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Mischa Barton prides herself on being a “green” gal — but we wish such values would extend to the animal world. This awful fur coat was spotted wrapped around her while the former OC star did some shopping in New York City on Monday. Completing the impersonation of a modern day Creulla de Vil, is the cigarette dangling from her right hand.


Photo credit: INF Photo

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  • Christine

    Mischa is a heartless fur hag! I’d like to plant some leghold traps around 5th avenue so these fur hags could get a taste of what the animals endure….

  • jamie lynn

    how on earth does this broad keep getting her picture taken? i mean, she hasn’t “acted” in years, she doesn’t have a sex tape, and she’s not effing anyone hot or famous. i just don’t get it. she should have faded into complete obscurity by now…she shouldn’t even be able to afford that monstrosity of a coat!

  • Alyson

    It just saddens me that even with so much information out there on the cruelty behind fur, that people still wear it. I really don’t get it.

  • Allie

    ewww, that’s so gross.

  • Brad

    Man, she’s such a whore.

  • Alyson

    Brad – Um, not to go off topic, but words like the one you just used are not productive, and miss the point completely. Making a comment on a woman’s sexuality is a poor way to respond to her wearing fur. Sure, be mad she’s wearing fur, but to use a word like that to express your displeasure – not so nice. Why are women who do something bad always reduced to slurs like “whore?” Even when the thing in question has nothing to do with her sexuality. End of song.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Maybe if he’d said she’s a fame whore that would have been better (men can be fame whores too) But I see your point.

    and Christine – I think Mischa could slip out of a leg hold trap pretty easily with all her slippery cellulite. If you notice, for MONTHS now, the only thing she’s been in the news for is wearing fur and her fat “cellulite” thighs. She is nothing and that fur coat is smarter than she is.


  • deana – green with glamour

    she’s a mess… and i agree with jamie lynn. why is she still paparazzi fodder?
    after seeing that coat – i’m afraid of what might be in her shopping bag!

    deana (

  • VeggieTart

    Yeah, because “green gals” are all about the dead pelts and cancer sticks.


    I also politely object to the term broad, when used by either sex. Damn, that is one fugly coat. And considering no one else in the picture is wearing a coat, I assume she must be wearing in the name of “fashion,” making her doubly reprehensible.

  • Whoever…

    Why is it so chocking that Brad called her a whore?

    What shocks me is the thought of animals being skinned alive so that sluts can wear fur…

    And yes, I believe the clothes you wear say a lot about yourself (most of the times…). Therefore I also consider women who wear fur to be major sluts!!!!

    This Mischa bitch is no different!

    On the other hand, I find vegetarian/vegan women to be absolutely adorable ;)

  • Alyson

    Whoever – a person can respect animals and women at the same time. It’s not an and/or issue.

    Example: if someone is racist, I call them racist. I don’t call them something else entirely. Calling her a “whore” was unnecessary and hateful. Her sexuality has nothing to do with her cruelty to animals. It’s off topic and it’s stereotypical women bashing language.

  • JayP

    the cigarette will do her well later in life….her face will look like the leather of the animal she wears….

  • Whoever…

    Alyson – I obviously didn’t literally mean she is a slut. I meant she is stupid, an ass, a bitch, whatever…

    I know (I’m not stupid) that just because some women wear fur it doesn’t directly mean they are actual ‘whores’…!!

    However, I have the right to not respect women who wear fur, or any person for that matter who hurts animals in any way.

    Maybe you should be more concerned about the animals who are cruelly murdered (skinned alive, suffocated and electrocuted) for their fur.

    You should watch this before being so upset about the fact that I insult women who wear fur:

  • Alyson

    Dude – I work in AR. My life is devoted to AR. I know the facts and I do my part. My point is that we can care about women and animals, just like I can care about gay rights, reproductive rights and many other topics. And in defending animals, I don’t need to use offensive language towards women. Obviously you do. Whether that’s because you don’t get that it’s offensive or you just don’t care, I don’t know. But I do know that my caring about women doesn’t make me care any less about animals. I’m a multi tasker. I care about everyone. Words are meaningful, and my suggestion to you is to think more carefully about the words you choose. And by calling someone out on their language, doesn’t mean I’m defending the woman wearing the fur. I hate her coat as much as anyone.

