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This year’s “Whale Wars” may be over, but Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin, is claiming victory — and promising a return next year with an ever faster boat.

Before the announcement was made to end the campaign, however, the Irwin had a violent impact with the Japanese whaling vessel, Yushin Maru No.1. According to reports, Watson claims that the vessel “swept in front of him to clear the Steve Irwin away from the stern of the factory ship Nisshin Maru so it could take a whale aboard.”

Watching the below video, it appears that it’s the Steve Irwin that plows into the Japanese ship instead. The footage was shot by another whaling vessel. If so, this goes well beyond the group’s “annoyance” tactics and drifts straight into violent waters. I’m all for the protection of animals — and I’ve defended Sea Shepherd before — but endangering lives with these tactics is just stupid and counterproductive to the cause. Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • Steve

    Speaking of being counterproductive…

    pointing fingers within a movement helps no one.

    • Anthony Walls

      It’s time for the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker to be sunk by the Japanese navy. The SSS is simply nothing more than terrorist operating in international waters.

  • fbr

    Steve, what exactly is your cause if bringing out the truth is counterproductive to it?

  • herwin

    since when is SeaShepherd into “annoyance” tactics ?? they simply want to try to stop the killing of whales, and they are doing a hell of a job out there. They are not into “annoying tactics”.
    And its great they have the guts to do it, and NEVER has there been any causalty, in all these many years. (unlike Greenpeace which has several deaths during its, or unlike the japanese whalers who have the last years several deadly accidents)

    and its a shame that this Eccorazzi article doesnt mention that the japanese whaling fleet is deploying military LRAD acoustic weapons this year, aimed at the SeaShepherd crew and the Animal Planet television crew. This weapon sends powerful sonar sounds that make you sick and disoriented.
    ” counterproductive to the cause” ??
    pulleeese, give me a break, they are the only ones that actually really stop the japanese from catching their yearly “quota” and so saving hunderds of whales.

    they are protecting animals out there and deserve a little bit more support i think.

  • kmn1

    People should be supporting the efforts made by these people to save endangered species.

  • Renée

    Endangering lives? What? Sea Shepherd is out there protecting lives & doing a damn find job of it while others sit on their fat butts complaining. Good work, Captain Watson! Go hard.

  • Julia

    Sea Shepherd are saving many more lives. It’s not like theyre trying to kill the whalers specifically. Seeing such savagery of the whalers would make others do even worse things to them.

    For quite a few stories now, Ecorazzi seem to side with the oppressors instead of those being hurt. Maybe they just think a human life is worth more than any other? Doesn’t make sense why they would defend those who are torturing and killing innocent beings and call themselves an environmental website.

    Sea Shepherd are doing a great job at protecting the whales and other sealife.

  • michael

    Of course Sea Shepherd has used “Annoyance” tactics. Throwing butter bombs, stink bombs, etc. These things are all annoying and not in my opinion violent.

    I do think, however, that ramming a ship is a violent tactic. I understand that they are trying to save lives, but potentially killing people in the name of their cause is dumb. What if they had caused a giant hole to rip open in the side of that ship? What if they had knocked a crew member of either ship into the ocean?

    The organization seemed to be doing a fine job of deterring the Japanese fleet from killing whales before deciding on this tactic. With such escalation, don’t be surprised if the Japanese government sends a military vessel next year to support its whaling mission. Then, what will Sea Shepherd do? They won’t have a spitting shot of getting close to achieving anything.

    I support taking action — but this goes too far in my opinion.

  • michael

    “For quite a few stories now, Ecorazzi seem to side with the oppressors instead of those being hurt.”

    Um, where? What stories are you referring to?

    “Maybe they just think a human life is worth more than any other?”

    All life is precious. Doesn’t mean I support violence in protest.

    “Doesn’t make sense why they would defend those who are torturing and killing innocent beings and call themselves an environmental website.”

    That’s a bit of a stretch. We defend the welfare of animals on this site all the time. I support what Sea Shepherd is doing — I just do not support this tactic of ramming a ship and endangering the lives of both crews in the process. They were achieving their mission other ways before deciding to do this.

  • CN

    From the footage, it looks like there is a whale being hoisted onto the boat (it’s hard to tell what the object actually is though). If I had the power to stop a whale from being killed, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing as Sea Shepherd. At the same time, however, does saving one or two whales a year justify garnering enough negative attention to turn public support away from anti-whaling pursuits? Or to evoke even stricter penalties against activists like those on the Sea Shepherd? There is a fine balance in animal rights between being too militant and too complacent. Having worked at an animal rights group with very little strategy or concrete results, I just hope that the Sea Shepherd leadership know what they’re doing. From the show, it doesn’t look like they do.

