magAfter electing Barack Obama into the White House you might have thought that we were done voting for a while. BUT YOU WERE WRONG!!!

It’s time once again to visit and vote for the Worst-Dressed Celebrities of 2009!

Your options this year are vast, including stars like Madonna, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Simpson and many, many more. Personally, I chose Maggie Gyllenhaal. I know it’s uncouth to tell people who you voted for, but I just had to vote for Magpie after last year’s big furry let down. You broke my heart Maggie, you broke my heart! 

Who do you think deserves the worst-dressed award? Kanye? Ashton? Lilo? Visit and speak your mind!

  • steph

    It’s so hard to pick just one!!!

    I think I picked Madonna cause she claims to be all spiritual, and the whole “green” message while having a totally NOT GREEN tour, the water bottle thing….ect.

    All of them are heartless fur hags IMO.

  • morgin

    It was hard!!

  • Erin @

    I agree with Steph – but also Maggie should have known better. I lost respect for her when she did that. I don’t know.. just thought she was different :( Going to vote now.