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Since opening last year, Colin Firth’s green store, Eco, has graced this site several times. Obviously, it’s a fantastic shop specializing in eco-products — as well as sustainable consulting and green interior design. To be sure, if you’re visiting Chiswick, England, you can’t miss it — it’s one of the only stores with a vertical garden wrapping around its outside!

Anyways, a new ethical fashion brand called “12 Degrees” is getting its start at Eco — with some backing by Colin’s film-producing wife Livia Firth, Lucy Siegle, fashion designer Orsola de Castro, and Jocelyn Whipple. But this is more than just your standard fashion retail — this is an idea that will “morph” into different themes each moth. “We have curated 12 pop-up (temporary) shops featuring the best of the ethical fashion scene, and to highlight a particular ethical fashion theme,” says Lucy Siegle in a new article on the UK Guardian. “These include the best sustainable denim, trans-seasonal pieces designed to last a lifetime (as opposed to wardrobe fodder designed for landfill), real cashmere that reinstates sustainable luxury, party dresses with tiny footprints, culminating – if all goes to plan – with a big sustainable menswear push this time next year.”

So, even though the home base for 12 Degrees will be within Colin Firth’s store, you can expect in the future to find its pop-up shops scattered about. Siegle told Ecorazzi, “Our aspiration is to move this flexible, ethical retail model to many different territories where we can pick up on fantastic indigenous conscious design that is getting overlooked by the behemoth, homogenized fashion industry.”

Visit the official Eco site here.

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