  • herwin

    CN, they are not saving “one or two” whales, rather thanks to seashepherds efforts, the quota of killed whales each year by the japanese falls several hunderds whales short. Imagine if they would have the funds of an organisation like Greenpeace ? Whaling would be stopped in one week.
    Michael, SeaShepherds main and core tactic is ramming ships, which they elevated into an artform, and without any casualties or endangering lives. Paul watson is an experienced captain, i am sure his judgement if a manouvre would be dangerous is better than your judgement, from a mere looking at a YOUTUBE video posted by the japanese.

  • Christine

    Good for Watson & the Sea Shepherd crew for ramming those heartless killers!

    I applaud their bravery and I am disappointed that Michael/Ecorazzi would try to criticize them!

    Should they sit back and watch these barbarians cut apart a few more whales while they are still alive?

    Furthermoe, Watson did not put anyone at risk of physical injury that didn’t (A) agree to risk it (Everyone on the Sea Shepherd is brave and dedicated enough to recognize the possibiltiy of their own deaths while trying to save the whales) or (B) deserve it! (Whoever is out there harpooning and slicing up live whales in violation of international law DESERVES to get rammed and a hell of a lot worse)

    Great job Sea Shepherd!!

  • Jorgen

    What a joke. These people are murdering thousands of whales a year. They SHOULD be rammed. Don’t take a job as a murderer if you can’t take the risks :)

    In reality, though, I completely support Watson in his campaign. If he must sometimes ram another ship, so be it. Causing damage to a SHIP is far better than causing damage to a living WHALE.

  • fbr

    It’s ironic how all the animal rights activists calling for “compassion” fail to condemn these violent attacks against humans. Furthermore the Sea Shepherd captain failed to take responsibility for his actions and rather resorted to lying.

    By employing these types of tactics they’re just forcing the whaling fleets to arm themselves. Next time they attack a vessel they might be forcing the whalers to defend themselves with weapons instead of water hoses.

  • Sonia

    I agree that they have done nothing but stopped much of the ILLEGAL massacre of an endangered species. If there were more people like them willing to put their lives on the line for animal rights(as well as human rights) this world would be a much better place.

  • Jorgen

    Hey FBR, a boat hitting another boat isn’t “violence”.

  • Erin Raw Foods

    Ok had to chime in on this one – I just have ONE question. WHy is it called the Steve Irwin? I’m all for stopping the slaughter of the majestic beasts the whales.. and am not sure of the whole story here but aren’t most animal activists in agreement that Irwin exploited animals and actually pissed them off more than anything (he evidently pissed that sting ray off) seriously animal activists are naming vessels after him? I thought he was bad. And his daughter drives me nuts and supporting zoos like they do (don’t they own one?!) is not cool. I have animal planet but never even turn on my tv on (hence the reason I’m always posting on ER)

    I’d love to hear from some of the obviously passionate activists on here. Was Irwin a good guy in people’s eyes!?

    (and no offense to talk of the dead in a bad way – may he rest in peace, but I still didn’t like him or approve of his methods)

    As for the methods of the sea sheperd. (or the Irwin or whatever it is) i’ll have to do more research.


  • John

    In reply to Erin, Steve Irwin was a supporter of Sea Shepherd. He was going to join them on some of their journeys, but never got the chance.

    So the ship is named after him with what I’m pretty sure would be his blessing. I remember on the launch of it all Terri Irwin saying it would be lovely to see the headlines of ‘Steve Irwin ends whaling’.

    BTW.. I’m Vegan, like animals and the environment and never thought he was bad. Wish he was still around, he’s helped many a crocodile in Australia as well as other wildlife and he could have placed more pressure on ending a Kangaroo slaughter which happened somewhat after his death. All profits he made went right back into helping animals and the environment, and bought up large tracts of land so that the animals wouldn’t be threatened and the land wouldn’t be developed.

    His charity ‘Wildlfe Warriors’ does a lot of great work for animals and environment around the world.

  • Erin Raw Foods


    Thank you for that information. It opens my eyes to a side of Steve Irwin I had not seen. Granted, I didn’t watch much tv back when he was alive but did see him a few times and then read my usual PETA newsletter when he passed away (they didn’t like him)

    as you can see in the article…

    But just the fact he was going to go on a voyage says something.

