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After pulling into port last week in Tasmania, the Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin was served a search warrant by Australian Federal Police, who boarded and confiscated several items. Among those taken, according to the LA Times, was the “ship’s log book, video footage, audio recordings, photographs, interview transcripts and meeting minutes compiled during recent confrontations between the anti-whaling activists and Japanese whaling vessels in the Antarctic.”

Unfortunately, much of that material belongs to Animal Planet’s Whale Wars crew — who were on-board the Steve Irwin chronicling events for season two. The Australian Federal Police are still being mum on who exactly filed the complaint against Sea Shepherd — but big surprise! — the warrant said that it was “as a result of a formal referral from the Japanese authorities.”

Thankfully, we don’t expect the Australian Attorney General to go so far as to file formal charges against Captain Paul Watson and his crew. Doing so would most likely open a massive international can-of-worms. Still, Watson is not dismayed by the actions of the government. “From the Australian government we are getting criticism and police raids,” said Captain Watson. “But from the Australian people we are getting a wonderful welcome.”

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  • maelstrom

    The Rudd government shows it’s true colors again.

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  • Whales Not Television Ratings!

    31 years Sea Shepherd has been at these “Whale Wars” trying to stop whale killing.

    Think about that the next time you get angry at Japan. At least Japan is consistent – they hunt whales.

    Sea Shepherd rails against the killing of whales at the cost of millions of well meaning eco dollars each and every season.

    After 31 years why have they never changed tactics, what did not work in the 1970’s still does not work today and yet Watson who has been at the helm for 31 years does not see fit to try anything different.

    It took less time to put a man on the moon. If SS was a real company and someone was looking at the metrics for success Watson get’s a “0”.

    Which is the main point here. How long will you be placing your hard earned dollars into an eco org that claims it will save the worlds animals and simply does not.

    Demand more. Mr.Watson we will give you exactly one more season to stop whaling as you have claimed that you will.

    If you fail year #32 please leave the stage and allow someone who is not a child of the 70’s eco movement to show you how it can be done.

    Oh, and changing your mandate to say that you are now the “protector of whales” will not do. Our money goes to real change not frantic, seriously massaged eco news!

    • Dynamite

      What a tosser you must be! Paul Watson “gets a 0? You have to be kidding you uneducated person; he’s done more than most to stop this insane slaughter. Seal clubbing in Canada gone, illegal Japanese “researchers” disclosed, dolphin kills uncovered…. Where have you been or are you yet another apologist for the environmental vandals?
      Please get real and don’t waste our time with your uninformed comments. You’re not a San Diego (failed) tuna fisherman are you? Methinks you protest too much yet know way too little!

      • me

        you all need to take a freaking chill pill. what happens to the whales is tragic, however, this does not allow a man and his so-called crew of annoying and increasingly infantile morons to become your spokesperson. Think to yourself “What do I want my image to be? Is this how I want my cause to be portrayed?” This man is not a good example of what I want to represent the whales to the world.

    • Saffron

      Are you kidding? If you knew anything about the Sea Shepard’s, you would know that they first started out protecting seals. It wasn’t until 1981 that they started protesting whale slaughter and the issue has been with different countries. They have helped end the dolphin slaughter in HI, the seal hunt in Ireland and so many other atrocities.
      There is an actual ban on whaling, the Japanese have decided that they can pencil themselves in for a specific quota for “scientific” purposes, which we can all admit is a clouded veil for their own commercial meat packing purposes. If the Sea Shepherds were not out there defending the law, no one else would be doing it. The Japanese are in a marine preserve killing a protected species. We, as humans, have been taught that if something does not have a monetary value, it is worthless and Paul Watson is out there protecting what is really valuable for our planet and not our pocketbooks.

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  • Tanya Mobley

    This is a reply to “Whales not TV Ratings”:What do you think WILL work? I don’t mean that as sarcasm at all. I just wonder, what will work to stop this slaughter? The governments don’t seem too enthusiastic about doing their parts. Who will stop this?