    Thanks for chatting – I’m done on this thread.

  • herwin

    alyson, +1. ;-)
    its good to read your comment.

  • Whoever…

    Just because I’m using offensive language towards this particular person, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m insulting ALL women!!!! (“…I don’t need to use offensive language towards women. Obviously you do.”)

    Where exactly in my comments did you read something that was insulting to women in general?
    Please do not turn this around against me, ok? Don’t make this a ‘women’ issue when that’s not what I meant at all!!!

    If it was some guy wearing fur I would have the same position towards him!!!

    I really don’t see what’s your problem!

    As I stated before (and you obviously didn’t understand or didn’t want to) I have no respect for people who hurt animals in any way, whether they are men or women!!!

    Thank you!!!

  • herwin

    whats the point anyway in calling her a whore, bitch, or slut, if she isnt ?

    and btw, nothing wrong with being a slut, there are enough sluts who are anti fur, like good old Jenna Jameson.

  • JL

    Herwin – HAH!

    Whoever – AR is often intrinsically tied with feminism. And not the kind you think of immediately – more of the matriarch worldview.

    Mischa’s character is flawed because she wears fur, so folks should attack her for that, if they feel so compelled.

    Besides, whores can’t afford real fur.

    PS~ how is being veg*n physically attractive? You can’t spot it on the outside – it’s the conversations that matter.

  • Rainbow Warrior

    this is a real deception…. no intelligence at all….

  • Whoever…


    Didn’t anyone understand what I meant!?

    I’m not referring to her sexuality!!!!

    I just meant she is stupid, as anyone else who wears fur!!! Haven’t you ever called a woman a bitch, without the connotation that she was a whore?

    Why are you interpreting everything literally!?

    And I didn’t write vegan/vegetarian women were attractive – I wrote they are adorable!!! Don’t you know that the same word has different meanings accordingly to the context where it’s used?

    I’m the one who isn’t a native English speaker but apparently you are the ones who can’t interpret what you read in English!!!

    I’m through with this…I don’t have the patience nor the time!!!

  • JL

    Ha!! Relax, whoever – you’re in ultra-liberal-progressives territory. People are very Politically Correct. And, like I said, AR and feminism go hand-in-hand.

  • trevor dakota

    I think it’s just fantastic that this woman has the courage to be photographed in fur and also holding a cigarette. A hearty two-fingered salute to all the people who think they can tell everyone else what to do.
    PC Is just like McCarthyism . . think as we think, so to speak. Anyway, most anti-fur women are ugly lesbians.
    And most up-right anti-cigarette types are into more hazardous wrongs like wall street banking and corporate fraud.
    Good on her for the fur and the cigarette. Shame on small-minded bigots who criticise her.

  • Veronika

    Trevor Dakota, maybe you’re correct about anti-fur women. I never thought about it that way. I had always believed that it was self-righteousness, envy and a heavy dose of spite. Whatever the truth, most of them certainly ARE ugly! Oh, and BTW I love fur.

    • rockerlinda15

      Veronika. I also love fur . I love being a fur whore. Being wrapped in mink or sable is awesome and beautiful to wear. As for smokimg I do that as well. The PC brigade can just Fvck Off. BTW I also wear head to toe leather.

  • Brett

    The last two statements are absolutely retarded. What is so self-righteous about condoning the the harm on other living things? And what is SO SMALL-MINDED about wanting to protect them?

    And fur just looks awful anyway, especially when you’re apparently living a “green” lifestyle. (What an idiot!) If you want body-hair so badly, grow your own… don’t hurt another living thing just because you want to look like a Sasquatch.

    I simply cannot understand how people can condone such a thing when the cruelty behind fur has been made so public! How doesn’t that make you cringe just thinking about it?

  • Vegan

    What a beautiful, vapid c*nt.

  • rockerlinda15

    Trevor I endorse every word you say. As a Fur wearing cigarette smoking gal . Wear fur and smoke. Sod the PC PETA supporting crowd.