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Raise your hands if you’re totally sick of the Ashley Judd/ Sarah Palin controversy. OK, hands down…this is just gonna take a second. 

So incase you’re late to the party, Ashley Judd recently teamed up with Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund to record a PSA about Sarah Palin’s “anti-conservation agenda” and attack on wolves and bears. Essentially Palin is shamelessly promoting the aerial hunting of animals and Judd is pissed…rightly so. Well of course Palin (never one to shy away from the spotlight) released a statement calling the PSA an “audacious fundraising attempt” and accused the group of “twisting the truth.”  Later that week The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck compared it all to abortion and finally Larry King had Judd on his show to clear everything up. Up to speed? Right!

Well CNN recently showcased a Showbiz Tonight clip featuring a team of “experts” weighing in with their thoughts. While usually these news pundit debates feature one correspondent from each side of the issue, but both of these commentators seem to be remarkably on Palin’s side. Yikes!

Check out the video below and share your thoughts!

  • Rainbow Warrior

    thumbs up for Ashley Judd – thumbs down for the Palin freak!

  • Matt

    Actually, usually CNN and many other media conglomerates feature one correspondents from the right and one correspondent just a little left of right. They’ve been doing that kind of thing for years, slowly pushing the country to the right by pretending some moderate right winger represents the left.

  • Get Technical

    Notice how none of the CNN people actually took any of the statements Judd made on Larry King-including Palin’s voting against the natives who use the land for survival-and made an intelligent argument from it?

    And what does that crack about Ashley having ties Kentucky and they don’t hunt in Kentucky? So she’s not allowed to speak against something that occurs in her homestate? Not to mention Judd clearly stated she didn’t have a “no kill” policy for wolves. She just had a problem with the Palin policy of killing them.

  • mick

    Although its a tough pill to swallow and I hate to admit it, Judd is a cheap shot artist.

    Why doesn’t she put these brilliant marketing ploys to work for the advance the millennium development goals… to stop climatic disaster mitigation, nuclear proliferation, sexual slavery and human trafficking etc.

    i do not support Palin or hunting and am a proud vegan but Judd is doing a disservice to celeb outreach by focusing on a low priority issues.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Oh Mick kind of like Elizabeth Hasselbeck said she should (or at least you wishe she’d have said? ;)

    Glad you liked the story Parrish :) and glad you put it up but ironically the video link won’t work for me! :)


  • Erin Raw Foods

    ok link works now… m- commented over on other thread >


  • Dave

    What kind of site is this? Left-wing kook celebrity watch? The hunting ensures appropriate balance between predator and prey–a principle of good wildlife management. Using hunting to achieve this objective is a long-standing practice. Judd should stick to her Hollywood celebrity stuff and leave these issues to people who know what they are talking about. She’s an airhead. Further, if she wants to do something that would give her life meaning, why not do something to help people, like Mother Teresa, instead of prancing into the limelight on “animal rights”? The abortion comment of Hasselback is spot-on. Judd is symbolic of a schizophrenic society that cares more about animals than human beings, who bear the image of God.

  • tony sacco

    It’s the wolf pack from hollywood that should be shot

  • pffft

    ashley is a hypocrite. Shes married to a race car driver who drives around in circles polluting the environment for money

  • Leah

    I saw an article today saying Palin is to speak at Seward’s (the man who bought Alaska)birthplace in Auburn, NY on June 6.
    I’m hoping to get some interest in organizing a protest. The problem is that she will have probably machine gunned all the wolves by then.
    The D of WL called today saying they have killed 30 this week and want to kill 200 by the end of the month.
    She just makes me furious,the bitch…
    She has this aura of death around her.

  • Roger

    Let’s look at some facts instead of partisan politics. The wolves are out of control in Alaska and are overpopulated to the point of causing problems even in populated areas. I know I live here. Many families cannot leave their dog outside at night only to find them ripped apart the next morning. (A fact I have seen myself.) Ariel hunting is the only realistic way of controlling the wolf population. The State was forced to use tax payers money to educate the public regarding the misinformation that was being published in the media with thousands of dollars from out of state environmental groups attempting to influence the election provision to ban Ariel hunting by some that have never visited the areas where the hunting takes place.(It was abruptly defeated with only 7000 votes) Alaska is over 4 times the size of Texas so you cannot jump in the old pickup truck and go out and set traps, or hunt on foot. Many areas are used by Native Alaskans (some my dear friends) to feed their families. A pack of wolves can pull down a bull moose (eye witnessed and they did not even eat the moose) and that moose can feed a village of Native Alaskans for a month. Now let me say clearly I am an environmentalist as much as any but I live in reality and those who have not lived here cannot even begin to understand this environment and the balance with nature we live.

  • greg

    Thank you Roger. The rest of you only want to hate Palin for ANY reason you can find.

    Sorry, I’m a former Dem, former Repub, who will be voting Palin in as President in 2012!

    Enough of “nigger-rigging” the white house with a child, non-citizen who is nothing short of “black trash”

  • Lola K

    I think I may throw up after reading the ingorant red neck bs that was spewed by Greg. She would be YOUR president wouldn’t she? You guys sound like 2 peas in a pod with less than half a brain. Good luck with that nomination, idiot….hahahahahahaha!