    Again appreciate the info


  • steph

    Herwin hit it right on the head.

    The Japaneses have gotten more and more violent in THEIR tactics, THEY put the Sea Shepherd’s crews life on the line…must i remind you that Paul Watson was shot or hit with shrapnel?

    The Japanese take WAY MORE violent and dangerous action….and they are murdering whales for profit.

    I’m sure the Japanese crews are well aware of the dangers as much as the Sea Sheppard’s crew are when they signed on.

    And i also agree with Steve in that pointing fingers within a movement is just awful.

    I’m SURE this was greenpeace, cause it is well known that they dislike the Sea Shepard and refuse to help them.

  • mal


    “since when is SeaShepherd into “annoyance” tactics ??”

    Since day one. Stink bombs and powders to make the decks of the Japanese ships unwalkable.

    “and NEVER has there been any causalty, in all these many years.”

    I’d put that down the sheer dumb luck. You just have to watch the TV show to see that Paul regards the life of whales more important that that of his or his crews. They use volunteers who have very little experience and thrown them in at the deep end.

    “japanese whalers who have the last years several deadly accidents)”

    Yes, when your decks have been coated in powders to make them slippery, one false step and over the side you go but hey accidents will happen….

    “This weapon sends powerful sonar sounds that make you sick and disoriented.”

    But do not kill. Are the sea shepherd the only ones allowed to use disruptive tactics? Would you be condemning the Sea Shepherd if they were the ones using LRAD devices?

    “they are protecting animals out there and deserve a little bit more support i think.”

    Or if you wanted to keep looking at it in a scewed way they are destroying the oceans by having a boat on it that causes pollution and who knows what effect the stink bombs and slippery powder has on the eco system once it hits the water, they are after all chemicals.

    Ultimately aggressive tactics in any will never win out, we have thousands of years worth of wars to prove this.

  • fbr

    It’s becoming abundantly clear that the majority of “animal rights activists” here have no principles, but rather use AR as an excuse to act violent just like football hooligans use football as an excuse for violence.

    Stunts like this do a huge disservice to the cause. It’s impossible to argue for stopping the whaling from preservation point of view (an argument that has some chance of being successful) when you immediately get equated to these thugs.

  • Alyson

    I am not okay with those tactics. They definitely take away from the validity of the cause. Annoying tactics are one thing – but putting lives in danger is another. It definitely looked like the Sea Shepherds ship purposefully collided with the Whalers.

    Obviously though I’m not a navigation specialist, so I could be wrong. I hope I am wrong.

  • Johan

    IMO one of the best tactics ever. The whalers have made their choice and they should be prepared for consequences. The best outcome is if no one gets hurt but I prefer the whales prior to the whalers.

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  • Lisa

    While I can see both points, can you imagine the mayhem that will be caused if everyone takes justice in their own hands?
    To quote Gandhi, “An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind”

  • Whoever…

    What hypocrites… some of you are…!

    So, you want to save animals but it’s too shocking and violent for you when things get tough!!

    Well, let me tell you that japanese whalers are not the least worried about cruelly killing thousands of whales…!!

    This is just a matter of sides! Either you are on the side of those who believe humans are superior to animals and then you shouldn’t see anything wrong in the meat and fishing industry, or you’re on the side of those who believe animals should have the right to live freely without being exploited and killed by humans and, in that case, you should believe this was a mere act of justice!

    This is an issue where there’s not a grey area! It’s either black or white!
    When words don’t work, you got to get down to business! This is war!!
    What do soldiers do in war? To protect one side (their country, their people) they must kill the other side (‘enemy’)…
    And if that means getting violent, so be it!

    Otherwise, you’re just a new age hippie who wants love and peace but you’re not committed to actually changing things! It’s not by saying out loud that animals shouldn’t be killed that people will actually stop doing it!
    If economic pressure, boycotting, debating, etc. doesn’t work…

    Animal cruelty will never end if people just talk! Meanwhile millions of animals worldwide are being tortured, tested on, skinned alive, hunted, fished, exploited and cruelly killed…

    Isn’t that an act of violence?

    People who defend that animals are on the planet to be used by people are less hypocrites than those vegetarians/vegans who say violence shouldn’t be used (as a last resource) to save a ‘few’ whales.

