ah I know the few Hasslebitch supporters would somehow be led to our website and write on here. I just knew it.

    The ones who call themselves conservatives but conserving (the environment or anything else) is the furthest thing from their mind. We’ll never hear from their little small minds again actually either now that they’ve spoken their piece on here.

    And hey you three men (who probably are all one person sharing the same small brain) Stop calling us LIBS. Stop calling Defenders of WILDLIFE Libs. They are a CONSERVATION group. YOu are the liberal big government DRILL DRILL DRILL Sarah Palin Supporters who probably supported the biggest spender of them all GW BUSH>

    Go away Please back to your tiny minded non conservative non creative (how many times do you have to use lib) selves.


  • VeggieTart

    Mick: If she’s talking about hunting an animal for sustenance or subsistence, that’s one thing. But last I checked, nobody eats wolves. And unlike humans, other animals know not to breed when resources are low.

    DJ: I do find it amazing that the most so-called pro-life people forget about what happens after the kid is born. And they typically don’t care at all if that child is born in a developing country.

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  • Erin Raw Foods

    Veggie Tart – aint that the truth. The irony eh? I have never been able to understand that either… And honestly (and very sadly) I don’t think it’s just limited to the children in developing countries. I have relatives who are proud as PUNCH that their son is goin off to fight in IRAQ! Whoo hoo. Hell even Palin is proud of that.

    Does she care about her son? HELL NO.

    Do all the “liberals” (actually the ones who are the conservative ones left- who don’t want to waste money or lives on a senseless war) are the ones who care when they get out and protest that war.

    But Palin (and my own family who send their kids off to war) they don’t give a damn. If the kid dies they look good and nope I’m not kidding.


  • mick

    why is bjorn lomborg one of the most important environmentalist? because when he says the world should focus its money on solving more immediate problems like climate adaptation rather than mitigating climatic disaster, it forces the media to hold the projected returns from prevailing mitigation proposals like Lieberman Warner, and IPCC calls to action to higher standard. It forces us to challenge proposals, and demand greater action.

    Forget where Hasselback is coming from for a second and listen to what’s she saying. Why doesn’t Ashley Judd focus on more immediate problems? She’s saying “You are a celeb, maximize your attention grabbing power and focus on a bigger issue”. What’s wrong with that?

    I am neither conservative nor liberal, voted for Obama and don’t think Sarah Palin is relevant.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Dearest Mick,

    I went back and watched the video a second time. I thought (with all the stuff I watch) maybe I’m remembering it incorrectly. Maybe E Hassle really said it like you so eloquently described.

    But I must say now are you smoking crack?

    Hassle didn’t say why doesn’t she focus on bigger issues!? She brought up abortion. That is it. At no point does she say let’s concentrate on bigger issues like the climate. She gets hot headed brings up abortion and then calls them all socialists when they ask her to not change the subject. It was stupid. It wasn’t at all as you described.

    Had it been I might have agreed but she just changed the subject to something SHE cares about (or quite frankly something to deflect every one from the ISSUE AT HAND which is SHOOTING wolves from planes)

    Sorry but I must respectfully disagree with your warped view of her “view” tv show rant which was ridiculous immature and
    full of self pity at the end. (hers that is)


  • mick


    Smoking crack? Is that the best you could do?

    If you really believed in your argument, you wouldn’t disqualify it by launching personal attacks. But because this is a shared forum, I will respond.

    This particular scuffle isn’t about Hasselback or the View or Palin or hunting. It’s about the effect celebrity can have on shaping attitudes.

    I love Ashley Judd’s work but cmon, focus on bigger issues. Hassleback is right. So deal with it.

    Hunting is a relatively insignificant issue unless you argue Palin/hunting as an attack on science. But cmon, we have bigger priorities, even in the sciences, and not enough public discourse on the bigger issues. This story of two pretty ladies fighting – Palin and Judd – could have brought attention to climate change or other issues on which Palin is asleep.

  • herwin

    “Hunting is a relatively insignificant issue.”

    scuse me. hunting is a big hot issue. aerial shooting, polar bear trophy hunting, its all what palin is actively promoting. huntintg left unchecked has resulted in the exctintion of many animals, thats a big deal, i think.

    and even if you think that something is not a big issue, its not a reason to discard the small issues. ;-)

  • Matt

    Can we start an aerial hunting campaign against neo-con fascists like Palin and her ignorant followers? You know, thin the herd. They are a danger to our children. They are so overpopulated that they have become traffic hazards – with their big gas guzzling SUV’s.

  • heatherjoy klein

    It’s really time for Barbara Walters to fire that moron. I can’t take the fact that that ignorant fool has a national stage from which to spout her very demented perspective.

  • birdgherl

    Why is it that conservatives like Hassleback spend so much time, energy and money on the unborn only to ignore those who have been born? Is she or her party adopting and supporting unwanted children everywhere? If you are going to be so vocal about a cause, shouldn’t you be able to back it up – I mean, other than calling people sinners, that is?

  • mick

    in this new era of obama, partisan bickering is supposed to be out of style. Arent’ we supposed to give the other side like Hassleback’s view a fair assessment and opportunity to become part of a larger dialog? or are we just wannabeee obama fans?