    • Dynamite

      on ya Tanya; I agree. Thank God for Sea Shepard. Foo on all the patetic apologists for the slaughter.

  • zTed Cory

    I hope they go to jail for 10 years and the sea sheppard serves as a lien on the damages to the jap ship. They need to work within the law. They are going to end up killing people including themselves. How does killing people justify their goal to save life? I love the show because the Sea Sheppard team is a joke. It is a comedy of errors. The japs are probably just watching the DVDs and making adjustments based on what they see. You can bet bigger and more water cannons are going to show up next season. If the sea sheppard learned anything this year, it should be get some expert advide. Capt Paul i a joke on his strategy.

    • Dynamite

      They do work within the law; it’s the Jap whaler criminals who do not. Please get an education and then maybe get a conscience. I rate your comment as pathetic; are you a Jap whaler crim? Or are you a failed commercial fisherman? Or what? Please do not insult our inrtelligence.

  • zTed Cory

    Good points WNTVRs. Paul does not know what he is doing and it shows on every episode. After 31 years and no victory, someone else needs a shot. What is the worse they can do, Fail? The last 31 years were a failure. 31 years. Now that is a losing record if I ever saw one.You suck Capt Paul !!

    • Dynamite

      No the last 31 years were not a failure. How on God’s green Earth could any informed person really believe that? It’s the Sea Shepard’s effectiveness that really irritates the eco monsters and slaughter apologists. Clearly, you are not an informed person; much less one with a conscience.
      Who but Sea Shepard and the heroic Capt Paul and his intrepid crew have done more to further the anti-whaling cause and stop the criminal activities of the Jap whalers and the likes of the seal clubbing vandals? No one on this beautiful fragile planet.
      Please wake up; your vitriol betrays your ignorance. We need people like Capt Watson but we really do not need uninformed bloggers like you. Cheers! You re-energise the debate with your easily “trash-able” nonsense. Why kill whales illegally? Nobody with a conscience can possibly condone this slaughter

      • Shawn

        All the comments I see from Dynamite are name calling.

  • Get a grip

    Who knows what whales not ratings means? But after watching the season finale it’s obvious to me that Paul Watson thinks ramming another vessel & endangering human lives is ok if it’s in the name of saving whale lives. In fact ramming the vessel that earlier in the year had stopped wailing because the sea sheppard put out an emergency call because one of their vessels was missing & lost in fog. So the Ishu Maru stops wailing to help save the lives of a couple ppl that are their “sworn enemies”. How are they repaid? By Watson being so reckless as to ram their ship, wether he did it intentionally or wether he put himself recklessly put him in a situation where it happened by accident, he should not be a captain!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love whales & I would love to see the Japanese & everyone else to stop hunting them, it’s horific. But Paul Watson’s actions ammount to terrorism, & if not terrorism then he is so reckless & stupid that he should not be a captain. Perhaps god only gave him a great big bleeding heart to make of for his tiny brain. He should not be commanding a vessel & nobody in their right mind should put their lives in his hands which is what it ammounts to when you board the sea sheapard.

    • Dynamite

      Dear “get a grip”… it’s very clear to me that you already do have a firm grip of one tiny member! Come on mate; you have to be joking or else on the pay-roll of the whaling apologists.
      Please also do us all a faour and do a spell-check before you post.
      The great shame is that you can’t do a “spell-check” (your grammar & spelling are frankly shocking) … to see if you are under the thrall of an entirely different spell; which quite clearly you seem to be. Please reserve your venom for smaller fry who may be “more in your league”. Leave the heroes like Paul Watson and the Sea Shepard alone so they can fight the good fight without uninformed nonsense from “grippers” espousing the nonsense you purpot to believe.

  • Get a grip

    Sorry for not proofreading the last post b4 clicking :). For instance wailing = whaling etc.