    No! let’s just reason with those nice men who are murdering the whales! Maybe in 10/20 years they will see our point of view… maybe…

    Now I know why we will never win this fight – ‘they’ are not worried about cruelly killing animals while some of ‘us’ get all shocked when violence is used…

    I just feel sad for the millions of animals who are being killed right now because most of ‘us’ are spineless people who don’t want to get our hands ‘dirty’!!!!

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  • dominique

    So I must say I understand how it can disturb some that force was used by Sea Shepherd. But as a human and animal right activist I have come to find that when a life is on the line stakes change. It is the difference between peace talks and a gun to your kids head. Seeing the whale hoisted on the ship and knowing that Paul and his crew were the only ones there who valued its life the same as human life I felt a sense of justice. In a moment of real danger for the life of a whale someone literally pushed back.

    I don’t think this is the way it should always be. I prefer more peaceful methods. But this was a life, the whole reason these people signed contracts to board the Steve Irwin was to risk even their own lives for the whales, and I must say I am thankful they do!

  • momotarou

    Sea shepherds are not helping the whales. They are polluting the sea by using BUTYRIC ACID.


  • pleinelune

    “There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    Militant AR activists should read up on non-violence and ask themselves why these violent tactics aren’t working. There are some wonderful people out there actually making a change, but the only stories the general public hear about are stories like this one.

    Violence feeds violence. By them doing this did they honestly think they would save the life of that whale? No, but they want to bring more attention to their cause. I’m sure they have made a huge difference in reducing whaling, but just like PETA and their hypocritical ways, this is one step forward, two steps back. Burning a lab full of animals, freeing animals from fur farms – these actions bring attention to the cause, but kill the animals. They would still have been killed is often the argument, true, but now their blood is on your hands. This is hypocritical.

    Sadly some people get hooked on a cause and somehow lose sight of what attracted them to it in the first place: respect for all life. For example, putting animals to sleep to have more money for PR does not go hand in hand with animal rights (activism), unless they are very old, sick or disabled.

    As a vegan I choose the causes I support carefully. I understand many AR activists are angry and want a change, and rightly so, but as history shows violent actions will only alienate those who are interested in the cause but still hesitant. It’s not the way to go. If we could use that energy to start networking and start a grassroots movement for animal rights and veganism based on facts we could do so much more.

    As a final note I’d like to add that I’m a lifelong vegan and many of the angry vegans and/or animal rights activists I’ve met became interested in the movement sometime during their teens, but it didn’t last for long. Life is never black or white, ever.
    Not believing in violence does not equal defending an industry/a world that tortures animals for its own benefit. Just because you don’t hear about changes brought about by peaceful methods doesn’t mean they don’t take place. The media doesn’t care because the media is obsessed with sensationalism.

    Yes, we are the voice for those who cannot speak, their welfare is our responsibility, so let’s choose our words and actions well.

  • maelstrom

    I think that Paul Watson should be applauded for his RESTRAINT…If I had been in charge of that operation and seen those beautiful animals murdered like that I would have put their ships on the bottom and left those thugs to swim back to Japan.

  • IFnelasagna

    Hey Japan… change your Diet..Who needs to eat whale…Guess what You’ll live with out it. Grow up.

  • graphidaceae

    I COMPLETELY SUPPORT the tactics of Paul Watson and his crew… do you think there haven’t been other tries to stop this completely UNNECESSARY killing??? if no one listens then what? will you sit there and say: “I don’t agree with his tactics…”, ok then, WHAT’S YOUR TACTIC? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I would love to have the courage to go out there and do the remarkably risky job they’re doing…

    I found completely ridiculous to see the Japanese boat with people holding signs saying “we’re doing research”, what kind of research is that? and please, would any marine biologist tell me if you really need to catch, kill and then sell parts of whales in order to do the research?, it’s a BASIC question, and it’s insulting that those Japanese “researchers” try to call their marine predation, research.

    And yes, it’s risky and it’s violent. I want to believe that these people are doing something that they believe in, not just taking justice in their own hands, it’s true that their methods ALSO call the atention of the sensationalist media, but imagine if not, then WE wouldn’t be aware of what’s happening…

    And come on, even Ghandi, he stopped eating for long periods of time to call the atention of the media (yeah, that same media!), he had his way and it worked, I wonder if we ALL stop eating we can make a difference, I mean, he didn’t stop eating meat or drinking milk to do something, he literally compromised his entire being to call for atention of the same sensationalist media that now is showing the attemps of Paul Watson and his crew to stop some of the marine violence.

