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“Not vegan yet, i eat cheese made from my own milk, however i am farmed inhumanely and shall report myself to the UN at dawn.”

-Comedian Russell Brand answering a question on Twitter about his alleged veganism. Would you like to see Russell take the next step towards veganism? Chime in and share your thoughts!



  • steph

    My bf has loved this since his beginnings in Britan (his old hard to find show RE: Brand is great) and i’m happy that he has been veg for so long, but i hope he ditches his extensive leather wearing ways at least :)

    Brits love their cheese it seems.

    Russell Brand is proly closer to vegan then Gweneth Paltrow >.>

  • Amanda Baker

    The perfect thing for not-yet-vegans:

    (and perfect for vegans, too: become a vegan mentor!)

    Anyone able to suggest this to Mr Brand?