    • Dynamite

      Not the only problem I have with your post pro-“wailer”. I didn’t proof read either and I guess my enthusiasm for instant response shows. Your comments “ammount” [sic] to nought; ( given their lack of any reasoned or substantiable argument) and quite clearly you really DO NOT LOVE WHALES. Keep that grip!

  • Mac

    I am for the Whales, but against the Sea Shepherd’s whinny cry-baby loser captain and crew. You don’t ram ships, try and foul props, throw glass bottles filled with a “non-toxic” ACID from any moving boat or ship at another without it being clear you intend to cause injury or possible death. Then they cry like contemptible pathetic cry babies saying they mean well and the opposition might do something bad to them if they face the fair and equal treatment of a potential prop fouling etc. Then the pieces of dirty, foul and maggot infested Sea shepherd dinks over-react and claim because they are scared (an obvious sign of guilt!) and now must be even more more violent against any attempt by the opposition to return their tactics upon them. I love the whales and am against the whaling, but want the Sea shepherd captain and crew to die freezing in the sea as they are fairly and long-overdue rammed, overturned and left to sink.

    Be a man, have a cause, be honest and stand truthfully by you deeds – unlike these dirt-bags who cry, whine and bring nothing but contempt from real men who now despise them, but love the whales!

    • Dynamite

      I have just read your sorry and tragically uninformed post. Are you aware that you may need help to become an informed human being?
      Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd? …. “whiny”; no way! (do some home-work please)… proactive … yes! Effective …. yes! Whimpy …. no!
      But posts like the one you have written… whiny… YES; effective …. no and whimpy…. you bet ‘cha!
      What on God’s Earth inspired the turgid nonsense you have written to spew forth from your keyboard? Are you on the illegal Jap whaler’s payroll or just plain biased?
      Please I beg you; try and understand this is about our whole species’ survival; not just the whales. Talking about the whole darned eco-system here.
      Thank God for Paul and the Sea Shepherd crew. “onya” team; love your work and please keep it up because as you have so often proven.,… it really does work>

      • Mac

        You must be a vegan or vegetarian who has a chemical imbalance in your brain. What the heck is this payroll garbage about? You people are the goose-stepping Nazis who will stop at no evil to further your agenda. At least the “eat anything that moves – and will eventually eat the planet into ruin” Asians are culturally ignorant of their repulsive nature – you do it on purpose and therefore more evil. I hate the Sea Shepard & crew and love whales – it’s that simple! The animals are beautiful innocents. “Effective”?? no, again your chemical imbalance is showing – more like self-destructive to a formerly noble cause. I don’t pity you or them for failing to achieve your goals, that would be imply you have redeeming qualities. I choose to stand on the other side of the line regarding the Sea Sheppard’s pathetic captain and crew if this is how they act.

      • i love whales

        sorry but your comment about Jap whaler’s is pretty racist.

  • shayna

    that is crap you telling me that it’s okay for the whalers to use the lrad to endanger lives they hit the sea shepards not the other way around they were cutting in front of the sea shepard so it’s the japanese felt that they hit them.

    mac if you were for the whales you wouldn’t be sitting here saying that the sea shepherd crew is whinny. you saying that its okay for the japense to go out and kill whales just because they feel like it. they threw stuff at the sea shepards small boats endangering lives with the lrad i think it’s crap that the sea shepherd crew got in trouble but not the japanese whalers they were endangering lives when they would turn their Lrad on or the powerful water cannons. the japanese whalers get what they deserve.

  • Mickey

    ….Fit the Steve Erwin with torpedoes.I volunteer to do the deed of scuttling that Japanese fleet

  • Get a grip

    I’m not saying it’s ok for the japanese to kill whales because they feel like it. I’m saying 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Pointing the Lrad @ the chopper was equally stupid & dangerous. The fact is the Ishu Maru shouldn’t be there. But just because they are doing something aweful in killing whales doesn’t give anyone the right to take actions that could kill people. And that’s was done when the Ishu Maru was rammed & the order was given to point the LRAD @ a helicoptor. Cooler heads need to previal before someone gets killed.