    If you ask me what I do, I teach my daughter and every one of my students to respect the environment and every living and non-leaving thing, I don’t know what else to do, I don’t think that stopping my kid from drinking milk would make a difference, but maybe if she grows up with a generation focused on conservation, then we might not need to use these tactics anymore…, but as for now, I don’t see any other way.

  • fbr

    graphidaceae, Japan is required to report their whale research to the IWC Scientific Committee, so you can find all your answers in their reports (who tend to find that the Japanese are doing valuable research which could not be done without killing the whales).

    It might very well be that the ultimate motive for their whaling is for human consumption. However, they’re smart enough to make sure that the research they do while whaling is valid and rigorously done. Even this is better than them flat out refusing to sign up to the whaling agreements, which they could perfectly well do.

    It’s strange that you claim to teach children respect, yet you don’t respect the fact that eating whale meat has been a part of the Japanese culture for a long time. Supporting actions like ramming boats into research vessels is not respect. Instead you should respect the other side of the issue and try to negotiate towards a mutually agreeable solution. It’s easy to preach respect, but hard to practice it when the other side has vastly different views from yours.

  • BK

    I believe Watson is doing exactly what is necessary. Unfortunately. Seems like there’s no other way to get the message across. If it was any other way…then the physical force wouldn’t even be an issue.
    It absolutely breaks my heart (not that that matters to anybody), but it does, it breaks my heart and really makes me angry for defenseless animals to get hurt, not to even mention slaughtered. Where is the justice there? How many precious whales have to be slaughtered before the “research” (yeah right) is complete? How much precious wildlife has to be destroyed for the sake of “research”?
    I say do what needs to be done to protect and serve wildlife and the environment. It can’t be done without all of us on the same boat.

  • maelstrom

    fbr… are you paid for your deceptive posts against sea shepherd around the net or do you just have nothing better to do?

  • Bruce

    Killing whales for research?! We and the Japanese know it is all BS. Seems nobody is keeping there “research” in check as they are still “legally” whaling under international law. You can’t save a tree by hugging it. You gotta stick your Machete in front of the guy with the chainsaw! I think most of you “Green” people are a bunch of pansies! Have a nice day :)

  • Jorge

    You guys are some scary people. The people on this ship have very little credibility. The staged hoax of a shooting, the ramming of another vessel….these are lies that benefit noone and make self-righteous people more self righteous. Maeks me thing they could easily rationalize lining up people and shooting them. Seriously scary folks, Animal Planet does themselves a disservice running this propanda.

  • indian nation

    We must fight when we are pushed into a corner!

  • dude

    I don’t know why everyone is so shocked by this. Sea Shephard has rammed boats in the past, it’s just that it’s on TV now. This is nothing new.

    I take everything Paul Watson says with a wink-wink kind of attitude. Last season, they planned the hostage incident and presented an angled story to the press. Have you not watched that? Him giving a different story about the ramming, it’s not unexpected.

  • Mike

    He’s not a protest group. I don’t think he gives a f*** if you think its counterproductive.

  • john

    finally someone is actually out there doing something in the fight of good vs evil…this guy is a hero…i wish he would have sank that jap boat and harpooned all the japs aboard, dissected them on the deck and then call it science…that would have been beautiful! until then keep up the great work Sea Shephard!

  • Steve-O

    All the responses that support Sea Sheperd are win. Period.

  • whalefriend

    those japaneses are the ecoterroist
    they are even using mitary greade wepontrty

  • Commander Donald R. Bates

    I feel that it is time that more pressure be placed on the United Nations to specifically commission either Sea Sheppard or another entity with enforcement powers so to end this once and for all. I also feel that economic sanctions be placed as a punitive measure.

  • Pat

    If you’ve watched all of season 2, you’ll notice that the Japanese were the aggressors who not only circled the sea shepherds but crossed in front of them–dangerously close–more than several times. Anyone who has put even the mildest effort into looking in on what the Japanese are doing knows that they are clearly not there for research. The international community knows it, but no one dare goes up against the economically strong Japanese. Let’s remember folks: money talks. If it’s tissue samples that they are trying to gather for “research” purposes, there are non-lethal ways to do it. No, sadly they are a efficient, whale meat packing, mobile factory. They also claim to use it to preserve traditions, but I highly doubt their ancestors floated all the way to the Antarctic for whaling purposes. I think that the aggressor game was started by the Japanese and now they cry foul because someone else played the game that they started.

