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In what has to be one of the oddest reactions to a vegetarian diet that I’ve heard of, Chris Evans — star of the action flick Push — is claiming that his skin turned green following a decision to drop meat. His girlfriend at the time said going vegetarian was the way to go — and so the actor decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, Evans claims the diet screwed with his body. “I was just getting even thinner than I am now,” he said. “I had a hard time putting on weight, and some of my friends said I was getting green. I’m incredibly pale anyway. I don’t know what was missing, but they all said I had a greenish hue.”

“Finally, I was, like, ‘Hamburger, please.’ ”

Um, what? Something tells me this guy was not eating a balanced diet. Said the Vegetarian Star, “Many people who experience negative effects from going vegetarian do so because they aren’t eating enough or eating properly. It takes more a three grilled cheese sandwiches a day, Chris.”

Completely agree. Do you know anyone that’s ever had their skin color change “green” as a result of going VEG?

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  • Jen Hamilton

    I seriously doubt if his skin turned green. I have been veg for 20 and vegan for three and my skin looks perfectly fine. No green tint!

  • Foodeater

    What an idiot!Having your skin turn green from going vegetarian is physically impossible. This dolt needs to come up with a better excuse for not being able to give up his death burgers other than miraculous skin color changes.

  • Aelys

    My idea is that Chris never wanted to go veg in the first place and thought saying it made him go green would be a “funnier justification” for going back to meat.

  • Emily

    I suspect that he’s not lying. I doubt he looked like Kermit, but if he’s really pale then maybe one of the few vegetables he was eating was high in chlorophyll (sp?) or something. It would be similar to how too much beta-carotene (again, sp?) will give you an orange tint.

    That being said – balance out your diet, you dolt. If you’re not keeping on weight, then add a protein supplement. Whey Protein, anyone?

  • Jorgen

    Going vegetarian or vegan is like going to college. You can either do your homework and benefit vastly from it, or you can jump into it blindly and fail. Anyone who says they lost weight or felt unhealthy, etc., from losing the meat is not eating a healthy diet. Anybody I’ve ever met (including myself) who has gone into it knowledgeably has benefited immensely from the veg lifestyle.

  • Sonia

    I’ve heard that excuse from several people now. A girl I know even said that her doctor told her she had to eat meat again. Um bullshit!

  • DJ Karma (of VegSpinz)

    Agree with Jorgen- he probably had some sort of deficiency, caused by ignorance. Don’t think too many greens will turn you green, like carrots turn you orange. His body may have been going through some sort of a detox transition as well…?

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    “all his friends” sound like a bunch of meat eating uneducated typical americans.

    i’m sure he did not have a green hue. what a joke and agreed- he probably just gave up meat and did not eat healthy. Look at Jack Lalanne and hundreds of others who are vegan and healthy at 100.


  • Meghan

    Oh Jeez. Sounds like to me he broke up with the girl, his friends were giving him a hard time about not eating meat, so he made up a “funny” story about how he was turning green. OR he’s vying to play the next “Hulk”.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    I didn’t turn green and neither did any other veg I know.

    However, I do know that some people use vegetarianism or veganism to mask an eating disorder. So… maybe he had an eating disorder.

  • VeggieTart

    Nope, I’m still the same color I was before I went veg seven years ago. Okay, I may have had some changes due to sun exposure (mostly walking around outside) and age, but that’s about it.

  • Whoever…

    Yeah right…

    When I became a vegetarian I also turned a little greenish and moreover a few leaves began growing on my arms… :)

    Oh, and I also started doing photosynthesis…

    How can some people be so unbelievably stupid!?

  • Krispin Glover

    This is is likely BS. I read an interview with Chris, and he was very serious about being veg and said he began eating meat again because he was getting to thin, but that he felt being veg was one of the noblest things he could’ve done. He found it very hard to eat animals and was very philosophical about it. I don’t think he was crazy about eating hamburgers again.

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  • Sara

    Being a vegetarian doesn’t necessary turn your skin “green”. I’m a vegan and my skin color is beautiful.
    I eat plenty of fruits and vegeatbles, whole grains, seeds, soy milk (rich in iron), beans and a lot of natural and cruelty-free foods.

  • Berlin

    my skin did turn green as well. this isn’t uncommon. not everyone is built the same way. and the rest who called him idiot shows that humans haven’t progress much. 200 years ago, you’d be burning people like us in the town square.