    • ryan

      why shouldnt they be there its international waters no one owns that area. Any nation that says they do is ignorant. If you all use that fat lying slob, Paul Watson as a figure head you are wasting your time. He endangers human lives everytime he makes one of his stupid desicions. He should be glad that the Japanese have used restraint and now sunk him. Which would be well within there rights.

  • Heidi

    After watching this season of Whale Wars, I have mixed feelings. I think something should truely be done to stop the sensless slaughter of the whales. I can’t imagine what it was like for the helicopter piolet that watched the whole ordeal of the killing of that one whale. I never knew they shot them multiple times with a rifle. NO animal should have to suffer like that (45 minutes to die!!!!) But my delima is the way the Sea Sheperd captain and crew go about stopping this. They throw things at these ships and then are appauld that they retaliate. That’s life, do unto others. They need to think of a better way to handle themselves. My mother watched a couple of episodes with me and she summed it up really well, with all the blunders that kept happening she was sure they had someone on the ship working against them a “spy” if you will. Either that she said or they are really bad stupid. I agree with some of you, I do believe that the crew is going to end up losing a member to death because they take risks that are really out there. And they really don’t help the whales. Try something new, get organized fight the system that allows this to continue. I know this is easier said than done. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t make their presence know down in the southern ocean but they need to do more to pressure the governments who allow the Japenese whaling fleet to hunt in a protected sancutary. I believe their hearts are in the right place but their follow through needs some help.

  • Mac

    I didn’t say anything about supporting the killing of whales. Isn’t it just like one of the whinny folks to add words that were not stated to make up a point to argue? Sounds like the Sea Sheppard’s crew.

    From a tactical point of view and better use of them;I do sometimes wish the Japanese fired their harpoon guns at the little rubber boats and at the helicopter instead of the whales. Regarding the water cannons;I often wish there were some way to drop ice chunks into the pumps to shoot out the hoses – if only for viewing entertainment purposes.I’ve been to a water park, felt water canons and am not scared of wetness under pressure – ice would certainly liven up the game. The Japanese show nothing but restraint and fine tactics playing the opposition like the “rebels without-a-clue” they are. BUT, I am against their whaling.

    The length of death is irrelevant, the fact of death is the point – stop projecting people. It is just is plain wrong and doesn’t need embellishment. LRAD, give me a break loud noises scare the weak, so don’t be weak! I would prefer this fight was a indeed real one instead of a one-way protracted PR campaign. In my opinion – the only way they are going to interfere with the whaling is to put the helicopter and the boats in between the harpoon guns and the whales. Faster bots, a new Captain & more skilled crew with a fortitude for the actions needed could win. Recruiting “ex”-hippies, pierced punks, nerds, cry-baby boys and girls only gets us the pathetic outcome and viewing of this PR campaign masquerading as a reality show. Whats next, a serious tactical “hip” wall mural painting session instead of learning how to win? My prediction; the vessel loses it’s flag, minor charges will be filed and swept under the rug by like-minded politicians and a new season under another flag will continue to show the weakest side of this environmental cause for what it is – amateur PR. I love the whales and want them to thrive without the “eat everything on earth” Japanese killing them. If this is to be accomplished, there needs to be a change of Captain, crew and boats.

  • Whoever…

    First of all, let me just mention that I’m not a Sea Shepherd’s supporter.

    However, I’m tired of reading insulting comments towards SS (and other organizations) from cowards who comfortably sit behind a computer screen, pointing fingers at people who at least have the guts to put their asses on the line to fight for what they believe in.

    I also think it’s very hypocritical of people to say they love whales and wish whaling would end, but do absolutely nothing to stop it. It’s like saying you love animals and then you go and eat them anyway!!
    If you don’t do anything to stop whaling then you don’t have the right to criticize those who do!

    With that said, I would like to point out that people who do love whales and other animals don’t think of them as inferior species and therefore, for them, it’s okay to do everything in their means to save their lives.

