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Have you ever heard of the website “”? We’re pretty sure it’s an evil twin of, but in a parallel dimension. Unfortunately, CNN thinks it exists in this one and used it for our first interview on the network. Alas! Oh well, at least they’re as bad at spelling as we are.

One of our shining stars, Tracy Metro, was interviewed by CNN’s Kristi Lu-Stout on the”eco-cred” of this year’s Academy Awards — as well as our picks for greenest actor and actress. She did an amazing job and we look forward to seeing the full interview this Sunday sometime on CNN. Maybe they’ll get our name right by then. :) Check it out below:

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  • Steve & Myrlia

    Great work guys! Tracy really packed a bunch of good news into that spot.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Yes she most certainly did (despite mentioning eating chicken) Perhaps her fellow bloggers can encourage her to go veg!?

    Off to a vegan raw bday party right now myself!

    Peace ;)


  • Mike D.

    I caught the chicken comment too. Sorry guys, but even the UN says that the largest amount of greenhouse gases comes from the livestock industry. You have to walk the walk, if you are going to talk the talk. You have to be a veg if you are going to be serious about the environment, otherwise I’m not sure you should be preaching about the environment.

    Mike D.

  • Philipe

    If someone eats meat then they most certainly should not preach about being an environmentalist. TM is a hypocrite.


  • JL

    Mike D and Philipe – There are other ways to get your fill of meat than through mass-produced, industrialized farming.

    Give some respect to the homesteaders of this world – I know a few professors with incredibly green estates, who feed their family on chickens, fresh raw milk and beef from the front yard. They have every right to preach.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Sadly they are less than .5 percent of the people in this country.

    Always think it’s funny when people use the exception to the rule (and in this case an extreme except) as an example in an argument.


    Funny. thanks for making me LAUGH.


  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Oh and in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious I was referring to “JL’s” comment. I think that the people who won’t even give a first name I’ll just make up names for them via their initials. We’ll call JL Just Lookin ;) (c’mon that’s a pretty nice one ;)


  • JL

    Erin – Wow, never read my response on the importance of anonymity in Animal Rights discussions, huh? You’ve got some thinking to do. Not a single person on this thread used a last name, no identifiers. It’s just a label. Why? Maybe they’re ALFers. Maybe they’re politicians curious about the cause, who don’t want to be linked with terrorist organizations. If you’re 40 and still don’t know the value of a good pen name… well, that’s a shame.

    Anyhow, my objection is the blanket statement. I’d say about 25% of the people in my life are homesteaders or the operators of small farms, and do NOT support mass-produced meat. What they don’t get from their own land, they trade with others.

    So yes, maybe I’m defending .5% of the population from this ridiculous blanket statement… but .5% of what population, Erin? Florida? The United States? The World? It really depends on where you are, doesn’t it? But I don’t suppose people have this kind of option in Florida anymore.

  • JL

    Either way, if she’s not raising the chicken herself, or if it doesn’t come from some picturesque farm down the road where the hens run free, it is quite a bit hypocritical.

    I say, if you can’t kill it or meet it, you shouldn’t eat it.

    If people saw where their food came from, exactly, and its lifeline, (for ANY product), chances are, there’d be some major changes in this country.

    But AR likes to penalize in blanket statements. Which is why I dislike AR. And why I often feel compelled to post my thoughts. But this isn’t the time or place for an AR v. AW debate. Maybe there should be a separate forum on this site for such a thing? Nah, this isn’t the place…

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  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    I hate to be the one to correct your false statement “JL”

    but when you say “not one person in this thread used a last name , not a single identifier”

    Steve and Myrlia not only used their real names (granted not last) but a link to their blog with their identifying information LAST name etc…


    You seem to be the ONLY person in this thread who won’t give at least their first name.

    Do I think you’re in ALF? LOL.. No, maybe “Young Republicans of America” but not Alf ;)

    OH you know I’m just teasing JL… Sorry you aren’t a fan of animal right activists. (as he clearly states in his post) I look forward to seeing what the majority of this board (animal right activists) have to say in response to that.. I give you cred tho for speaking your mind… even if you hide behind initials :)

    OX E

  • JL

    Youngest 40 year old, ever.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    Not 40 yet. not even 39… just approaching 40 as we all are (unless you’re over 40 ;)

    That’s the best you could do?

    Methinks you’re defensive because the whole point of your last post was that no one else (but me) reveals their identity on this thread. When, low and behold, two other people did as well. You were wrong and , not surprisingly didn’t want to admit it. Keep hiding behind your initials – easier to make insults on my “maturity level” (or lack there of I’m sure you’d say) or age when you’re a coward who won’t even say their first name.


  • JL

    Ugh, my post didn’t post. I’ll try again.

    To reiterate: My “whole post” was NOT about anonymity, that was merely the first paragraph. My defensiveness stems from your lack of attentiveness! (I can’t believe those are words…)

    If you can’t read past the first paragraph and answer the assertions that follow (you know, the *context*), then there is no point in me commenting further and I bid you good day.

  • JL

    Oh crow, one more thing to add: No, I am not a Republican. If it’s the one bedamned thing we have in common, sobeit…



  • Erin @

    Is “oh crow” an expression (like oh crap) or are you calling me a crow? Sounds kinda British… Perhaps you’re not in the US!?

    Ok even *I* admit it’s confusing because posts don’t show up, or posts randomly are or aren’t approved on here so posts you wrote before you write later sometimes appear in the reverse order (does that make sense) I think either moderate all posts or let them ALL go up all at once.. but what do I know ;)

    I wasn’t ignoring the rest of your post and yes, I knew you’d tell me that the anonymity issue was only one part of your post.

    Sure, JL if you want to include third world counties – they don’t eat based on factory farming. I was speaking mainly of this country (and sadly many others- more each day) who do rely on it. Bottom line is I would be hard pressed (even being in the veggie/raw/vegan world) to come up with many people who raise their own livestock and meat.

    I still maintain it is a tiny percentage (ok in the United States- the country I’m in and this website is based in and the majority of the posters are in)

    Also I did reply on your AR comments too… If you don’t like animal rights activists or their methods than, to borrow a phrase you used above, so be it :)

    Bottom line, the MAJORITY of the people I have met in my life time. (I’d say 99.5%) do NOT grow their own food or raise their own freaking cattle and chickens in their backyard.

    And even if they did have a handful of cows out back I’d still say that’s contributing negatively to our environment… Let’s face it. eating vegetarian is better for the environment. Scientists say it , the UN says it (some of your favorite people I’m sure :)

    Glad to hear you’re a RP supporter… Congrats.

    I have to say that you don’t seem to agree with much on this board. And yes you’re entitled to comment on whatever you like.. whenever you like. But I have to say (to borrow an analogy of another brilliant poster made) isn’t it a bit like being a straight man on a gay board? Why bother?

    Just curious :)

    (I think everyone loved Ron Paul deep down – the dems, the true republicans. it’s a wonder he didn’t do better in the primaries. actually a mystery.. maybe even a conspiracy?


  • Jack

    Erin Raw Foods is a hot, nutty old crow.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    hot and crazy i like.. old? if 38 is old so be it. i got carded last week though so if looking younger than i am helps the raw foods retreat (which it appears it has) then so be it!