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You know who rocks the sauce? Brigitte Bardot rocks the sauce! 

Seriously, the 74-year-old actress/activist has dedicated the latter part of her life to speaking for those who have no voice, and even founded the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals in 1986.

Following a plea to French president Nicolas Sarkozky earlier this month, Bardot recently penned an open letter to US president Barack Obama voicing her outrage over laws that permit seal hunting.

She said she has “immense hope” in Obama, “even if I know that he is in demand from all directions and he already has a lot to do in his own country.”

Do you think Obama will help end the brutal seal trade? Chime in and share your thoughts!

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  • steph

    Other countries are already taking part in boycotts, i hope the USA follows suit.

    A few weeks ago one of the hunts was called off cause there was no demand…but of course the murdering scum went out a week later to club some seals for “samples”….really frickin LAME.

  • Adnan Y.

    Against seal slaying? Good.

    Having very dodgy politics that led to her being charged for inciting racial hatred? Not so good.

    Whilst I do support a boycott, I’m not going to say that Bardot rocks, if only because I’m not a fan of her racial politics.

  • RemyC

    Where is Patrick Moore, the once president of the Greenpeace Foundation who was the one to make way for Brigitte joining their organization during that first seal hunt protest so many years ago?

    He’s too busy advocating nuclear power, that’s where he is.

    So how about Patrick, how do you reconcile your animal rights activism with killing millions of fish every year in nuclear reactor river water cooling system uptakes?

  • maelstrom

    Patrick Moore quit being an animal rights advocate the day he decided to defend the logging cartels. Patrick Moore is a joke along with the organization he helped co-found.

  • VeggieTart

    I don’t know what Barack Obama (or Nicolas Sarkozy for that matter) can do about sealing laws in another sovereign country, but the sentiment is sure nice.

  • maelstrom

    I don’t think it’s fair to call her racist because of statements she has made opposing halal and kosher slaughter methods. Opposing cruel slaughter methods that are based on fundamentalist belief doesn’t sound racist to me.

  • maelstrom

    VeggieTart…the US is Canada’s largest trading partner. I’m sure there is plenty Obama could do to help end the slaughter if he so chose.

  • Adnan Y.

    Maelstrom: As someone who was raised in a Muslim family (but now an atheist vegan), it’s not her condemnation of the slaughter which bothers me, and is something I agree with. What bothers me have been her other statements:

    “…my country, France, my homeland, my land is again invaded by an overpopulation of foreigners, especially Muslims.” BBC and Reuters

    Classy. That is what I consider racist (since right-wingers tend to use “Muslims” as code for “brown folks”), not the slaughter (something I abhor).

  • maelstrom

    Adnan Y…I stand corrected. I should have done a better search.

  • Catherine K- vegan activist for animals -

    If President Obama chooses to, he can bring the gruesome seal slaughter in Canada to a close. Obama just needs to mention the cruelty and ask his adoring millions to make informed choices when they shop – cruel or compassionate products: make your choice. I think his people will make the right choice.

  • Adnan Y.

    Maelstrom: No worries.

    Back to the main topic, though:

    Back in the UK, a trawlerman’s gotten in trouble with the law for his own brutal killing of seal pups.

  • Marc

    Seal need to be left alone thing would go back to the way it should be thay havent do nothing.

  • Mark Vanselow

    Adnan, although I do not defend racist antics, the fact remains you are putting words into Mme. Bardot’s mouth. You might like to think “Muslims” is shorthand for “brown folks”, but the fact is that’s NOT what Mme. Bardot said.

    Remember, Barack Obama, the person to whom Mme. Bardot has made this impassioned plea on behalf of the animals, is a “brown fellow” of African ancestry, and even though Mme. Bardot associates with some politically questionable figures, the same can be said of President Obama–in fact, HE IS a politically questionable figure in his own right.

    “Foreigners” whose “Muslim” beliefs bring so-called “culture” that harms animals is of course going to upset Mme. Bardot. Also, put the shoe on the other foot–if a foreigner went to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran, I’m certain that person would be told to follow the “when in Rome, do as Romans do” principle. It’s funny how Muslims do whatever the hell they want anywhere in the world and scream “racism” (religion is a CHOICE, not an ethnic identity!)when someone says “you can’tdo that in this country!”, but if you were a non-Muslim living in an Islamic state, your life would be made very difficult by the majority culture, I assure you.

    I can tell by the quote you’ve used, Adnan, you haven’t actually read Mme. Bardot’s book (the REAL original source of the quote, not BBC and Reuters). I haven’t read her book, either, but until I do, I’m going to steady myself and read the whole thing in context. Yes, her comments can be troubling when you first read them, until you realise they’ve been taken out of context. This little quote has been floating around the Internet for years…can’t people find anything more incriminating? Mme. Bardot is simply expressing concern over a foreign culture having a negative impact on her work as an animal rights activist.

    The fact Islam is practiced largely by “brown folks” is not her fault.
    What do you want her to do: not be critical of Islamic culture for the sake of being “politically correct”? It sounds to me as if someone is playing the “race card”.

    By the way, Adnan, as an apostate from Islam who is now a vegan, you’d be a hero to Mme. Bardot, regardless of the colour of your skin. She would have tremendous praise for your common sense, despite you being a “brown folk”.

    I’m not saying Brigitte Bardot is perfect–nobody is–but I’m getting a little fed up with people who have a persecution complex. Secular countries provide a tremendous amount of amnesty for Muslim foreigners–the same cannot be said for Muslim countries providing a safe haven for non-Muslims.