    • herwin

      you are so right about who are the agressors. if you become too succesfull these people only can answer with violence. Its like the bombing of the Greenpeace boat by French secret agents (= state terrorists) with sadly a deadly victim.
      now its the japanese and sadly enough there are (probably paid) jerks here on this forum who defend these life threatening attacks on people.

  • Lilasuka

    Just as legal slavery ended after a blood letting so might this barbarous act of whaling. Civilized beings do not kill for food they do not need. Many now think the life of a human is so much more than that of a whale. But a few generations ago many thought that the life of a white man was worth so much more than that of a black man. 150 years ago it was legal for a white man to kill a black man in most states of the USA. It took a war to change these laws. My heart is with those who risk there lives to free others – not with those gaining from the exploitation and deaths of others. It may take Japan sending a war ship to open fire on an unarmed ship trying to save lives of whales to put an end to this.

    • ddpalmer

      Lilasuka, slavery ended in the USA after a blood letting, which wasn’t even about slavery but about state’s rights and slavery was just a political issue that got dragged in to get some northern states to go along with the war (can anyone say WMD?)

      But in most countries slavery ended without a blood letting. Isn’t that a better way?

      Look at the seal hunt in Canada. The SSCS used their violent tactics there for years and the only effect was that they had a ship confiscated and many of their people found guilty of various charges. But then the EU politically stopped the selling of seal products in Europe. It didn’t end the seal hunt but it greatly reduce the demand and thereby greatly reduced the hunt. One political action did more to protect seals than many hundreds of violent acts by the SSCS.

      And if you read the Canadian press at the time of the SSCS violence you can see that the violence harden the Canadians resolve to keep hunting. So not only did the SSCS not save any seals, they very possible lead to more killing. Don’t you think that they are having the same effect in Japan with the whaling issue? Just from reading the comments here you can see that the SSCS is causing problems amongst people who support animal rights. What do you think the response is from people outside the movement?

      Have you been following this year’s news coverage of the SSCS’s actions? Have you seen the negative press that the SSCS is getting? Yes, they have gotten much positive press also but the negative press is there and there is more of it this year than ever before. They have probably set back the anti-whaling movement by years because of their actions this year.

  • herwin

    if slavery was “just dragged in to get some northern states along” it seems that the slavery topic was more then “just a political issue” for these countries.
    In most countries lavery ended without a bloodletting ? Nice bedtime story for children, but slavery was a continues story of violence and blood of slaves. What about South Africe ? No slaves but black people treated as second class citizens in their own country. It was politicians and people like you who always condemned the “violence” of the people who fought for their freedom and equal rights, like Nelson Mandela and his ANC.

    the recent ban of seal products did greatly reduce the seal hunt ? really ? Last years seal slaughter quota wasnt reduced at all.
    How can SeaShepherd set back the anti whaling movement by years ? Sea Shepherd IS The anti whale movement. Negative comments from people who support animal rights ? y-o-u-g-o-t-t-a-b-e-k-i-d-d-i-n-g-m-e. Sea Shepherd are the heroes of animal rights activists.
    Negative press ? Where ? Arent you forgetting they have each year a video crew and Whale Wars is a hit on television ? With the japanese ramming two Sea Shepherd vessels while there is a television crew on board, whose lives are in danger you can imagine these television crew arent too positive about the japanese whalers.

    • ddpalmer

      The EU ban didn’t take effect until AFTER the 2009 seal hunt, so how could it have had an effect on the 2009 quota. And although the 2009 quota was slightly higher than 2008′s the 2009 hunt only took 59,500 while 2008 was 217,857 and 2007 was 224,745. Looks like the prospect of the ban cut the numbers by close to 150,000. How many did the SSCS violence save?

      Have you every gone to the Animal Planet discussion forum about Whale Wars? Most of the posts are AGAINST the SSCS. People watch the show to laugh at Paul Watson and his inept attempts to stop whaling. Did you see when he couldn’t even identify the fact that the whalers were pulling a whale up the ramp into the Nisshin Maru? The show has made the SSCS a joke, why do you think South Park skewered them so mercilessly? Because they are so effective? No, because they are seen as the modern day Three Stooges or Keystone Kops.