    Additionally I would like to remind all of you that no one has ever been seriously injured (that I know of) by the actions of Sea Shepherd.

    I can’t say the same thing about the whalers – actually, a while ago a crew member fell overboard (not as a result of the actions of SS), Sea Shepherd offered their help to search for him and the whalers refused it. This is the kind of people whalers are!

    Oh, and it’s very interesting to read some of the comments of those who accuse SS’s members of being terrorists and who also speculate that they will eventually hurt someone… On the same comment they mention that SS is risking people’s lives and then write things like:
    “but want the Sea shepherd captain and crew to die freezing in the sea as they are fairly and long-overdue rammed, overturned and left to sink.”

    Talk about a paradox!!!

    This is the truth about the alleged japanese scientific research:

    If so many of you think Sea Shepherd’s tactics are so wrong, why don’t you present some alternatives?
    Oh, and diplomacy and trying to talk some sense into the japanese obviously doesn’t work. For instance, greenpeace receives millions from their supporters to fight whaling and they aren’t doing anything to stop it and have accomplished nothing!

  • JJ

    I agree that the Sea Shepherd should develop new tactics but I suspect they are cash strapped. A faster boat would be, perhaps, too costly. Consider:
    1. Cover a rubber boat to make it relatively immune from water cannons.
    2. Attach a transmitter to the hull of one of the Japanese boats when it is in harbor to reduce fuel usage finding the whalers.
    3. When a harpoon boat is chasing whales, it needs the whales to go straight ahead. When the possibility exists, try to force the whales to turn by approaching them from the side.
    4. When a harpoon boat is chasing whales place buoys some distance directly ahead of the harpoon boat so it has to zig zag to avoid them.
    5. Put a water cannon on the Steve Irwin to interfere with whale processing.
    6. File charges against the whalers for trying to knock down the Steve Irwin’s helicopter.

    I have to go to dinner now. Maybe someone else can invent tactics and a strategy to make the whale warriors more effective.

  • Get a grip

    whoever says it’s hypocritical to say you love animals but still eat them, that’s hogwash. I love animals & eat them. Who are you to say what I do & don’t love. It’s very natural for us to eat animals, our teeth are designed to eat meat. As a species we’ve eaten meat as far back as anyone can tell. If you’re a vegetarian good for you, but do it for yourself, don’t try to push your beliefs on other ppl. You can believe in your god & I’ll believe in mine & we can all get along that way. I assure you it’s quite possible to love animals & still eat them.

    You also say if I don’t do anything to stop whaling then I have no right to criticize those who do. That makes no sense @ all. By that logic, the SS could use rifles & flame throwers to kill the crew of the Nisshin Maru and 99.99% of the world pop has no right to say that’s wrong. Of course I’m not criticizing them for wanting to stop whaling, I’m criticizing them for being reckless (particularly the captain). Even the SS crew has questioned & criticized him. Maybe not to the point of leaving the boat & making a big huge stink about it. But the helicoptor pilot has flares shot directly over his chopper & is understandably concerned, he radios this concern & says they “need to be more careful”, the message is relayed to the captain and he looks like he couldn’t care less and says “I don’t know what the means”. Then he has the 2 small boats loaded @ 14 knots speed while turning hard, the crew on the boats were obviously not comfortable doing this and they made they’re concerns apparent. Again, the captain seemed to not give a crap. He’s so obsessed with stopping whaling that he seems to forget that as the captain his first priority is supposed to be the health, safety & well-being of his crew.

