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ramona_singerRamona Singer, star of the Real Housewives of Manhattan, told, exclusively to Ecorazzi that she:

“Agrees” that “fur sucks.” She also says she is “sorry about wearing it in the past” and has “no intentions” of wearing it again. She is “embarrassed by it”, too.

Yay, Ramona! This is especially big to people like me who are obsessed with her show but hate her fur.

  • CN

    I wish somebody on the Atlanta show would do the same. I love those ladies (Real Housewives is my ultimate guilty pleasure) but their fur makes me sick. I really think that a large portion of fur-wears simply don’t know the reality of the fur industry. If only everybody could see the raccoon dog footage from the Chinese fur farm. If you haven’t seen it, google it. It’s one of the worst things I have ever seen but I think everybody should see it with their own eyes.

  • Prue Debona

    It’s interesting how people talk around or justify their purchasing and wearing of fur. They’ll plead ignorance of where the fur comes from and how it was made into a coat, and even when they are shown actual documented footage, they’ll say “That’s horrible!” and clutch their fur coats closer, as if showing their outer garment affection now makes up for the killing then. And they keep wearing it! They’ll argue that they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the coat, so throwing it away would be a shame or a waste. “It’s already bought, so what can you do?” is not an acceptable justification or your ticket out of acknowledging the cruelty and taking personal responsibility.

    Any way you slice it, there is no reason to buy fur. There is no justification to buying fur. There is no glamor, status, or chicness to owning or buying fur. We do not live in the Ice Age. If you’re cold, plenty of stores carry thick coats not made from animal skin or fur that will keep you nice and warm on even the coldest of days. Buy one of those and donate the extra money you would have paid for a fur coat to a wildlife preservation society and restore your sadly out-of-whack karma!

  • steph

    I hate those stupid shows and the women who are on it.

    Hopefully, she sticks to what she says, but i just assume all of them are just flakes.

  • Erin of Raw Foods Retreat

    i’ve never watched any of that crap on tv either. yuck.
    vapid wasteland.

  • Christine

    YAY for Ramona for ditching fur!
    Thank you for being compassionate and setting a good example! Now if you could only convince the other housewives to ditch those hideous furs!!!