      Lilasuka said ‘slavery’ ended after A blood letting, not apartheid. If you want to change the topic then go ahead but don’t get upset when I respond to what someone other than you posted. Unless you are Lilasuka posting under another name then you don’t know what was meant but the plain English reading of ‘a blood letting’ refers to a single incident which along with the reference to the USA points to the American Civil War. Did most other countries have a civil war to end slavery? No. They ended slavery through legislative changes without a blood letting.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        What a cowinky dink, people come to this blog to laugh at you, ddpalmer.

        ddpalmer: “Did you see when he[Paul Watson] couldn’t even identify the fact that the whalers were pulling a whale up the ramp into the Nisshin Maru?”

        That’s because Paul Watson has more intelligence and integrity than you. You would have immediately jumped to the conclusion that it had been a whale that was being pulled up the ramp, but Paul Watson gave the japanese poachers the benefit of the doubt before he could confidently make accurate call as to what he was seeing.

        There is just one more explaination:

        ddpalmer, I’ll let you in something, people with empathy and compassion don’t easily except what they initially see. It can take time for that sort of tragic reality to set in. People without empathy and compassion just can’t seem to comprehend this.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        sspalmer: “Have you every gone to the Animal Planet discussion forum about Whale Wars? Most of the posts are AGAINST the SSCS.”

        Wow, I’m sure glad that you’re not a scientist. Could the reason that pro-whale poachers go to the animal planet blog be the same reason that more fat people than thin people go to the “all you can eat” buffets?

        Is it possible that Glen Inwood could have hired a couple puppets to flood the blog with multiple screen names?

        As long as you do not know the answer to these questions, you are an idiot to make assertions that just because “most of the posts are AGAINST the SSCS”, to argue your case.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        Let me rephrase that:

        As long as you don’t know the answer to these questions, you’re an idiot if you’re going to claim that “most of the posts are AGAINST the SSCS”, to argue your case.

        Mental note: Post, then have a glass of wine :)

    • ddpalmer

      He had been chasing whale hunters for weeks. The ship was purpose built for whale processing. The only reason for the ramp is to pull whales up. Yet he thought that maybe it was something else?

      That is a good joke Gavin.

      When he sees a postal truck does he think they are selling ice cream cones?

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Wow, you really are a narrow minded, always thinking in the box kinda character, aren’t you?

        Now, go look up the word “improvise”

        I once saw a show where I saw a tow truck being used to pull a horse out of a deep ditch. I guess according to you it would have been a tow truck pulling a car out out of a ditch.

        ddpalmer, the problem with your reasoning is that you are black or white on issues.

        Tell me that it would be impossible for the factory ship to spot a stranded inflatable vessel and not consider bringing it aboard via the ramp…I dare ya.

        I could just hear one japanese poacher saying to the other japanese poacher, “No, you can’t pull that thing up the ramp, the ramp is only used for stuff that make us profit”

        Like shooting fish in a barrel…lol

      • Bucky Goldstein

        Ouch! Easy on ddpalmer. Definitely not a fair fight since I’m sure ddpalers brain has not fully developed yet…lol

        @ddpalmer, I would suggest you go back to play with people of your own level of intellect. Each time Gavin counters you, you just expose yourself more as the mental midget that you are.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        Yes, it’s funny how we remember what we want to believe…

        Now, if we can only get the japanese to say…

        F@#K YOU, DDPALMER

        F@#K YOU, MICK


        …and for those that are confused by that, watch the vid:

      • Bucky Goldstein

        The above posted in the wrong thread.

  • ddpalmer

    Yup and it could have been a crashed alien space craft. But most people seeing a whaling ship pulling something up it’s whale loading ramp would first assume it was a whale. Then they might consider other possibilities if it turned out not to be a whale.

    But you are saying that Paul Watson the great whale protector when seeing a whaling ship pulling something up its whale loading ramp immediately assumed it must be something other than a whale.

    Again good joke Gavin.

    Is there anything the SSCS could do that you wouldn’t find some twisted logic to explain.

    • Bucky Goldstein

      Wow ddpalmer,

      That counter was extremely weak!

      Gavin’s point makes perfect sense. You on the other hand come off like everyone has to be perfect. You also sound very desperate in your search to find things to ridicule Watson about.

      I would luv to see the footage that your talking about. The only episode that I remember, in which there was confusion about a whale, was one where they had something lashed to the side of a harpoon ship and it took about 20 seconds and good pair of binoculars to determine that it was in fact a whale.

      So, ddpalmer, find me a video of this so that I can make a fair judgment call on this issue.

      • ddpalmer

        “So, ddpalmer, find me a video of this so that I can make a fair judgment call on this issue.”


        Gavin obviously knew the scene I was talking about so maybe he will go back and review a whole season of Whale Wars to find you one scene.