    Ok, let’s see what else “whoever” said… quote “I would like to remind all of you that no one has ever been seriously injured (that I know of) by the actions of Sea Shepherd”. I think perhaps you shoud have added to that the word “yet”. In fact the whaling boats have reported injuries, although I believe those reports can’t be relied upon without being verified by an impartial source, but there aren’t alot of those out @ sea. But anyway if you don’t think it’s dangerous then I would invite you to let someone fill some 1 liter glass bottles filled with acid at you. Aside from that, there was the ship ramming. And for those that would say, “they didn’t ram them, the ship cut in front of them.” I can only say OPEN YOUR EYES & WAKE UP. Just because we think whales should not be hunted and killed does not mean that we need to ignore stupidity when it’s commited by someone that also doesn’t want whales hunted. I dislike the Nisshin Maru & their actions even more than I dislike the SS & their actions. But I can still plainly see that the Sea Shepard rammed the whaling boat. To blame the accident on the whalers is like a kid saying “I’m gonna run around the room swinging my fists & if you happen to get punched then it’s your fault for being in front of me”. The Sea Sheapard knew where they were going, they were on a course for that destination & when the sea shepard was not able to close in time & get between them then instead putting the lives & safety of his crew & the other boats crew first he used TERRIBLE judgement & ended up ramming the other boat. That can even be seen on the “Whale Wars” TV show which is edited & going to show a bias in favor of the SS. If you’re still not convinced then why would the SS be the boat the warrant is served on? The warrant was served even though nothing will likely be done about it because since the crime was against whalers whom are very unpopular nobody wants to deal with the publicity & fallout of what would happen if the SS were punished. But if anyone did something as reckless as Paul Watson did there to an ordinary boat, there would be consequences. Also if they didn’t ram the whaling boat then why would the captain & crew members say things like “Hopefully now they know how far we’re willing to go” (that may not be an exact quote but it was something to that effect). Heck that not only shows who rammed who, but it also shows a lack of any remorse.

    Whoever “I can’t say the same thing about the whalers – actually, a while ago a crew member fell overboard (not as a result of the actions of SS), Sea Shepherd offered their help to search for him and the whalers refused it. This is the kind of people whalers are!”. Just because you don’t like them, & I don’t like what they do, that doesn’t mean that they are not human. Just because some people eat meat doesn’t mean that they don’t love animals. When people are in a situation like those whalers are, when they are out @ sea for long lengths of time, away from their families, away fromt he comforts of home. When they do a dangerous job where they could lose their lives, tight bonds are formed. It’s my opinion that you are wrong if you think that the people aboard those vessels did not care about their comrad. It think the person who’s blog you read, then based your opinion on his opinion… he is wrong too to think that or encourage others to think it. I doubt by the time the SS had offered assistance there was any hope for the fallen sailor. Or maybe there was another reason. But when you say “This is the kind of people these wailers are!”, I certainly don’t believe that they would not have done anything they could if it meant saving the life of their comrad.

    As for Mac’s comments about wanting to sea the sea shepherd have whatever done to it & blah blah blah, well that kind of dumbness speaks for itself I don’t think I need to point out what’s wrong with those comments, I just wanna say please don’t lump me in the same category w/ him.

    My point is, just because you believe in the cause of saving whales, you still need to have a mind & think for yourself. Because you share a desire to not have whales killed with those aboard the sea shepherd that doesn’t mean you need to defend their every action & support them regardless of what kind of nonsense they do. Stupid is stupid regardless of who does it, what they stand for & whom they claim to represent.

    • Mac

      “wanting to sea the sea Sheppard”?? Wow, we are not the same IQ that’s for sure – thanks for clarifying that point publicly ;-)

      “Sinking the Sea Sheppard” was an illustration that the Japanese are not nearly as barbaric as portrayed on the show or in this forum. My use of an obvious absurdity was clearly a fly by for you. I find it hilarious that one side can claim any tactics are fair, but mere words by a non-participant are an issue – leftist are a hoot!

  • Chealsea

    To simply put it if the SS can stop one whale from being killed then it is victory. The crew steps aboard that ship every season and they know how the captain is. They knowingly put there lives in danger. I applaud the bravery of the crew from throwing themselves into dangerous positions to save these animals. I do however agree that Captain Paul Watson needs to take time out to think of new tactics before he sets out to attack again.
    In the heat of the moment though, having watched them kill multiple whales in front of me. I probably would have gotten a little cocky and rammed the ship myself.

