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Could Al Gore create the same amount of awareness and change on world hunger as he did with global warming? According to some hunger activists, that answer is an emphatic yes — and a new campaign is hitting the public scene asking Al Gore to help lead the charge.

It’s called “Ask Al Gore” — and the effort is to get the former Vice President to create another classic movie in the vein of An Inconvenient Truth — but addressing acute malnutrition, an problem that kills five million children each year in the developing world. Spearheading the campaign is Action Against Hunger, an NGO that delivers emergency aid and to people suffering from natural disasters or man-made crises. From the article,

The campaign, which was launched in fall 2008 in Madrid and will be rolled out in Paris, London, New York City and Montreal in the next few weeks, features both posters and a trailer for the as-yet-nonexistent film. But its main component is the signature drive. Thus far, more than 37,000 people have signed on to “Ask Al Gore,” including several well-known Spanish actors and writers. “Gore is one of the most famous and media-savvy people on the planet,” says Juan Nonzioli, creative director of the Shackleton Group, the advertising firm that designed the campaign for Action Against Hunger. “Just as he has used that power to raise awareness about climate change, we’re asking that he use it for our campaign against hunger.”

Gore has not yet responded to the call for his participation, but that hasn’t stopped organizers from creating a fake trailer for the film — with him included as director and star. The hope, even with his participation, is that 100,000 signatures will be collected to draw attention to the issue. “We have a strong message — that this is a disease that can be treated, that we can minimize the number of malnutrition deaths. We just needed a campaign that would make people listen,” says Carmen Gayo, spokeswoman for Action Against Hunger. “And we got one.”

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