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Anybody who says that a dog ISN’T man’s best friend just might get a smack down from Mickey Rourke.

Rourke — who starred in The Wrester earlier this year — may not have won the Academy Award last night, but on Saturday Mickey took home the Independent Spirit Award and gave quite the colorful acceptance speech. 

In the speech, Rourke thanks all who’ve helped him along the way and gets especially choked up when discussing his recently deceased canine friend, Loki. Mickey says: 

“You know, I’ve just gotten thousands of letters and sh%$  from strangers and people who know me about my dog who died 6 days ago, Loki. This is for you, baby!”

Check out the video below to listen to the whole speech. WARNING: this video contains graphic language — maybe not the best thing to play while you’re trying to look busy at work!

  • gusma

    Mickey rocks so much. What would you expect from the guy who played bukowski.

  • Erin Raw foods retreat

    amazing. this made my day..freaking loved it.

  • kelly g.

    I just love this. *blub*

  • Vanessa

    Awesome speech…one of the best!