  • Bryan C.

    I undestand Sea Shepards Passion and I am also Against Whaling but as a former Sailor I fell very Passionate about freedom f the seas and by the Sea Sheapards Tactics of Ramming the whaling ships if it was any where else and Not by the Sea Shepards it would be a ACT OF WAR to attempt to fowel a ships propeller or Ram a ship on the High seas.
    By doing such You are attempting to to KILL the Crew as if that ship was to sink in the southern Oceans with water temps of 34 to 38 ‘F it means death in mins to a man even in exposure suit means death in Mins.
    the Sea Sheapards say the are NON VIOLENT yet the throw GLASS Bottles and Acid at ships Try to Disable Ships on the High seas and ram them.
    THIS IS A ACT OF WAR in any other enviorment and The seas shepards crew are very Lucky that a Foreign Navy has not interviened and arrested the capt and crew for Piracy and recless endangerment for placing the whaling crew in great danger of injury or death from the Projectiles the attempts to disable and damage there ships and raming them that could very easily result in the sinking of there ship.
    If while turning at High speed the ships prop was to become foweled it is very possable that the shaft my break and puncture the hull resulting in the ship being sunk.
    so if someone did that to a U.S. Flagged ship it would be considered a act of war and the US navy would be arressting the whole crew.
    Be a wittness to the Killing of Whales use your Money to By TV adds and Lawyers and do it the Legal and Right way when you place LIVES IN DANGER to push your Eco aggenda You are committing the worst act you can do and thats turn people AWAY from your Cause not to it.

    • Unbelievable

      I agree with Bryan C. It’s unbelievable, that Sea Shepard’s ships are still operating the way they do. The crew on these ships are in fact practicing terrorism and piracy. I’d like to add a few things to what is being said here. Being a sailing engineer on a standby&rescue vessel, I know more than a little about what is needed to be called a competent sailor. After watching a few episodes of Whale Wars, I think it’s unbelievable, that port authorities allow the Steve Irwin to set out to sea. I can’t say anything about which necessary certificates those people have, but I think the video footage shown on Whale Wars says it all. Much of the crew are volunteers with little or no experience at sea whatsoever. The officers also seem to have little or no clue of what they are doing. A few examples: I remember them trying to set out a boat with people in it. First of all, they were using a conventional hydraulic crane for the job. A dangerous and unsuited tool. It’s not intended for lifting people. Second, when they try to lower the boat into the sea, the crane operator lowers the boat to far from the ship’s side, and the officer holding the line attached to the boat does not hold it tight enough. Consequently, the boat gets pulled sideways in the water and gets turned over. Unbelievable lack of seamanship or just plain stupidity, if you ask me. I think it was after this incident, that the crew were trying to throw hooks out to the people on top of the capsized boat, who now had been in the water and in danger of getting hypothermia. One guy’s feeble attempt to throw a hook, resulted in damaging the propeller on the small helicopter instead. How such incompetent people manage to sail to the antarctic seas, and still get back alive I don’t know. The officers are supposed to be the veteran sailors and to be trusted by the rest of the crew, but how can anyone trust his life in the hands of a man, who says: “I’m willing to litterally give my life to save a whale.” ??? Those were the words of the guy with the dark hair, moustache and glasses. A complete fanatic’s words. With that in mind, I began to understand how they think they can justify the infantile arguments they make, when they are calling the japanese ships on the radio, for instance. Also when Paul Watson was supposedly shot, I really lost all respect for all that is Sea Shepherd. First of all, it would have to be a shot in a billion. Nobody can fire and hit at that distance from a rocking ship to another ship and right in the chest of a person. The only injury he got, was a small prick and thus he lost one single drop of blood. A bullet from a gun hits with the same force you feel when you fire it. That means, the person, which is hit, is knocked over and gets one or a few broken bones or at least a serious bruise if he’s wearing a bullet proof vest. I’m no firearms specialist, but I do know the laws of physics also apply onboard a ship at sea. I think before they went to sea, Watson took out that bullet proof vest and fired a gun at it himself. Then, at the right moment, he put the vest on and stung himself with a needle to pretend he was shot.
      I’m glad the Whale Wars series exist. Watson probably indended it to be a great way to show people, how grand Sea Shepherd is. In reality, it has backfired. It mostly shows how fanatic and incompetent Sea Shepherd is. Perhaps they will get more followers, but not from a sane and rational group of people.

