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Valentine’s Day is just 48 hours away and we’re already cutting out Cupid shaped cards to give to our sweethearts!  But what’s better than construction paper Cupid cards? Answer: cocktails and a killer party to benefit a super cause! 

VeganQueen — a groovy company featuring cruelty free, eco-friendly couture handbags — is holding a Heartless Valentine’s Cocktail Reception to benefit The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Tails for Whales project. 

Founded in 1969, IFAW works around the globe to protect animals and habitats promoting practical solutions for animals and people. 

The Tales for Whales Project gathers photos of New York City’s young and influential fashionistas with hands posed in the shape of a whale tail, aimed at bringing attention to the threats facing whales around the world including climate change, whaling, entanglement and other causes. 

Attendees of the event will enjoy complimentary X Rated Fusion Fruit Infused Liquor, delicious Valentine’s cookies and have the chance to win some great raffle prizes. And all of this at Greenhouse — New York City’s first eco-friendly, L.E.E.D. certified nightlife destination. Sounds kind of amazing, right? 

The party will take place on Saturday, February 14th (duh) from 9:oo p.m to 11:00 p.m here in NYC. To learn more, visit!

  • Erin of Raw Foods Retreat

    VQ is my friend on facebook .. too funny. She’s cool as hell.
    Go to the party!

    Erin :)

  • steph

    how much is it? how do you get tickets?

    though i’m sure like many of these great fund raising events, i can’t afford it….

  • steph

    FYI- I emailed the RSVP and they asked me to tell me about myself.

    I have low hopes of being “accepted” cause they are proly looking for trendy hip press like people and my BF and I are just normal vegans that wanted to attend a great fund raiser.

    I’ll be really pissed if i’m not “allowed” to go cause we aren’t “cool” enough.

    Let’s hope i’m just being bitter ;) and we get to go :D

  • steph

    LOL…totally being defensive and bitter :P

    They say im all set :D

    But now…i have nothing to wear@!@!@@

  • Erin @

    That is excellent! Are you going!??? You can wear a Vegan Dress!

    XO Have fun!


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  • Phil her up

    I was told she was a tranny (and not a very nice one at that!

    Big P

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    LOL. I don’t know if she’s a transvestite but I will say she appeared less than gracious when I posted a link to her site, got her a little publicity for her party and even sent a link to Ecorazzi ;) She apparently didn’t want me to link the site anywhere (though oddly she then linked ER on her fb page) If she doesn’t want her site linked or talked about then she shouldn’t have one. A pity really.. as I always like to support vegan companies.

    There are much more affordable vegan like Chrystalin Kae’s (hers are just a little dated for my style :)

  • girlygirl