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No joke — James Cromwell is one of my very, very favorite vegan celebs!! Cromwell is the real deal and so excited about leading a greener, more compassionate life. 

In a new interview on, James says: 

“I made a lifestyle change in 1975 when I became a vegetarian, and in ‘94 when I became a vegan.If everybody would do that, we’d save a lot of water, a lot of land use, a lot wasted energy bringing protein to people through animals, a lot of suffering and a lot of greenhouse gases. If people would just cut out meat for  one meal a week, and then one day a week, and then maybe one week a year, they could make an incredible difference.”

As far as how he did, Cromwell said:

“It was a process of educating myself. You have to make a choice, which is different than making a decision. When you make a decision, you often leaves things out that are important. You have to get a protein source. You have to change the way you eat, the sugars you consume, the carbohydrates you consume. In other words, you become knowledgeable and sophisticated about what your particular body needs.”

Check out the whole interview below!! James, we think you’re rocktastic!!!

  • Alyson

    You are not alone Parrish – I too adore James Cromwell. He’s my favorite veg actor:)

  • herwin

    there you go !! Like this its absolutely clear he’s vegan. no guessing or following rumors like in the case of Eastwood or Paris Hilton.
    James Cromwell, eh, doesnt ring a bell though..

  • parrish

    It’s clear! We need to have James on the site. He’s just way too awesome. If James’ people are reading this, shoot me an email at We’d love to do an exclusive with him!

  • Apple Levy

    This man has so much passion & “knows of what he speaks”. He is amazing! Thank you for sharing our interview. ~Apple

  • Jonathan

    Wow. I had no idea James Cromwell was a vegetarian or that he wasn’t British! Thanks to Apple Levy for the interview and sharing his viewpoints with us. Cromwell seems very passionate about the issue and pleased to speak with the public about it.
    I’m writing my own post on this interview on the environmental blog Super Eco. Thanks for the idea!

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Green Girls are great but their graphic/logo/audio needs a little help and while the interviewer was cute and did a nice story she might want to take her voice down a few octaves. Otherwise very good.


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  • Bob Collins

    I’ve always enjoyed his roles in the Babe movies – of course his parts in Dallas and Barney Miller also stick in my mind. Glad to know he’s one of us.

  • steph

    i love him too. always loved him as an actor and when i found out he was veg and so active about it just won me over. he is one of the few actors i respect and would just LOVE to give a big hug to!!

    we keep hoping he would show up at my BF job, but alas, not yet :(

  • Ari Solomon

    What a wonderful man! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting James Cromwell and he’s even more fantastic in person. Thanks for posting this — he’s an inspiration.

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  • Climate always changes

    Why do you idiots believe in global warming nonsense? 20 years from now this will be know as the biggest scam in history mark my words.

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