  • Get a grip

    Bravo, well said Bryan C.

  • stc

    First off, the SS doesn’t necessarily need a new captain, Paul is pretty good behind the “wheel’- they need a military strategist and a dozen terrific lawyers so they can figure out just what can and cannot be done (and since in 2 seasons they’ve had to deal with law just as many times!) Second, I’m all for the whole torpedo thing lol…Third- the items thrown from the boat aren’t full of ACID, its a Butyric Acid compound (a bottled stink bomb), it’s basically spoiled butter…it can be found (as is the primary cause of the awful smell in these items) spoiled butter/cheese, vomit and body odor. It’s also used in some perfumes, soaps and other bath products. So let’s not be melodramatic about them throwing them. Forth- invest in a T-shirt rocket launcher since no-one can seem to hit the big-a$$ ship with those little bottles anyways! Fifth- I watch every week to see if someone is going to get killed or severely hurt on this show, one can only hope they do change tactics, and someone else takes charge of the side missions, leaving Paul Watson to steer the ship, and only steer the ship! Sixth- get your own damn LRAD!

    • Mac

      Would you allow me to throw a bottle of any liquid at your head from a moving vessel? You make it sound so fun, I’d like to try it out – just for educational purposes of course. I promise when it hits you, that I only will have intended it to further the cause of peace and educational understanding.

  • white claw

    Japan is ranked as one of the worst offenders for sex trafficking in women and child sex – the possession of child pornography is still legal in Japan.

    You see Japan is quite advanced with regard to electronics (mostly helped tremendously by American as a result of the the Atomic bombings delivered to Japan largely due to Japan’s barbaric attack on China and other nations during WWII)
    But, the Japanese are largely a very backward people.
    During WWII Japanese women and children throw themselves off cliffs when Allied forces advanced – they were so brain washed and ill treated by Japanese propaganda they thought American soldiers would eat them alive,
    and, rape them, but thats what the Japanese soldiers were actually invited to do to their victims.

    You cant reason with people that are backward and ‘come to an agreement through talking’
    You have to be forceful – the Sea Shepard is not forceful enough.
    And, I know as Westerners have all been taught that ‘everyone is equal’
    How sweet, they unfortunately are not.

    Its not a nice thing to say but its true.
    Verdict: dont buy Buy Japanese products, pirate copy Sony Pictures entertainment content.

    • ryan

      your very deluded

  • B

    Well said Bryan C…

    As for WHITE Claw…your ignorance and blatant racism is astounding. I suppose you’d have us round up all the “blacks” and have them enslaved again, seeing as everyone is not in fact equal. Have you ever even crawled far enough from your trailer to attempt a rational conversation with a Japanese person alive today? Well, I have had the privilege of living in Japan and I can assure you they are generally an amazingly peace loving, gentle and rational society. While I will readily admit that their forefathers have made some great mistakes, lets not forget that our own, or at least, my own country, the USA dropped not just one but TWO nuclear warheads on two cities with phenomenal collateral damage (to the tune of a quarter million civilian deaths).

    But I digress…it just amazes me how the very thing (racism, or the feeling of one race being superior to another) which had the Japanese so brainwashed in WWII is the very thing which you propagate.

    And just for clarification, the Japanese eat whale, as in the whole thing, it’s not because they were the one’s who flew the Enola Gay (South Park reference). Also in reference to that South Park episode I loved how at the end Stan’s father points out that by just slaughtering chickens and cows that they’re now “just like us”.