        Here is a hint as to where it was. It was just before they watched the whales catch and process 4 whales right in front of them.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        ddpalmer, you’re a real dumb ass…lol.

        It didn’t take me long to find the scene myself. I watched it and your criticisms about Paul Watson were way off. And a very unfair criticism I might add.

        In the scene, the couple of the crew can’t tell what they are looking at in the water between the harpoon ship and the factory ship, they suspect it’s a whale and call for Paul. Paul comes to the bridge just after being woken from a dead sleep, looks out towards the ships and sees nothing. This is because at that particular moment the whale was under water and totally obscured. Paul, obviously wanting to go back to sleep, so he leaves the bridge stating that he didn’t think there was a whale.

        ddpalmer, in your rant, you totally misrepresented the scene. You made it sound as if there was a whale already being pulled up the slipway and that Paul saw this and said that it wasn’t a whale.

        ddpalmer wrote: “Did you see when he couldn’t even identify the fact that the whalers were pulling a whale up the ramp into the Nisshin Maru?”

        It was cheap shot, and I’m sure you weren’t counting on anyone coming up with this scene for all to scrutinize.

        Just one more reason to question facts that ddpalmer post.

        Here’s the video for those who want to see what actually took place:

      • Bucky Goldstein

        ddpalmer, I’m not quite done with you yet…

        ddpalmer wrote: “…why do you think South Park skewered them so mercilessly?”

        Another cheap shot by ddpalmer. ddpalmer, are you familiar with the term “creative license”?

        I have watched the episode of South Park for which you mentioned, and it was merely a satire about whale wars.

        If you ask me, they skewered not only the japanese whalers, but the whole japanese culture far more than they did the Sea Shepherd. But I suppose in your moment of excitement, you forgot to mention that.

        South Park is all about taking real life stories and making them funny by twisting, embellishing and exaggerating. We call this “satire”. It’s shameful for anyone to use a show like this to make their case.

        You not only lie, you lie by omission. God only knows what other important details you’re leaving out of your facts.

      • ddpalmer

        Your right I didn’t exactly remember a scene I saw once a year and a half ago. I still believe he should have realized it was a whale.

        As far as the South Park episode, it is my opinion that Paul and the SSCS were skewered mercilessly.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        Yes, it’s funny how we remember what we want to believe…

        Now, if we can only get the japanese to say…

        F@#K YOU, DDPALMER!

        F@#K YOU, MICK!


        …and for those that are confused by that, watch the vid:

      • ddpalmer

        You have lost all touch with reality.

        When you want to argue or discuss some facts let me know. But for now I think you need to see you doctor about upping your meds.

      • Bucky Goldstein

        Here’s some reality:

        When you watched that episode a year or so ago, it somehow registered in that brain of yours that Watson had seen something get pulled up the slipway, when if fact, he did not.

        If you had registered this scene correctly, there would not have been any reason for you to even have a recollection of it. Why would you recall Paul Watson NOT making a mistake?

        Therefore, it didn’t matter whether you had seen this episode a year ago or yesterday. The fact is that you still would have come to the same conclusion and you would have made the same rant.

        Your excuse that it had been a year and a half ago was not only lame, but pathetic.

        So, who’s out of touch with reality?

        I’ll start discussing facts with you when you’re capable of telling the truth…

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Good job Bucky! And thank you for saving me the time of having to revisit season 2 of whale wars…lol.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if ddpalmer initially looked for the footage, found it, watched it, and realized he was wrong. Then responded with his “No” to your request in his failed attempt to hopefully cover up his blunder. Then passing off the task to me with the hope that I would never bother to search for the footage. Too funny for words.

        I’m surprised that Glenn Inwood hasn’t fired this clown yet.

        By the way, I think your joke about the japanese in the South Park episode went right over ddpalmer’s head. I thought it was hilarious!

  • Poacher News

    Could this be another bad season for the japanese poachers?

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    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has issued a November deadline for Japan to bring a halt to its so-called scientific whaling program in the Southern Ocean.

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    New Zealand’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully: “I am simply trying to make sure that we win friends and influence people.”

    “We’ve managed to see meaningful discussions with the parties that hold opposite views and that’s very welcome,” he said. The only way to quickly stop whaling was by diplomacy, he said. “All of the alternatives involve time, expense and frustration. We may have to go down that path [legal action], but before we choose it, we should exhaust the diplomatic process.”

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