  • mick

    hunting vs. millennial development goals? yes, hunting is insignificant.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Mick if she’s said what you SAID she said that would be one thing but she did not! (and the smoking crack was a joke- neocons don’t smoke crack)

    You said she said all these brilliant things about looking at the bigger issues (which is bullshit anyway because hunting wolves from a plane is a BIG issue in my book and apparently most others on this thread!) but she did NOT she brought up abortion. Are you saying that is a bigger issue? Please tell me if you are. THEN she called them all socialists and tried to cry victim. It was pathetic. It was nothing like you described. I’m sure YOU would have said it better had you been there (though we’d still disagree with you about abortion being a bigger issue than shooting wolves from a plane) BUT she didn’t say it as you said she did. You might have wished she had but she didn’t. She was a blundering idiot who changed the subject and just started blabbing about abortion. WTF!? because there are more abortions than wolves THAT is a bigger issue?

    Millenial development goals. LOL. You’re funny.

    I don’t want to hear what Palin’s are. Would scare me to death.

    I give Hasslebeck’s “view” a fair assessment except she didn’t even give one. just to change the subject to abortion and call them socialists? just immature in my book.

    conservative conservationist environmentalist who never voted for neocon Bush.


  • VeggieTart

    Mick, maybe the aerial killing of wolves is ONE issue on which Ms. Judd is focused. She cares about wildlife–wolves suffering and dying so men can go out and shoot at beautiful creatures so other men can shoot at caribou.

    Birdgherl, that’s my view exactly. I forget who it was but some liberal commentator remarked that conservatives want live babies so they can have dead soldiers. That’s somewhat hyberbolic, but it gets the point across.

    And you can’t be pro-life and pro-gun either. Sorry. Nope.

  • mick

    The folks who support hassleback – conservatives hear one thing, her opponents hear another.

    Conservatives hear Hassleback making a point about celebrity outreach.

    Liberals hear right wing attacks on abortion.

    Will you agree with on that Erin?

    I’m an neither conservative or liberal and I hear Hassleback calling out Judd. It’s plain and clear.

    You know what sucks in all this. Matt Damon, Wyclef, Brad Pitt etc. are the losers here. Because Judd has given O’Reilly and the conservatives who dominate talk radio the ammunition necessary to attack all celebs. I’m sorry. She’s wrong. When a New York Knickerbocker acts out, the NBA disciplines him because his behavior reflects badly on his peer group/all basketball players – the category. Judd messed up, and we need to hold her to higher standards.

    There are bigger fish to fry than Palin.

  • Erin Raw Foods


    I do see that she mentions (much more poorly than you did – compliment to you) that instead of worrying about 900 wolves killed that Judd should worry about something like abortion. I feel like so often when I spar with people they want to change the topic. If you want to say that you genuinely feel she was talking about worrying about more important topics then fine. For argument’s sake I’ll agree with you (because you see there is another argument besides WHAT Hassle was saying)

    So you’d have rather she (Judd) concentration on climate change rather than 900 wolves shot (aerial style or however)

    Hmmm, I think climate change is pretty darn important and do give what little I can to plenty of groups who help with that issue (or bring it to people’s attention etc) BUT I think this wolf killing kind of represents what’s wrong with our country.

    We’re shooting a gorgeous free creature because they’re doing what they do NATURALLY eating caribou which we (well Palin and hunters anyway) don’t want them to eat because we want to SHOOT them instead. It’s ASSanine Mick.. NO?

    I mean it might not seem like a huge deal 900 wolves when thousands of dogs are put to sleep every day. but are there really THAT many wolves left running free in this great land?! Hell we’ve lost so many of the other great animals who used to roam the land, we’ve virtually destroyed it and cut down what? all but 4% of the forest in the US (I might have that wrong but I know it’s close – it even shocked ME when i read that)

    So basically it just depends on what you think is important.

    My mom almost didn’t vote for Obama because he’s pro choice. For God’s sake I said to her, look I’m not pro abortion or anything but how much more does the GOP have to ruin and destroy our environment the economy and everything else before we do something? But because Obama is pro choice she shouldn’t vote for him!? (she’s a Catholic Democrat) Please, I told her (and even she agreed) honestly there are a lot more pressing issues in the freaking world right now. The same could be said of the wolves, but honestly I think if someone wants to bring attention to a cause however small let them. If a celeb wants to do pro life commercials for some pro life group then let her do it. It’s a free world. BUT to say Judd makes a bad name for talking of something she cares about just isn’t right to me.. She’s passionate about it and let her speak.

    If I were voting for a president and I liked EVERY thing about him except that he (or she) believed in keeping the wolf population down would I vote for her him? Maybe. because nothing is perfect. But we’re not talking about voting (and Palin is far from PERFECT!) we’re just talking about raising attention to an issue and I don’t think Judd should be lambasted for that.. Just my opinion.



  • Antonio

    Why do right-wing Americans always use the abortion card to close down any rational discussion? It baffles me. Abortion is not killing, is about preventing suffering for women. It’s a health issue. Besides, a cluster of cells is not a person. If men had babies, I’m sure no one would even consider criticizing abortion, it would have been legal since time immemorial.